06-12-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Draws A Blank

Tuesday, June 12th

Mens Room Question: Good or Bad, when I hear the name or word ____ I think of _____


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This is the men's room. We bush would be a tough last name it has somebody wanted to Nome now. Think its allies di donate now we've got few. Stations figured as a below 33 before rocket Fort Wayne, Indiana our listeners there are 105 point three the Darren lovely Blacksburg Virginia. Home of the Virginia Tech Hokies. And rock 103 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. That would be the Fort Bragg a location so here's a gap worries they were talking about names summons him languishing that are mad when I hear the name or word blank. I think a blank we've got rank guest of the drug HR ultimate decisions and to invest bands named F. Her food of all types. Times through more comments coming answers my brother in law's name is Aaron he's kind of a deep. My mama schools are give her name was Rosie bites. Guy I knew I was less than it was best he named his daughter Polly Esther Polly Esther Polly Esther poly is not a good name. They appeared chickens cooler than if you're if you're debt that mouse ears thing would make and if you're a dude in you go by Paul I'd just assume you're connected. Does something I'm probably interest them want to know little about like that hey man I want to score some PCP. You know a man if you talk to Pauly like that Albert does go to I dozens names partly if I want it's a dude they're a little harder for me inhabited dude in her name is park and they appear on the level but refining stolen car parts LaMont and a good Eddie I'm just right I'm just gonna call them Paul Lee might Polly. To near like different they're different. But I can say and GAAP Paulie does illegal stuff and cabs among many and Eddie yeah. But it is much different than Betty. Death as a responsible member of society Eddie is not Edwards born yes yes I accommodate any. She's good or bad when I hear the name more or blank I think of blank gave 44999. Nolan and he introduces himself is that Bennett. Those that should you join a competitive program I could like advance payments and eight feet. Hello Tommy welcome to the men's room. Well let us stop. So. My side and and then there's been men and when he was conceived. My brother Benjamin. Who it is not my brother or my mom's house. And that you left for wired and I mean next misses we went back over there and got frisky and doubts that we didn't intend. Can name him after my brother. It just happened. What what did you forget that your brother to name I mean. How do you not realize that you're naming some but how do you forget the two Brothers named the same name that you can name your kid. It just happened we we it was an agreement. Well like you don't name the kid Christian. You know like we went we went to the baby name Israel and and it and it just happened it it worked I was like all right Benjamin that. I can't hurt because your brother's name I soon get the same last name like wow that is a real ring to wouldn't welcome Tommy you if you realize like even with your name you do how old you. I'm certainly on my birthday would I have a vertebra. And it MS and doc I'm just did this and the entire list of fifty disappearing names that that just as far as registry of how many babies were born last year where that name right believe it or not Tommy is not that I mean it does that include Thomas and Tom were all done so you know Bob I mean you'd be surprised the basic names are just going away what we see this with a trend as far as sad if anybody if anybody if anybody can really get a grasp on this if it more so than anyone else it's teachers. But I don't he's been there for 20/20 five years or even ten years you'll notice the trends there's Elmore rip these men if we get an Austin who calls here the kid is nineteen year old Dell I'm also Colton pilot hunter right there all of that window if we get a Britney we know that they're mean with the Madison's of the world and all those different names are there some guys Matty and rob back around the stub my nieces Matalin because I'm an environmental record by masked wearing empty land there really a moment and that's a big snapshot of like a five year window where a lot of those names like I know roughly when you were born but. Again I'm sorry ma'am. You come up with an agreement with the name your kid and for the landmark how long did you know she was right. The movement we've found out. I think yours which I may he's three weeks and. Okay and how long had you guys agreed on the main that you're gonna menu song. Are. Another I don't know durable way so that it's. Leaves like seven and a half months and you just never thought about your brother having the same thing. I what I wonder why don't I don't it's. Here's how our guys and. Yeah I'm safer. For seven and I have mode that never purging that that's also your brother's name. Oh he's not allied blood brother so we just call each other Brothers. And how one of those things you like yeah I yeah I didn't do it finally clicked we counted back. And it is like old beat did that on this stage and Benjamin is also my brother's name. I asked if that's O Benjamin think that you named your son after him. Only one saint so. Now does Leland and then on it yet and many of the users and Rush Limbaugh is. Now he's only two years old no not okay all your brother tomorrow there won't. O all or no ice yeah I know he's oblivious he'd be he just kind of goes through it I'd I'd I'm pretty sure. It's a little weird but he's just kind of. We can't we I would just brag but