08-08-17 Seg 3 - The Mens Room Talk to a LEGEND

Tuesday, August 8th

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich joins us on the program, Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with more Yacht Rock! Plus Ask a Black Man and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. His room was miles and spread very judge frank castle still to come since then back by popular demand a moral of these smooth sailing sounds. Of yacht rock has in more than you will definitely enjoy OK ladies and gentlemen let's hope this works from Metallica. Lars Ullrich. Hello. Hello hello hello lower we're looking for a Lars from Metallica. Let me go find him on various. Hello is his lawyers from Metallica that yeah let me find it curious now is that Metalico horrors that now officially have Luka. Which is what we've been hearing. It depends on how far on the outer fringes of the inner circle who lost her home. The closer we get to the circle and it becomes Alec. It's. You know we had as a kind of a preposterous either easily. To kick things. You know it's just a part of the secret brotherhood. I never knew what to make him. But we heard his clip like hey what an at large of Taloqan only you think how the coaches summit. Happy that I can dust. I hope. The answer to right Serb relevant questions that have. So all we need for a guy that doesn't really all we wanna talk about one thing we are convinced. Because as you know your boy James he is notorious for having deliver aid to everything he says. So we're commend you guys that historic just when you came out for the neighborhood random I I've read today named the band metallic and wants James it's meant to direct attack. And that's how the main stuff so oh. Would choose you. Nobody knew that I've done a lot of research Lar I am I know you want in your wallet. Yeah we are we're we're so excited to be guests on your radio show its electric right now on the beach one non apple music so we're ready for all of your questions. Issue through. So it'll be a little bit about. Why it would you've got to set a world that there's three your view why did only here to the lows. Hello Lou low one of them is good news social. That is going you know clearly ours because I'm an arsenal fans that. I sort of bring out the. It listed that looked good on anything that you can do to look to assist steps of off. Does this wants and silent one miles steeper. All of this generally I talk a lot but I didn't say hello I apologized to carry through to Franklin right. Steven kids that don't like. Sort of goods sit com or something doesn't it. It's something a law firm that you know we wanna have to hire. Yeah I. I got really good over on that deal right it's the law firm they get you would try and breath policy a killer tells a radio how as a radio world. Radio were this good. Well and so far I mean I it'll put some that you probably have that figured out to. At least what if you would have done your homework is insult. I can occasionally be known as support charities. And so on. I enjoy. You know spending records and then be you know sharing cool musical people and candidates who gets on there had been kind of just talking you know created. Entities and so one it's kind of cool they'd let me do literally what ever I want to. Anita toward a two. I don't know play beautiful. I hit for power that let me do that so it's. There's. I was talking to somebody yesterday who had had his own show one. On some other outlets which will be David says Stewart. Occasion we solved it yet to spin cycle while. I don't have that issue I can play whatever I want and actually really cool as outlook discovered. A lot of cool music because. I'm not really and obviously you know. He'll fly the flag for CT PC for the rest of my life that one of my all time favorite bands but to be playing like he's CPU records that's not. That's about who would like saying because it's of one. Played more music that people don't know sharing like open public bands are so much great music out there that doesn't get a chance to. Too deeply felt because of of the ways that the the music will be structured differently so there's just a lot of also waste people. And so publicized what to do most people can make workers now and hold of their. Computers sort of post on a lot of ways too so publicize it so. I have heard a couple of guys ought to keep that sort of tick through the polls and we find awesome music at Bushehr the world with the typical. It's a day one dollar from talking or talking to that you calico tally how could come up Alex how do you do a either a really good job with your interviews you really do honest god mentally you're entertaining. The stuff you're doing for. CBS and that on assignment study you do a great job actually doing besides the music but just asking questions he's kissing you. I mean look you're all yeah I don't usually get listed add kissing okay far. I don't know that kissing is always welcome. And I appreciate what you're saying I thought our Becky your kept its fiscal. I've got a lot of books stuff with bogeys on. There's a couple locals haven't Siskel film festivals and what I'll do is sit on a part of of what the group of people that you present who we hear and so do you would be able to directors and actors and stuff that comes who. The bill that was successful sent to schools the pistols salon and its troops so that I loved to listen they're being straight about love talking to. Creative people just about the process and whether it's still whether it's music whether it's art whatever it is low. The creative world's getting a chance to talk to other people in that it is that world this is also with apple. Dictates it's it's. Well surely the