08-08-17 Seg 4 - The Mens Room Gets Busted

Tuesday, August 8th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from PD Live and Jimmy Fallon! And we end the day with headlines


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This is dumb men's room. You're listening to. His room was miles and spread. I took consultants are standing by ready for another round of profiled as it's gonna get death that a line color 9844999. Hole play profile that's coming up in minute. Your headline dunaway one hour from now the first a quick ticket to my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not it's working out all right according to a new report not having to pay pilots would slash costs for airlines and make flying even safer. May even they I got paid pilots by not paying violence the apple has been under the impression that the pilots as far as my safety and they were kind of my primary go to. Growth alliance acts crap and they always do over the. Is the jet fuel calls it the didn't know it's not it's it's you're desperate for money it's the shareholders cause that's exactly don't look at me you can keep cutting calls which you basically turned it down to the point where. We're paying for the baggage we're paying for the food we're paying for the entire experience Allah cart which was at one point in time and all inclusive ticket price. You didn't have to pay for your baggage you actually got a meal when you flew over two hours is all these different things. Have all been take it as well now the fuels to expendable now it's not it's not know you got more people on the plane. And now you've figured out a system where the planes are full you're not losing money by overbooking your only flying flights that are almost completely. Think by the last week's episode someone. In no one was there. Then think about where you were going that might explain to run into that other than that meant how many more ways you can't I even apply to play. That's what it's shocking. That is not part of that historically you're not paying I was so out of this plane fly. I think over that at all look there there's limited it that is going to be a a pilotless plane. Some guess in the distant third ai that's gonna fly the plane no thank you went either that or put those guys in the desert in Nevada elected do with the drones at least they can see what's going on and simulate the flight so. There's a storm that they have that. You know divert around or anything put camera on the front of the plane have someone in an actual cockpit. Somewhere flying over the still paying up to paying for the times when I'm up went a little while he wanted to play. I think computers. Never get hat. So I feel exactly. And no one would ever think to act back to noon with the situation occurs like something with with Payne Stewart. Where the cabin pressure starts to change carbon monoxide leaks in order of the dealers some human being needs there to be there. To manually why. Tell people or to step in action or something I would now why would vote for the right you'll save money. If you don't hire they don't need anybody that and universally true okay with the dragon people off planes would you rather be in a driver was car or a pilotless planes driver was car. My question there I look at it and obviously being in regards him more dangerous complaint is based on the number of accidents but it's about degree going to be a betting person. I would. I think I would you be safer in a car accident and a plane that killed. In this planet you cannot drive off of 32000 booklet and I kept. All you need to know accurate well into flats of golf yet. Sure right letter from all. A teenager in Australia went in the ocean on Saturday and came out with hundreds of bug bites on his legs apparently it was sea fleet. See I think his Jamaican the stuff up I heard sea lice the evidently you licensee did you see the photos of this guy yeah terrible area homeland that's. I don't know that I called C fleas are like. Many rom com article. Australia a house candidate takeaway on the beach and again a lot of obvious to all our crocodile by the F eighteen foot great white shark but now you're being eaten as you're walking on the beach but some dynamite shrimp crustacean. Thanks. He. Started to dip into places just everything they're designed to kill you I'm goodness. And it even some I Irwin brilliant day goddamn thing right Doug that. They survive because they just punch up in town there's only a couple of whom I hope you stay say because you know the towns aren't dangerous down there. I don't know man. You see it has gotten him spiders they have a I drove it might you might be right I just don't hear a lot about the crime and stuff and like Sydney Melvin and his hear about people dying in the notion that particular strolled the beach on an elderly it as my three fourths of the give Brothers ago. And Russia. Just give up the mayor of Salt Lake City spent a night in a homeless shelter few months ago and one eye on the