my name so good my brother used it. I thought I would say do there no problem isn't that your son grows up late day as you name me after after school and remember no actually I didn't now are you love are you still with your what with that with his mom. No and on up okay see if you had if you had the foresight you name them like every other week and he breast. Some. I I would inane and anything else but it raises on the enemy so every time I look at my non. It's like caved there and you know his bench man and then in like an old quick like two seconds later. Oh my brother triggered namely I would hate that name do you all Simonyi. Right either run well tomorrow how I didn't I didn't hypocritical. Why do Naimi alimony dad. If I ever imagine that is why do you go by Tommy as opposed to Thomas Thomas I didn't drop the mind this is to reduced to a tight by a largest and I thought. No no I've actually I've been slowed flopping I don't know why thomas' spell or that she put an age. Saw him thumb and and his friends call him a black man has got to where my time my name. It army just stick it I think it's it's more. She knew I guess more at least. 31 year old man god damn I look it's not Cuban camera the party. Who here has illegal drugs miles mostly well there's Tom and mark and bug Tom Tom's probably companies is here and have a good time. Well there's Tommy I'm hi Melanie trooper named Tom that's and as I Anderson yeah he is there to drink beer and he'll ignore what I'm doing but I'm looking Obama my question does the same style but if you go by Tommy. Trust me man not only am I gonna roll up and ask you for the illegal drugs are gonna be like that weird fish tank Zelda shark and every lead and you've got drugs and. Let a white person that they only see how this for you I don't think Tommy has struck Khatami has like. He's got that tax and Tommy is the guy that you want coming to the party to come in there and we are both yet again. Monikers like you know Bobby can be the same way Bob is gonna be more likely with that if a white person short username is just a difference. There are a different person there the more serious person or somebody you. Like in the black community you you get more of the full names so united auto Robert B James or you'll be your enemy like whatever it is or you're being multi guys don't understand 10 I think Jordan are traditional but in the black community works like this meant what your mother named dude is what you have can be called an even if you'd disagreement that. Your grandparent to reinforce let my brother flip from his first name to his middle name. Gives us first name of the girl and it assists and social government. But either way and dropped it yeah Australia and his first name right it's it's marry a millionaire but the position. So he dropped the my first name when he was like twelve years old we moved to a different city so we start fresh in everyone's start calling him. By the Newton by the middlemen and never Tommy went to visit you don't want my grandparents on either side of the family when he would even. Say oh hey I'm going by this now has satellite. The response from them it was swift it is merciless and I. Tomorrow and I guess I wanted to call you aren't gonna run and ended tomorrow we did. And that's how would stayed in ramadi and angry as is how they talk credit though he understood like look man we go to visit grandparents soul like in the black community. Being disrespectful. To go by name of the man which among named duke and less. You go back move deep threat peanut. Golf all at 100 ball today Levy might say I could argue that remove key. I don't think he's got to be black or there's no way you got guys quite looking bright he goes well I think I think from Boston or whatever now you look like a white milky. Isn't my name is smokey like them to keep from. He do the right thing looking Blalock. That was not the enemy ever you are gonna rattle you go red day and move people lie I mean why is this why it moves you that's like big foot among when I and it doesn't exist we double or white Tunisia today man I think it's yeah there's no light move key here is that I have more faith in a white Tunisia then I will keep yeah. But I will say one thing to the meteorological. Society man in all and an ounce or receive hurricanes picking up strength and all of us. And a lot people don't evacuate and I feel like I'm some level it's just subliminal. So you say here comes Harvey well I'm an Harvey Weinstein most people don't feel threatened. By something name Harvey near to category five had a good year for harness race and an army of bad connotation right. And it doesn't damage and a lot of people didn't evacuate until a new just based on how this country is if you give it a black name. People reach their numbers. If you say it did this goes on to category four and let them we're gonna switch to black man to do it hurricane mu he's gone they're like 98%. Of the population would graduate because. What you said was chairman hurricane Harvey. Katrina billboard names as you're in retrospect lynch and drew right. Floyd all the about no scared it guy named Floyd but the news that hurricane D'Brickashaw stomach. Again 90% of the city they're gonna get a guy who's black leggings Mandela for those communities so yeah I think really blow angry white feel the exact count on him okay they'd be happy that other as a parent and you know they can impair our aerial display would happen to have slipped. May move came through you know and moved to do you do that a man away it's gonna I'm telling you I think there's some gratuitous if it hits category for you really his people to evacuate if it's gonna make