weekly and large we appreciate you talking to us anyway. Cuba. That's yeah that. Still if if you guys ever come to LA you know with all the other than tell me what what basically if you click Seattle what. Drug Tamara I get the what what would you view guy there's they have every year they have metallic united AT&T park. Don't idea and he says you throw out the first pitch now that it is. Do you do you practice I'm thinking like with the pressure if if I was ever in that position Mike I would have to get on my friend the good dude. You got your glove still men okay got a baseball man I need you for like a half an hour to backyard and you come over to our. Yeah I'd probably pick this would use the phrase warming golf I've warmed up out of the hole Wafer ropes fifteen to forty minutes is. The whole slew of things you know we do. Interviews I was you know up in the broadcast Booth that he has PA and I was too with Q what they would like to go to Kansas. When they were coming did that like 5 o'clock. There's all kinds of super cool. Kind of things that we do that's part of the Metallica night but I got about forty minutes. The thing that the I don't know fifth in these guys have ever started but no matter how much air force. Like when you're walking now with a call your name but we stuck at five years Google rolled out but it it's it's it's super cool San Francisco think put. Every year are still. When they say your name and now lawyers or the war broke box then that like baton death march out. Yeah to be good to the Bombay I mean that's like I can walk through twelve seconds in your life. They didn't it's did you get out you get out to the to the mound there and no matter how much important to open no matter how many times you've done this is the catch are still like another thirty yards that went after the protests that it wasn't until like aim high and all that's I've done five total rule. And of all adults want. So that's Google's front and by other public purple strikes so. Now you actually at a strike it was it was across a blade it was it was cracked rib because you know look you're one of the biggest bands ever and you know some all these records go on stage do the state you traveled the world billiard drove people look at right. But to put your ass on the baseball feared like oh my god. Oh my god. Well it's it's cute things it's number one it's. Fish out of water and so anytime you're in an environment that's not kind of totally year old it's always a little. Check it leak you know the great thing about being in the band still 35 years later is that you really are band you're a game. You're at a computer collective. And it's always you know the musketeers. Stone people for war mournful that's stuff. And so you always feel like you feel states. Is. In it but don't burst you know what I mean and so what you're kind of by yourself since. The little more like wait a bit and it's. Yeah scrutinized O'Brien goes one bad birthday big guys like it's like just your view on the show. Well I'll tell you that you have another urban environs in our opinion on embryonic rob. As we had a chance to fly down and we spent the weekend at San Francisco and we basically sat there in an anti cal piles and watched it practice. In it was like our own little private Metallica show and when you say it's it to group BI. My vision of what was it was more of a Fam I don't know if you've got to have that 68 kids with the deal is but I mean everybody was opposed. Everybody's just having a good time in your going through the dry runs in the practices in the the ball drop in or whatever the hell was but it was seriously it was it was bizarre to just sit there and watch you guys. Work through your stuff you know from the fan's standpoint it was crazy. Thank you I mean we always try to work. It'll be I I think early on. You Q kind of make a decision is whether colleges are not about whether you're gonna be so often limits or whether you have an open. Door policy. And we've always had Metallica felt. Sort of guilt doors wide open called on him you know everybody's welcome and also with a portable we've don't we've always tried to make ourselves. And accessible as possible you know whether it's you know like it's such some kind of monster or like you're saying having open rehearsals every night. Before we go onstage. We go into political move backstage that would play thirty that is it's like to lead group and that. Get broadcast you could you know go on the Internet and find whatever link it is due to his warmup but so we. We always have kind of an open door policy and then that's part of people ultimately. To meet Metallica's about connecting. You know. People to each other connecting people to music community connecting fans to each other and cost connecting to the stands by its personal so we try to work. And I keep that door open to this point I think it's going to make its total you know and obviously you guys sit. Good friends of Metallica for. They cave with school. Largely we really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and I can't wait for the show thank you so much. Always. To catch up to you guys and appreciate his support at. We'll see you look the ball on against little sample. Yes it's the whole family here as well at least and I thank you so much so I don't chairman. The outlook. God what a horrible human can't stand there some of them may still be twenty dollars and and apprentice. Pretty cool. Mark don't care about I still to come drug charge right now the will be into didn't spend back by popular demand. More of the smooth sailing sounds of yacht rock that's coming up with that and spent along with your emails in the men's room at