streets to get a better understanding of what homeless people have to go through that bit about how long are gonna stand with. You know almost huge when he got dale night outside of hope campaign and this city dull moment. Land every hole. And man I was home for a while I got news for airy light tampering and it is not a night. We're gonna go for a weekend of homelessness subtitle you have no concept that they wanted to finally Pakistan it is an element every flu like you're still the mayor. You have a job vote nothing that you didn't like being home with you slept outside your navy ever gonna try to get a better understood. Fact. I figured if shoot some heroin spent a week out there. I mean until the mid who. Do things you never think about doing parole and a quarter. I need someone else is volunteer leftovers. It's somewhat helpless and no matter case it via and it doesn't matter that they had bloody go used his vintage which they did maybe Ole Ole Ole panel spent the night outside as Meyer. I mean Mike. It's just over did you learn anything that they have the right fuel on a ride along with a cop right. Oh boy don't throw out I want to get a feel what it's like to be a couple. Had a little interludes that believe not walk away with a better understanding of what it is the nit than what you had before you might not get Dolan the entire experience with a lot of long do you still get a better idea that we had apparently when Iditarod along Luka a great fit typically that it that it wasn't voluntary on my part. And we ended up of and I understood the inner workings of police and with us today you now wanna be a cup the middleman and a bunch of people at a McDonald's and England were horrified last month economy and exposed himself and then used a needle do inject his junk with drugs. Does that make it like work faster. I would hate related violence not only do you not know Mondale and lighting Lou on every vein and is Bonnie. They had and you can see veins down there's a probably had better. Well aren't we just do it makes you in the middle mcdonalds even if you're gonna be parallel into your typical glee is camp where you want to do that I'm loving it. It. A man on that it doesn't and exact. I don't rack my brain you're right why like why would you all the McDonald's. Drop your brand to life its schedule in reject eroded through what sitting president this is an England. So we're a McDonald's well I know there there on the same equipment that I think we are aware that it would it would have been a chip shop. A chip shot. When I appears to have them like man I really which has apparel and put much instantly on your preacher did. So why don't you say you know what maybe have got a problem when you're shooting heroin and your testicles. Know that well and I hope every day in with the ball online like fifty feet. This wasn't the first time he got into that went ones Lyndon. All right Amanda and read about the the next three is there a moment not amenable to the main thing a man on the your name right now I I've guy. Polish. Holloway off Nadal area as well as lower it's not glory days of tartar that's there. Died a man on relative that we had back with the deal would do if you Rhode purpose. But I think he's modeling you drink it. I. A a man and read about the next rated story about having sex with a coconut and hopefully it. I guess he can I don't know that look right to know what I would imagine that none. People who look at what I look right now at the activists like the why it wouldn't be a great British some dead and no little right but I designated yeah did you might ask them all right you're gonna say some fruit out he's right grapefruit and is used oftentimes sexual encounters. Now apparently other men are posting similar stories and in the term Coca I can't say that. Cocoa mocha something Coca refresher so good or having sex with coconuts yes when why and why am I the app and I don't know if that's taking. Because it's something new thriller and people are stupid. To. Like coconut water. Well they don't know that there. Grogan in America we can sell these the it's anything we've put Kokomo Aybar dummy I like Coca water haven't thought about what might you don't get a cup and what about now anything's an omen joy. And finally you'll never guess who wants to be account with the love to being they'll battle and are now. You're not headlines coming up one hour from now but first the ball to the room. Precepts. It's easy to throw hubby to police to everyone how profile this is playing as Georgia and miles that this simple game weren't sure if you will like new story. Something did happen right here on planet or. Are there. Or and as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make less would do this you think makes the story a story. Hello Matthew welcome government to allow bitches are. Wow. Our map New York fan of the game play. Ideas and I'm personal level yeah Red Sox who coconut. Little did it know coconut no okay you make me nervous here