Watch: Gibson Destroys Hundreds of Electric Guitars

The video is enough to make any guitar enthusiast cringe – two seemingly endless rows of Gibson guitars being flattened by a big construction vehicle. Former employee BJ Wilkes says he filmed the event alongside company execs. Some would say the guitars already met their demise before this moment...
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WATCH: These Guitars are Actual Pieces of NYC Landmarks

New York City-based Carmine Street Guitars is turning landmarks into music, and the result is pretty freaking awesome. Some of the greats—Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, The Dan, Roger Waters—agree, as they’ve bought some of these custom guitars.To find out a little more about this project, look no further...
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WATCH: What Happens When You Put Bass Strings on a Guitar?

YouTuber Davie504 was asked to string his guitar with bass strings. His reaction? Challenge accepted. Things are about to get funky. Check it out:What do you think of this bass/guitar hybrid?
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