men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. My. Question when did your ordinary day take a turn for the weird. We have about your emails here for the men's room amends in my dock. Com yeah. I want to thank you for all your calls as well. Mine went where to win a co worker and I were the only ones in the truck shop office talking about zombies in how the Schaub would be the best place to be during an apocalypse and okay. That we hear a fire truck going off and we laugh the look outside in this huge 300 plus pound guy was walking funny in our parking lot our first thoughts zombie. He was laying around it was arms in the air we closed the door came inside that he came back came in the back door. Yelling gibberish looking around the office super weird we realized these drunk or on drugs or whatever. I asked if he needed help and he yells at me shut up you anything be just from a 330 pound girl. I'll be able to move him by trying to send down call the police he continues to walk out of the office saying where things Wilma co worker grabbed it a tire pressure bats. Waiting for him to do something violent he doesn't he leaves the police come they don't arrest him typical day. That from Amanda. A guy goes my mom whose day took a turn for the worse used to working a small mechanics shop. Semi came in to get some work done after being hit by a deer the driver and clean the truck really well as a wasn't anything from the deer look bond. When mechanic got behind the grill he did find a human finger. I was a teenager than some not quite sure what happened after that but I have this feeling authorities Burkle rock god love you guys but sounds like the truck hit a human. Our king at a summer camp on orcas island we're sleeping a large barracks style tents that were open on both ends a wake up 1 morning. With a raccoon sleeping on my chest. Scared the absolute ass out of me and the mobile before I was fully awake Al's wondering why my cat was on my chest what a way to start the day. And as far as your deal with it's the guy who you stumble upon got hit by car yet yet we're the people who saw him got hit by car the business of people did not call or do anything drastic Alpert like I wanted to help after I decided. Bitch is the phenomenon throw witnessed on his way to work is known as the bystander effect or diffusion of responsibility. And it is unfortunately common diffusion of responsibility is these socio psychological phenomenon where a person is less likely to take responsibility. It. Got hit by Carly good dude on my and we got they wore them. Our guys let's say here it's the driving one day. The store to grab some stuff while stopped at a light any black PT cruiser blew through the intersection with the tires squealing as it turned upside room probably Baird. Once the cars on the road they just get going a breakneck speed in the driver through summing up the window justice five cup cruisers a flew by the road. They turned down having not seen them so I decided he would got throughout when I park nearby ankle on the sidewalk until I found that it was tire iron. I had did did that landed under a bush so I took a picture of where was in my iPhone before using the socked pagan open and and the gloves. As luck would have it a Cobb was driving on the road I was on top flagged him down as did he was Jason black PT cruiser he suggests that problem that I found the tire iron after watching the guy tosses. Koptev the tire iron and my info and informed me that the guy who had thrown it was using it to break his ex girlfriend's car windows Al since she take got a restraining order on. Got back to work like nothing happened haven't heard any updates but yet. Not when I was expecting on the on the drive it much loved you guys. That from the lovely aerial we get any comments today. There's a few here mamet is politically mostly people who badgering Michael was just decrease in Omaha this Michael lung assist is an extreme out here for the men's tournaments or buy back out. I all our guys is my ninth wedding anniversary can I get turtles eggs in dirty German and honor of our great relationship that from Josh absolutely not now south of anniversary anniversary and builders African. But remember. You know where did you leave your luckily Robin accidentally hit them that was just for me make me. Do you think what you Robin I'm quite like. Now a gentleman I'd like to wish Michael worker in the town Leah happy birthday I would not disclose her age but she likes to think she's more wise as of today. Did you get them dirty German talk please rock on guys that from health inspector ray had. Job of both. But I would grab you gives you configure. Yeah out of it looked like on the I need or Bugs Bunny. That he has. And so easy it's mostly law protecting grabbed him. Boy though they have ever did to my boyfriend Justin he's an amazing man and does much for us can you please give him a big old bong rip. That from his cookie all from the code mean why do I feel like that was sent by a body part of the to load the bong. We all measure called a bigger. I don't know is pulling tubes pull into a bangers absolutely I wasn't smoking of people called Poland tubes but you fondling masturbation apples to like it when I finally started smoking and I went back to the East Coast and over again also absolutely go mad look at Poulter. Proves he's hello okay no fellow. What nobody went out there now man I just want to wish my love war and happy birthday I love you handsome that's from Teresa who also says a warning that your answer not just us. I can you please wish chipper happy birthday seals Dubai it's. From your loving wife and kids can throw and dead given some dirty dirty German well wishes please thanks guys that from the