is her story. A 58 year old guy went to the wind is in new Holland Pennsylvania over the weekend. Any threatened to kill one of the employees. He'll then put enough cucumbers on the side. Percy through the Sally app and then he said and I quote the fighting go on or night you would be the first to go. We'll go through an open routes and in the parking lot is facing charges for aggravated assault. Making terroristic threat resisting arrest and disorderly conduct on a side note this is why don't eat cucumbers and obviously to make people stoop. My question is do you believe that this man. Who threatened to kill the Wendy's employee for lack of cucumbers on his salary is black white makes you or he's. Kate sit Pennsylvania Pennsylvania. What what so it is. Called Mayer on hang on hang it is. New Holland Pennsylvania is about fifty miles west of Philadelphia. All that but what much rich is a thing. What that you. Wendy youth but there wasn't enough cucumbers on us out yet he had cucumbers and not enough for his life biology of orders out of Wendy's absolutely non. Well well hello I doubt I'm alone what do Wendy's for win. Where bird I'm saying that there's no way that this could be Maxi. No there's no way that this could be blind. And those the other options a in. Asian YY may be I'm trying to think of what type the population will take you to come from an Asian and eat healthy food at a fast food place that's on is trying to work through. Just 58 really grumpy and we can't just go beyond repair lightning and. Yeah. How Letterman as discreet salad just screams whites. Naturally and it it would be sending square where his ability to order it would it would urology final answer but no go light tan white men. Why final answer we'll find out at the cucumber loving man was black white necks they are Asian next. You are listening to the men's or radio network yeah. Yeah yeah. Profile mistakes of Pennsylvania today and a man who has none too happy about the fact that there weren't enough cucumbers on a salad to really threaten to kill people inside the Wendy's restaurant or mild that's the proper react to me don't have enough cucumbers are your friends foods I'd definitely like cucumber and no you don't but either way you know the way you do cucumbers the best thing to reaper. Still they freshmen can. And I am hill and bill and bony probably the worse either way this guy I was none too happy about the lack of cucumbers and answer them off. It did in fact and I'm Matthew Escude did you believe that this guy was black white make your Asian. You didn't hesitate much maintenance and it just sounds like a grumpy white duke and who hello forgiving god damn Salomon Wendy's. Goes to a car. It's. When. Having a sound and fast food places for white people crap I'm yeah I'm the only reason that. Until the customers they don't think I have got a cell before but I went to what would did you do root out and might. Well over ten nuggets now whenever the side the definite yet exactly. Makes good sense to me I now brawl TB is thought to have diver TV time a day. Because you're pathetic life. Inclined to countless hours in front of a talking box and the men's room presents. Allah whatever your job is there sometimes on a certain things you like to electric torque. Right so let's say your wide receiver in the NFL right on the part of the job some guys take pride in a lot of guys only blocked. Oh yeah is there any yours are right even though it's a fine job maybe don't wanna do right you know I pick any sport rightly looking at number three guy that hits in your lineup Friday. He's hosting hit home runs the Aston laid out bought easily to her out of a may have changed over the years but. The point still stands there's certain things people don't wanna do with their job. But Richard jobs that you do ground. Now this comes to us a guy named Simon great he's a BBC reporter. This is a story that I think would get a lot of traction in America. But he's British he's a little proper now think he quite thinks this is news as you can hear him side the entire statement. Now you what you BBC news. Just spam until August of this does not look like walk in the park dog owners and their pets in California. Has hit the waves. In the second annual world dog surfing championships here in the picture that. Think that's his main challenge is to stay afloat on the board. Susan Pacifica and half San Francisco but they're also prizes for the best dressed. And tandem surfing dogs. Whenever of course being crowned. Top dog. Obsession you're gonna pitches. It for frequently. He could have been enormous for now. Right reminded its August like slow month I guess net realized that's exactly when he seemed like yet to August is not much going on by the way you want to do video of him doing that. You're checking out the mention FaceBook page right now and watch the video to his and that mechanic at a lake when that when their show on the dogs. Like there's an there another guy talking about it Danica expecting