landfall on or civilization want to make landfall palace name meant rack switch to I think the real scary black people including durable and it. Mu he's coming back it'll be a dad or you won just you have to know where the hurricanes gonna hit and then you can name is gonna get is surveyed. May be done work racked ranked Florida it'll work. Louisiana. Okay. Yeah evil everywhere man throws me an opulent considered part of our own. Okay now working there that I'm working on as far as always in entertaining in the white community. Is the girl given the guy's name. But with an high sustainable why me Tony and we Bobby always hot. Always a lot of fun oh yeah always somebody do you really really really like to hook up with you know I mean that I never got there you want your daughter to be if you ready I just remember that I just remember all of the girls who guy names that I knew with the hot I would leave no heart or circle at the end of in my class. Oh my god they're a little bit miles nova roll groups. Go to bed at night here the neighbor award blank I think a black paid four point 99 I don't Laboy calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. It's hard drives apple and assistance bandied ten best fans named after food of all times that is coming up Wednesday. We have a men's or blank question for you good or bad when I hear the name for the board blank I think a blank 844999. Cola. Our order of things are saying this for a took a break was the name smokey so most of sings a white will keep in the final white person's name Okie I. Let me just comment my son's best friend has the name of monkeys and he's white as a color current hobby damn monkey. Why you know milky white smoky OK so the movie done it. In the world he sounds like an endangered speed and then they'll lose the weight Snooki does like a rapper one YE kooky left on the market like fifty cent new jammed feature war admiral who. Oh yeah. It's still generating positive. Yeah everything is possible and don't worry we're gonna talk a lot of them can later blow Moody's ticketed hello Guinevere welcome to the men's room. I thought our unusual name mean. It is a very unusual name that I get so many like preconceived. You are named after this you're name that Turkey our parent and I can roundtable of Camelot now is Ernie who have clearly and I. And immigrant what they've got dirt. And after I hit they'll Nash young. I'll I've heard the saw it there are. What does the song about tell me it's about 100 something thousand. About the girl who'd. Try to figure out that our current G at all. The idea on that play huge odds tend to Graham's follow wearing a New Haven golden hair and. Reunify where you have been find out that you were named after that particular group. And it's. ID. You know I I never liked me when I was younger. I would probably go I quit my and it will end don't call me when Eric. I got older I I appreciate. Our wholesalers that years ago one of the normal beautiful women stunning than I'd see in Ramallah she went by Gwen and her name was going to be your cereal like five years later she got married almost. And at that point you're going by Guinevere and somehow she just looked better. I don't lovers will likely to earn that maybe in an entity can't be ugly be named Guinevere yeah are you are you know attractive. Okay. You act and a lot I easier it's singles to say that's a contract. No it's actually not true that's not truly do. I am I am eat a girl. Here. The crew and I do it looked though until you're now we can see your boots. Yeah I'm a bit tight tight out there and I actually got it yet they aren't. Well it wouldn't I was an art and ordinary. I shouldered it. Okay but you're you don't actually OK look I get when if you wanna get an implant. They're gonna put something in your body that's never been there before it's gonna be different and all that they actually have to take out a part of your body so. I would have to assume the pain and all that the operation as excruciating as an. I actually thought recount that day. Guard and did you like we need. When they showed you like what you could do did you have like a model of like three or four different ways that you could take us there can they make it look like the blue Detroit and why did all right just a small. Assuming that picture there it out they did. But I wanna be. I know what they do with that business is that you later for like Dial Soap. Isn't usually Sunday night and Albert island victim or isn't just complete waste. I think we I'm completely it I'm not sure what I don't doubt are now how does he argue against your car is illegal in the arm of the do yet. Add it at a NASCAR. And I I don't we're eating it so that's okay. Or at Olympia and oh all right let me ask if you curvy one pieces are great how how does your just your overall health field now that you've got rid of all that excess weight and is your back better your shoulders better your costs other things. Right how much you know because tomorrow that week. At least punch my shoulders you know it looks smaller but now it tight end up straighter and it looked like oh god. Eighteen years does that add that that. You know how to write I. You can't do anything like. It did don't they like athletic facility here the move reduction I get the pain but like. Like my Hussein he big boom one here whatever name was this youth into athletics boys she became a gym teacher so. They they definitely are a hindrance when in your case late did you start doing things you hadn't done before. No I wouldn't say Omar that pretty little kid. You know like one after the other and you know baby words and hey Big. Apple. Look look look look you see that