white feet. Jobs to back his name was not kind struggles think Honda's fit in your. Yeah he notes that. And instituted. He's the very accommodating my and then after that desperate to find some cheese we Mickey our very own heart. Speaking of hot pocket and. All it is always my loving tolerant girlfriend Angela pretty okay bird they were there knew injuring her third decade of life. As he's put up with a lot of will probably put up with more but he's in Vegas as to listen things up a bit and Metallica. Could you get Kermit the thrill and some wedding puke that would maker de C bitches at red festival and hopefully a clown dunk tank that from chase. I don't normally do over there request but do people mind of electors sure you read green penis. Still today's third or harassment it and I and I get and now hitting the wind Alan and Alan thick thanks from Darren. It. Looked this is on behalf of the scooter crew I like to wish Vance getter Shackelford a very happy birthday I have little turtle sex with thrills gets. In the Paz with a shotgun followed by a big old Joey chestnut we love your show can't wait to see at the red festival. Thanks guys and keep on rocket that from nineteen different people. It is. Yeah. Afternoon that is good morning good evening today I turned sixty years old up and lows in the show for quite awhile. If you guys please give me a birthday shout out was an absolutely. Built the German talk. Thanks and keep helping to head with his English lessons that from a car. The guy sides as they were amount. We can't see your name the Wiki what is. But the sixty puzzle the look we would do one finger inside view for him. Down with a lot of Hingis I think you deal came up big man to beat feet and I have sausage. My guys cereals. Happy happy about it okay. The idea that there are happy about it. Are paid a group take you to the new big day as we have been not asking for a few suggestions here as the red festival has been now. Is a Saturday September the ninth that they Ian claw expose bigger and better than ever so here are few suggestions we've gotten so far right. Beds for red vest how about window pane. Why it's only and the wreckage piston ready or van Epps Hoyt had been. We know there agree that our guys make it longer like eight hours. You can look through that includes making it aren't you IRA is ideal cancel your luck it's going to be eight hours is that. Plus use this as a showcase for more banned from and around the area with different styles of music like Iran Jones in the way. Hall a run Jones in the way played read that. Stories are great suggestions clover game and maybe that you want to play that they have player ever at rather where. Now we're a pretty rocky for tracking with the ball but yeah. I've requested the right guy I'm wrong didn't they both play the same year earlier I think that okay no balls balls didn't get our you know the originals going to perform yuck rough yet. In some capacity inside my original thought is. An entire set of yacht rock but in it for those of you that don't know the new originals we don't do that. With practicing. Think well on all the so coming up with a whole set of new songs that none of us really down to it except for miles with America but we'll see what happens Tyler will be just done. Federal dispensed aerial bombs to take the stage. Stereo no under the stereo bull yeah I suggestion the grilled cheese experience again that answer was the bomb last year that I will look at JS that I don't it would also ahead some people write in anyone do a corn dog stand they wanna put the men's and sausage in the corn dog food hell yeah I know he down and that was a go to bed to make that happen are you guys talking about bands who read this would shed would love to play would she did. But they have like gay Jesse James Dupree change all of the play the guitar when John and places saw Aaron I am. Domestic. I don't know if you do witches I would like to see a bikini contest judged by you guys have read festival that from Eric we could have a man's TV contest that way. There so we could lose up to rip the judges know Robin does that. Referred RE VI I. David has as dynamic sponsor this. I don't want to come out I don't wanna flirting topless fire juggler that's suggested Dave. And it's only have to work with you didn't it at knotted up there stop with a chuckle and if I would love focused on juggling a juggling everything there is who is global and everyone told us about a Sierra. So thin rubber. Nancy care deliveries fired yet. It is is that she said the some pictures of some things she does and I don't know I'm terrified if I'm stunned the fire alarm ever went to marry it is it is accurate here's what's that doubt way. Here's what's going down this year so far eight hours of insanity for fifteen bucks the price is at the bottom of Florida completely so everybody can get it. Bigger longer. Lowered the price of tickets live musical day more beer more breweries or go to her room interim sausage were asking you what kind of crazy crap should we do Saturday at the you know likes those that are as festival is a bigger and better so it it's all good there we'll take those suggestions from here at the men's or amendments or live dot com also you can make your suggestions if you like humans among FaceBook or follow us on Twitter men survive over seriously taking these suggestions including an action until we can make happen so we appreciate all suggestions that we how much craziness can we packed into one day still got a military get toast with a shot of the day but first the drug and charges announce it once again it is time to sit and spin now. Yes friends it's time once again Paul. Six and spend. Let's gather around the