him and he just like. Competitiveness that you can I would loosen him do the music. Just I don't care well all day have a thing about this that and Alec he's he right receive wrong. It's part of me is like sorry that's all the surfing dogs I like dogs at those pretty cool. They'd probably get a test one dog not a means that we surfing is he was standing face in the wrong way. I surfing at is backwards we Asia's Balentien. Philly even you know do any surface and that's what serving as a here not for whom you. Hope of yours we'll have more when it moves the surfers look at where they're growing well sure but they're humans but there's also a general Erdman and there's a general formula to how the news is it you know that formula if you watch the news and it's not really changed that much has an element that overtime but. You're gonna get the headlines first. The major stories are always gonna come that way it'll tees the weather few times the bringing your local news but get into the weather in about 2018. After that they do sports that sports and then from there. There's one lifestyle piece that even one dumb as a Ron Burgundy like look at the water skiing squirrels although the death blow peace is going to be at the end of the broadcast that no matter what that fluff piece is it's no different than the sports the weather or the headlines before it. It's always a part of the broadcast well I like how we did it because like look it's flow for gonna get good generally speaking of news is bad that's every wide right so. You go today get your weather sport so I understand what that one lead yeah I know but I got no problem with him. Haiti it is the least now edits of anything honest about it. And I think that's the American style news we are going for rate yet oil that question. Now sunny. I'm assuming he didn't lead with that story at the top story tonight I don't hot dogs and Pacifica my got wasn't I guarantee was nowhere near the top of the says well maybe one of those guys he hates the end of every broadcast because he knows it's going to be something equally stupidly shouldn't he knows he's gonna have a drink in his hand and five minutes once things complete. I don't know I was still a part of that is on us. At like the American cultures meet Peter he just seems like he's annoyed easy to talk about decent and now I can believe pro or why am I thought elevenths. Yeah it would have produced a letter. Why it was a story why don't you bring this to me why don't we have video why did have to talk about those mountains. Yeah and just. And of course the top winners topped joke you have to go to get it right like I think that they just like what you moron I. You know grow food over there are people didn't even want to make that statement edited. The winner of courses. I. Am. I mean you have spoiled the now via the it. All right then my US team. I guess we need to do it and govern the story he hates like that there is coming a small city. Haven't talked about the crap. So you know high eighteen is like a real thing but my buddy anyhow his sister married an englishman in pissed him off nobody. A hi Eddie you won't believe this man this MF are actually sits down after it penny in the afternoon with what. He and that system. Really. Oh. I don't know like I know the guy you're talking miles abusive to me who don't still bitter about that'll revolutionary war that gap that event that we want. And I so for years of this theory that cops is on TV sure right eager pretty much the whenever you. Have you guys seen live PB. Live PD not the national TV show rights it with this does is kind of like cops I believe it's on a any live peavy only be. But basically they're just out like they're following the cops at its live action happening OK so you get some crazy stuff shortly I don't know what you're gonna get right. Right exactly don't know exactly what's gonna happen. It's all going to be Americans haven't sever that don't have time assign those release waivers now account you'll be other. Oh yeah blt of Amman I'll make pay Bogut very conservative boasts an admiral bill Cobbs on one overall. Blue. Dog killer cult goes dude I'm with you I'm not positive Howell how they get over it that's what he. The last one I don't know I guess about the lie that is what it is by. Both cops in some people's faces a pixelated. And despite whatever crime they committed to Bianca some like that as the Smart one because they've pixel space. The other guidelines do it Arab rare road do very Ohio please keep me make it emphasized wouldn't go gal won't ever want to see my face. Yes wolf this guy forget it I don't know what he's getting arrested for but he's fired up about a band you'll probably recognize it's got its. Aren't there will still bring needed to. Agree. He did block grants. I think religion man. And a third independent. And we'll show. So he's late he's in the cups and they're like Rolen is sleeve up to look at even doubt in my back. And we just rip the shirt a whole thing. After