old woman right and and she's got booms that are on our lap. Yeah I grandmother and I know for a fact it's not a right here's the thing I don't like her boobs weren't like that her entire life like when juiced when you consider a lap and so on her boots. So my question do you is even though you had a reduction to your boobs continue to grow. I don't. I don't know Robin given the daily news I'm glad I didn't like like even if you've got a reduction right and a growing of their voices gravity pull downs aren't they they so you're totally right. I would think it was Hogan gravity like vision and a emulate he might have a key you know I even like the eye doctor guys keep getting worse right look at it ideally I am with. I would imagine so all but certain parts of me and lower and gotten bigger brands is gravity just GA as time goes on they are Buddhist pilgrimage route. You know bill tell goal yet those but not as a group at a certain point you know obviously is different for everybody is just. Genetics at some point but I. I don't you fight gravity did coaching gravity quite nervous I don't know attacks is it hypothetically monolith I asked me yet. I'm not a doctor but Dave I would say could get. Big again now she gains weight that you have guys I don't lose wade they go with that. OK okay and tell again imagine so you're you're an astronaut right. Yeah how low your boys on right now yeah they could theoretically just peace sideways. And say like yeah. Huckabee playing the condos at frank I think if you're insured bonds space station at. And girls wearing their pursuits and all this but I think. If you got completely naked and basically you're trading am very that is devoid load on Friday exactly yeah I if I'm a woman on the International Space Station one of the things I would hate the most is gravity doesn't want to calls audited are almost forced Wallace to. Just a natives that they can get in the way because third third the biggest load up in in block provision why don't think you're going to see how how tight quarters arm comes raced east lake it is a small small place but there and I've 600 people. Some appeal by astronauts and satellites you go day you don't wanna Wear the sports brawl whatever but like your boobs are just city spread from the view all day and let's elect a look at trade due to the gulf of exactly. No matter what I when I hear the name or blank I think the blanket 449990. Le hello Samson welcome to the men's room. Oh on top. All and let him stand there and and good enough shows to movies that came out. And the kids he hit it in a good glove and again left and right. It's in movies. Would lose either dumb and dumber. Says that day and then move beyond the end there when they're trying to find out who did grow didn't do well that the briefcase yeah. Yeah well this scene what every in the briefcase he's like our. All of them in eight. So you do Samsonite against until they get a good early call now that I hated my life love jazz and then and then and have they come out. Yeah results okay yeah I had. Seth has the balls that I give that's good solid golf this attitude and I'll I did good and it's been it's been like that ever sent. You can't shorten Sampson neither candidate can be sound became a UB Sam Bowie sang them I'd be saying I like. You need it don't they call it down Blair pledged it less so like I face them sent to the guy's a Samuel or Sampson could be sent some analysts say are hello let's say I am not the chatter dad said. Look at you shouldn't Thomas on. And Obama summoning Sampson over those ghosts I am. Senator well and then I'm Harry are you could have been Bible jokes about Sampson was in his area did you ever a long hair you balding man. That we're not you know mine every MI LE zero legalize little sense to legalize it's. Let that's my dad got my name from calculated gotten vital big strong cool name I guess. Liberal like Matthew Gabriel created advice I am sick of our maybe I don't know how are going to be there are a lot of miles of mega Myles standish my bystanders. Yeah scream and I go Miles Davis now they always would standish C morals while stayed disrupt. Explorer may be I don't know who that something was a monetary you know what a popular name miles the time I again and I are referred to that yesterday we talked again and Franklin was states that and again I hear the name frank when I think of the peanut iPod gimmick and a an unspoken Arafat sold brought. The other thing. From the peanuts Thanksgiving is that whiners when he's going on I believe it's a Thanksgiving. He brings a Myles standish and sadly we knew say the name Myles standish the only thing I picture his Breslin and going on what I that it takes me back to Franklin and it's stupid. And I'm sure miles standards did something that we should all know about historically played on a problem that I did before him he just took credit address that or rescind a while ago it's hard to like a Lucy without thinking like just a mean little girl that messes with Charlie Brown knows a thing of all that name took a walk blues and he is a dog name and there's like okay listen man. The main so I used to think to be fair come full circle and so Lucy right it was always peanuts Lucy suitors to your your medium he knew the girl ran. And then as I got older and learn about not on the first slide human style moans are thought of Lou see these little. The rejuvenate you know it's like rhetoric he told us. Well the thing is Lucy has come back in the fashion in Lucy hit right around the same time I had my daughter so in my kids her first request. There are. Two or three Lucy's I wanna say in and the thing is all these little girls are sold sweet