old radio and listened to some sweat a. It's. We thank them for anything. Again he's saying that that this could be a better set of songs that we had last time I don't know last time this streak and these are pretty good too and get paranoid. Allowing its lows yah rock that's who we discovered last week. I think a lot of the world didn't know they love the rock until last week like the day I discovered I liked all notes. Shortly life changing experts might god but I am all of it oops I mean it's everything from this is the greatest stuff ever to people saying that how much they hate our guts but the response either way whether good or bad has just been huge on this and has when he. In the catalog of yacht rock and you have. Dug up and more songs. May be better than the last perhaps at a people it might like them even more. Under ten. T. We haven't what is the idea it's amazing that the ads that yeah. T you sensibilities. Oh hi all saw that and we sold at all day well you're gonna think of an original starter starts second I'll. Tell. Should go to nine this is. She's all right. Caller number nine there's number nine. Number ten was sacked captaincy he'll do that to be one more time I'm glad we did not hear that they would be he's very quiet acoustic version. Anyone not like the film. Everybody loved that they don't like it I. All but let me. They can't help but like the dome has little to do this on always reminds me. I believe it was CBS. Terry Nelson Mandela spewed. This has comfort you have as it was green jacket is the end all and god he loses scoreless tie with around a little brother big when they have what Rosanna yet regret really last week's Soledad that's right that's right okay so there was no order for the miles Montgomery music catalog Mora the smooth sailing down the beyond Iraq today on didn't spend. Cross your fingers. I. You know guys. And girls can do this could be things offered to. It's all right guys I think like we're gonna make it defense to get theme song from an eighty's now it sounds like somebody greatest American he really doesn't has gone through a hard time the had to come out pale when it's been a long day you go to the bar in this song comes on Regis hey did you agree. But I think and I got a headache and a minute NF entering into my ties with Africa I. More of these moves freely across all right well I think at the white Russian but whatever smartest move fairly sound the yacht rock today on fifth. Bruce I'm. Oh yeah. Yeah it's. Just his most dancing yeah I could very yeah. You'll see there this is the the best title only rock songs in witches download being that young mobile and Y a H dash ammo and absolutely there. You think the Dalai dude in the do your brother through boot up there's going to double B that. Oregon originally that these are they on smooth sailing cells once again have got rocked my request on this. Number six. Well that's all you'll. Who are you made billions of adapt right didn't. It. Just a but I doubt. I got the death but do Newt does the home. Matthew Clements and that keeps we've done that yet but. The yacht was rocking the softly. Kirkland and fire that yes after the love is gone these are lower the smooth sailing sounds of yacht rock on today's students did. Well Curtis. Yeah I go back. Turn away I'll turn it wouldn't. Get. Don't quit embarrassing turn this stuff you don't like people calling up the windows I don't want to be here but the rocket now. He's guilty pleasure. Christopher Cross again I'm thinking god punitive David and Michael McDonald might do could have king. Applicable over include hosting SNL local nightclub that exclusive club right. This at all this smooth sailing south of yah rock today on things that. Her father. Mean come on June stroke. Would you. I'm just okay. Spot that I. I know it used goalie. There is darn book gone I didn't yeah bush should have good health Google. Alison Pill for that in that book the that was not an. I'll fill my man. But there's this moment where that thing in the sun and a little creepy and I don't know maybe maybe it's the era this courtroom to the cameras almost like he just realized it was there if the thinks violence faced anything. Sharon and I think it preakness. Did you not know the particularly. More of the smooth sailing sounds of yacht rock on students. Dakota sport when you. Isn't this what makes you think of a lonely guys after the car. Different I'm for good the defense and if the guys masturbating and on the island gets votes that crying. It. Don't as we're supposed to do about it we read the number two. 100 jam. He's got a break out of your car around a campfire you wanna be the best. Tuesday Pablo cruise old Hubble crew I don't know Pablo secret I'm in with a name like conflict we recruit you only have a few options and one of them has. It is that he took advantage and jealous window says he did it. We made it to number one arm and more of these smooth sailing down the beyond rock on thin. Well. I. Yeah. I heard the thinnest or anything. Hello. Their look today. Is there an end it is core cities. Blitzer with a bases there and you know we went through my entire Holland knows catalog for the right song for it and there is wrong zones there really isn't what we saw this morning because of its. Some moves us. Well I mean just the texture of life like so keep you we got you wrong it's terrorism and I don't sounds Philadelphia. Bag or I guess the way a person is still to come the return of ask a black man also we will drink and tells coming up with a shot of the day you're listening to the men's or radio network. A big joke you don't have entered the men's room dinner at a what are profiled as John and up also we'll drink it tells with a show