Pearl Jam was pretty excited about that although I didn't see every track they did re tweeted that equal itself against the there you go. Again why is anyone want to be cup match do you get the bet your average guy fugitive. Yet the great I'm still not positive about that live PD ship. Like. Again doesn't it and know it's got to be some rules with ride. And it now in even if it's somebody even if you're good person that is the worst time of your life right you you may know please understand my. I don't know I don't know if I feel good about that back watch and I have a fear that I'll end up. How many times have you watched that I hate. I got pride yeah they get a ticket through it reminds me too much of like. Running man or one of those moving all got their like in the futures maybe not running mate I don't know it just seems to futuristic like. And it looks like a lot of crime there now let's head down and totally south wherever all the revenue crimes Marie's weight. Yeah and then just to sit helmet might watch the title highlight some reality I like real life stuff just seems weird to watch real life like people. Either committing crimes are getting corrects that if there aren't any no one city heard of it bounced to know early bounce around that bend these to it's been fairly good NFL reds that exit those dollar that I got that we don't use it okay and yeah it was when the action comes and they get in the twenty yard line is switch over to that games you can see the action. Ha yeah like I watched it one night it was they were in the south and it was raining or whatever but the lady. I didn't see why they Poehler and doing the biggest deal there in a parking lot or whatever. And they ask you something about we and she had a small amount of said she smokes them so I mean they end up. I think be a good police just kind of let me go but it just is vivid they think at least on national TV of oak mostly. Yeah. But it doesn't say like I'm just not positive that you know had at the meat and that's needed to on the flip side to right that means a citizen looking and I have to wonder too like if you're cop like. I had yeah. When it being actually able skittish of the cops that went all the camera time. Yeah. But they're also going to be on their best behavior also can realize situation and let somebody goes got a little mug on animal whenever I think that's. If there's more accountability. To some interior and I know I just feel bad years and makes you feel look at. Avoid year. Template and most news in rotunda of the gonna move not like I'm economic drill holes new apartment long ago Asian neighbor Sharon you know economy. Allan good orders that medal. A hole. I don't talk the about the bachelor Tom thank god I just find this very interest. So they have the finale right and that Rachel's got to pick between these two guys. So it appears that she really likes the Peter and yeah yesterday. I begat Peter Peter piper. Pick up. So. She's like yeah wanna be with you but he's like I can't get a gauge to what I love you but I can't get engaged right. So I agree with a lot of people on the Internet it's like whoa which are in the bachelor but that is reasonable pinky. For the rest of right that didn't go on the ship oh. That the where the end goal is you getting engaged and very bad that premise of the show the show but I do and that. Because he was like I love eulogized and he seemed super legit. Like I've just scared but I don't this is too soon I don't know which he engaged and your does that decides to those are the yes kind of weird to. Think I'm you know I'm in any of those shows whether it's the guy or that chick like you realize they have run through. Government people on and so. They've down whatever they dial in Eudora by the got a different technique announcers sometimes have burned stuffed nose or whatever the case might be in my. Now we're gonna get engaged. Yet it just adds that today guy in you're still not even ashore if you wanna be in my thank you wanna be. And by the way to the nine million people who live tweet the bachelorette. It's not an original idea. It is being done by 8909909. And on other people. Please don't need to keep doing I don't think you can watch the bachelorette now live tweet on the starlet who are watching survivor and likely that nobody worried we need to because the people that care enough about or why it. Watching it right and everyone who's not want to get but doesn't better hang on I gotta think. Old the bachelor offense I let out there but it's a lot like NFL football. Everybody you know who is locked on him again but everybody tweet this make me like I got I want I ball. White at the thought if I kind of think the Missouri like there are sixteen of these happening right and right everybody you both with watching. I don't know let's say here I'm assisting those ramps. More of an LA play biologists say your random rams fan right reasonably relaxed asking. I could hypocrite epic epic it it definitely does nobody let's