they've the first. It's time for ask a blast. Even believe these are for you. We don't know all the pillows I made 47 year old big corn fed white point. I recently discovered the joy and comfort a building that is linen pants and a voice in the mourned by big Jamaican Brothers and the guy the used to pitch 7UP. I don't wanna check with thrill. And make sure I'm not crossing any loan or committing any fashion Pope laws thanks guys that from Daniel Daniel you know live of pants can be a slippery slope based on description to give of yourself as a big giant corn Pat White guy it just don't know. How the linen pants look so. The Brothers that I've seen in my campaign I wanna be very clear I own one Letterman opponents in the reason woodland plans is because I was in Florida. In it is so god damn hot and humid in Florida now twelve guys Iraq human I mean honestly everybody bears were went but that. You know hey man notably gonna do it but. In the hands and big corn fed white guys rarely rarely go to get right back to prepare for it benefited I disagree. Ice to where I live in my biggest man living in is the better I think in almost flinch. You know what they're from dead there you go right then you're not cross and if there's no cultural appropriation go on where you have been broad and it. All right says the thrill. Hey man all of you guys I enjoyed listening especially when you talk about space and science. But I question this have you seen the video of lightning striking the river. The lightning comes in sideways strikes a river and in this like explosion travels up the river shooting water in the air in the rivers seems to continue to boil. What does that calls from and what gives this lightning strike he sideways shot thanks man that from Doug. That's all the video yesterday we were upset and a probable monopoly we were we were blown away at the I don't know what you're goal of lightning strike river it's insane all you need to understand about why the revolver boy it was this lightning itself. Is a little bit warmer than the surface of the sun so picture of the surface of Islam. Put it in water. That's one more boy like me you've got dame doubles cause like a land slip tsunami where little late and he's placed like the water and in this kind of tsunami formed just from the explosion if that videos real. Underneath it regressive I mean it was not that great in the Cayman Islands without Cayman. Let me rarely does go straight top of the after and we also had a guy who called today who actually got hit by lightning and no longer has kidneys because that is in awestruck by and I well Richard you're kidding I I got the indirect residuals. 83 that it had been hit by lightning so I was underneath that dream job putting get a direct hit does that really tell you to stay on my account that. I got enough to put Russia stands out there and aperture are at the other day our question precedents are more as the black man issued as an email to the men's room Edmonds or my back I never read to bring attack. So bloody okay. They're deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It's just the way news. Toast harsh. Straight Saturday that as usual way ahead does a great debt stands Stephen throw vilified on nortel's yes indeed today we told mr. David Jensen of insurer California now. Dave was arrested for burglarizing home. There were no witnesses he probably would have gone way. There were no real suspects have simply that the homeowner called and said someone broke into our house naturally the police showed up to their investigation and bad as homeowners pay. Is that your poop in the toy. Allman says it's now mine because David Jensen had approved while he was there David Jensen did not flush the toilet sort of the cubs do. Begrudgingly. I got a hold some of the poop. For DNA as it turns out our boy David Johnson was in the national systems so they matched his DNA to the national database. They tracked him down and he has been arrested. For burglary at all because he did not flush his hoop when he broke into. And don't hoop and house are gonna break in at one if you do can influence why would you not flustered turtle I just can't imagine I'm thinking like lies on broke into the first time off and that's why despite breaking. The White House I'm rifling through everything is past decade that India and I'm trying to finally I can find now. I don't know with the homeowners coming home I don't know when they are returning. But I surely don't think that I can take it very relaxing dump in someone else's home then leave it just doesn't seem like a time basis I would have that kind of time I'd be more interested in getting. In as quickly as I could and Alice Quigley is a good not relaxing like I normally do a good number two. I think that he used to own it on purpose. But at U here's my proof bright light that's not calling card only in my robbing you and also while leaving that dot. Right the brown bomber yeah and it probably was like I'm really sticking it to them and it's like you know in the end it and that's what got you and me in the head yeah I Diego. And if I do that with light emerged while she would break into a home in purposely lake just human nature if. Watch. And Muster myself right lakes and then later found guys on yes you're right you go to the map there's not a match in the way they got of that subject. Don't. I was very report the food that we drink this booze because we've they get yelling out banks over the tong and down the throat to party in aren't Tommy's. Dow now our job my job. It's gonna get death and on the line for profiled a stellar nine right now 844999. Although that's 844999. A lot of shenanigans continue on the men's round radio network.