just say it like it's kind of like the bachelorette like everybody you know is tweeting about the same specially it's like Monday Night Football I know that's a simple black so I think I'm with you the bachelor bachelorette people when the crap out of me but iPhone to it on sports. Yep you can prayer that's bear arms and Jackson moved network of the beast. Like team and know the rams into Graham's taxables got a pretty good fan base they do have a support system. Jacksonville the rams haven't even picked it up in two cities. So ever when they had of one place it basically balls to double people who are old mom did in LA they don't care if they I was just in LA you know there weren't raiders though I'm down I'm down the chargers are there that I wearing chargers though. The racing there at an hour that you can't go in by junior sale Jersey. If you're charger fan when your LA because he didn't play there's not that you'll understand that the team the franchise right area but what are represents but he doesn't represent anything to you yet right you don't where John united shirt and indymac exactly. So it really dead zone until they get you know a good player or two steps up like okay now against him. Now we've got Jacksonville's very sad that a man who has ordinarily can at any general on a Sunday. They just don't hear he ultimately the only city does not talk to the plate away like look. They just don't care that their personal friends deductible Florida at all about college football and other so much to do there. But I don't believe gonna looters at the landing the threat. During the me. Pretty good stuff. I was like these and mr. Fallon that's taking notes for us. And in his care much. For losing your job your wife and missing the birth done all you need now as your truck to bring Daniel have the world's best country sound there. That was found a bone bone. Thank you John Snow and the hound. For being the game of drones version of what you see and tender vs who actually shows up. Maybe and then we'll. Thank you saying I'm gonna get another drink and party. They're really saying come and go talk to someone else. I've done that we all afternoon and captain. Thank you swim goggles to let me enjoy a nice work on the pool while also sucking my momentum myself. I. Waters perfect. Thank you for choosing between the window seat in the aisle seat and an airplane. And make me guess whether on the do you sleep court T. I'm always dial and dial I'm window. Are you yet but you like to drink I do like to drink but I and I can hold but it doesn't mind knowing him now I really go a step over when their sleep. I've done that a block the I'll along before like this in its step on the arm rest were tomorrow though the army aren't active and all I I'm always I'll backed by the path. That's not a bad place he could it is into the lines or the form and you've got late and everyone and you're looking at but for like you're going to be an hour I'll take me to be a little louder appeal all you want. Livid that this guy you know help operate the bottom lateral the last of the plane. I've got no place to be there with the flag on the play the academic go to my cock on the lighter headlines coming out in minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network. Timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. Our new gun as a response to nine year old job applicants who wants to be a space got. Meanwhile Johnny Mann tells us maybe coaching is his future if the unified NFL ideas that come to a stop. Held a job and Australia decides to charge meant a whole lot more the idea of being on a plane without a pilot should figure to the core. And David Letterman is returning to television it is time for your headlines. It's time to hit dead. This. Is Mike caught out are determined to stay in the NFL after being sacked from his first professional team. Former quarterback Johnny Denzel has expressed interest in becoming an NFL coach rice president of the me got them Superman so black man like my old. No Johnny you had your shot you treated at the way treated to be done move up says that he was coaching answer towards any way that he can. What he had a way. This bank draft that your as dominate. Got a guy with a sad look to do something involved sports I can't get away from it. Hey I've but I can put down a bodily fit into this I don't want to be above subway whether it's coaching whether it's doing something like that so I think that the mine area. My mind my route but he hits away from it all the time. That went up and you did and that was issued and you put it on yourself to get away from my room. Micah you put a picture Annan's agreement you cuddling with your dog when you're in Vegas. Reflect you have it dude you got draft that everyone knew we were. And he remind you were drafted by the brown all right so suddenly you have to be great if the browns suck. So if you do beat mediocre at best you can had a career. I mean to book he's what 2223 would he not be like the youngest coach in NFL history. He might be about what would you have him coach. Brown's. I wanted to ask I thought he might be lucky to get down and has put it scalpers them. Yeah. Around the world and Australian woman won and the doctor's office with complaints of stomach pains that doctors initially brought up as a gallbladder issue. After CT scan doctors discovered that she had that her stomach pain was actually a three inch piece of wire. That had ended up in her stomach ten years prior when she had her braces removed I believe and I believe that man I believe that that that makes perfect sense can that. She's seventeen and remember ingesting it or anything when when they came off nobody said anything about and we lost a wire. But it had pierced her intestine and multiple spots but they were able to remove it after numbered and sees her letter didn't stray from. And great smile. That's nuts and that is bad error now did you ever have a hero of your embraces my I did not. They they just there's a lot of things in go wrong they go loose and everything else immensely getting the hell why day it. It hit it out and I heard about Taylor nice overflights still do but they they used rubber bands that are trying to Korea jaw line so that I would have just to correct fight. And he'd be talking to somebody else that may need to shoot rubber band and couldn't live. On tonight they fly like forty feet across Revere like you know and you spit on someone I definitely have an opera thing where food comes fly your mouth. It was like that but like at Canon's version rabbit who want it fast right. Girlfriend and had braces on time and she had like hinges. Yeah that's. They squeaked a lot. And Lilly on this mr. Matsuzaka I. Eight. And immediately into the rhythm on them about it. I mixed emotions erupted on Rihanna as mr. Graham after he posted a photo of herself and Barbados Iraq. Gary didn't come from the photo itself but when her former boyfriend Chris Brown commented on the photos simply with the Google guys seem OG. Currently Chris monthly job amend the macro broke there were some that raised that the city are raped at the singer telling him that he needed to stay away from her. And others regain the over the possibility of the two getting back together. Yeah that's you wanted to give back to go Lauren rice. Have they MP who literally evidence that. We know and I did they get back aircraft after. They get back together for like a short period there make a song together. This guy thinks I am David they definitely did. You know. That's not worth it now than that percent and you know what man considering what happened Chris Brown still has a career which is shocking to me. He's still popular he hasn't dealt with a lot of the ramifications. That most people would on a personal level from doing something like that again your ass beat so yeah I mean. He's actually come out of this unscathed but he should learn just leave that alone and verified that the mega hit song dropped thirty a night that it. All right guys may remember a little while back that NASA posted a six figure job for planetary protection officer yes yeah I. Well a better response. And nine year old boy from New Jersey has gotten the plate and submitted his application to NASA citing his quality his qualifications as having seen quote. Almost all the space an alien movies and I can. Hank if they both living and what have you done right now has has responded with a heartfelt letter response. And even had their planetary research director give McCall damage. They should have a monies that space camp back in the days all right uttered to their kids and you know on the Florida Cape Canaveral cape Kennedy whenever. Do space scam mails on those execute I was like. Like Justin's face right I would want to do space jam and it puts in his little astronaut uniforms like you walk around for a week branch based games all the way around it wanted to do that zero gravity thing that they had. I still tunnel wanna do I think I know I got Hugo I really wanna do and I do reality and you're good only Rahm right. Doing what kind of qualifications do you need for planetary protection officer anyway well I mean other than honestly watching all the alien space movies that you can what else could there possibly be needed dive in study octopus that was. But there early in the NASA astronaut. Activists. I don't know quite plant. What is your actual job aliens through public or Hayes after dark you guys to engage in duty game is now I'm belong here at every headlines and that my. They are appreciated thanks to all Larson Metallica for stopping by Enron gals over another a fun filled since been there with a yeah rock tunes again yes indeed our bid is really old about it but we are back tomorrow so until then. Please would do best and poorly this. Day you do. The men's room has been taken before a live studio audience wardrobe and makeup provided by Manchester limited. They're presentation knows. The man truly feel that's where.