it almost rules of formulate. Like she is a very good friend Lucy and the slew she's so kind as she so respects foremost looking men like. I don't buy it because Lucy's on you know either you're a little monkey girl or you're really really me but that's how he's gonna change the foursome now when I hear the name Lucy. After your very sweet little girl I don't family member. OK. The name Daley for for a female our dealers and all well record three islands only visit daughter person yet I'm going dog. The only person it is a person yet I guess what I citizen is that name brought was brought out like. They gave the kid a dog yeah I miss the document is that a dog named Richard on oh yeah but I. I kind of know a few numbing daily so this picture and turn. Yeah I still don't yeah I mean it is like I think got no more dailies that are dogs as wildly in back to Lucy I'm not know a lot of Lucy dogs I was a huge momentum out like man I do my same Bailey that's our thing in golf that I probably met ten illegal Lucy's sunlight for some reason Lucy goes well why do The Beatles and college says that really would be good or bad what I hear the name award blank I think a blank when I hear the term Beagle I think of misery. Hello Ben know welcome to the men's room. I edit in order. All our Charl my brother I've always been common put teaches your tips are so our. My last name is Parker Momo. So I don't of course will always a Spiderman and I've achieved so we've got to act and we were like well. That if he ever had a caddie though the boy he had remained unclear. It is why is the lightest. She got sued and then all I can get prolonged time. And we actually had to convince her that it is Stanley ideology like. The unit was passed down from the family somewhere on the line should borrow it. Agreed and even beer factory was born and you know everything was a special. We actually toward that it was just a ruse to get it'd do the names as she. Tyrant and such a little bit so that now. There is are you a little bit she hates your guts but that said his own goal was bend right. Yeah I was good manners or. I'm assuming it was a Parker is well right yeah yeah our security happens Spiderman game. And. Right and that. And how you should actually loved Spider-Man don't you think that you gonna be Spiderman which is the whole point of. Yeah but I want Jewish numbers on you guys play this little prank and your brother's wife and that is funny and I admire you for that. I wanted to keep one thing in my lower if the movies are to be believed I had this kid is an adult to be Spiderman but he's waiting for you to be murdered first. All he knows I don't go back and his uncle Benton needs to be murdered by someone and then the bill becomes about a man. We can but you're not on the spirit I love the way about him ma am. We delayed able to spider bite thing is go out regular oh my god over another guy I got a bad their breaks and that rice output. There are no Darrell Wright it definitely gotten used to go bad and other many rich delicious rice one of the worst fans and and I'm truly believe this man if your black guy in her name is Tom. Go by Thomas go by Tommy now so I knew a guy named Tom we later became friends we did not start that way that's a different story. But he had a sister and sure enough and won't we were eighteen each other black or I mean we couldn't be in the same room Hillary does get to fisticuffs it's. I'm what do what we were mortal enemies for awhile and camera found on his sister and had a baby and as soon as Osama ol' uncle Tom Knoll. And it didn't matter what these are my number on your local time and if you're black this will make you lingered so adjoining here trust me he'd beat my ass when he times. Yours uncle Tom to me. They did hit OK paparazzi just said all the food and it'll it'll when I first met him under the eye for years pretty similar first met them before he'd become an uncle literally become an uncle. I haven't thought like your parents named Vuitton like man don't. Don't do it and why would you name your kid amount especially if they have a sibling. And they did any became uncle Tom and as far as I'm Carl. He's still uncle Tom but I worked rent I worked with when I was in jail one of the dudes on the crew black dude and he always taught by Tom yeah go by Thomas and down at some point he may be short lived Tom. First day of school came homes of mom I'm Womack to Thomas. That is that's a horror wandered. Hello Jonathan and welcome to the men's room. And yeah. I felt like an agenda and that's just relieved and IE competitive I draw and it's an Olympic gold camp then in Panama and the grandparent. Or somebody who really look at that. Don't you call until might that your name was Jonathan. Yeah. But that's not the name you prefer. Yeah and I'm getting to a a. Okay do you call over the name that you don't like to dollars in revenue gone down the drama temperature had us introduce she was Jonathan. Because it might doesn't know because that hey ma'am name's John and then I was sitting down about a felt better about greeting you as a page I'm a fan and the first thing you like I. I like being called Donovan. If you're not my grandparents are the most angry or mantra I thought you might just playing a joke but you know this guy doesn't god Jonathan's like all among whatever I don't know what that test might be coming into championship. No worries my enemy is your name is are you wanna be greeted you know it's a weird thing. People always ask and I I don't care. Joining me Steve's statements do not care how do I care and other matters we'll know what I get fired up some people call me Theodore and I think that's not minding your kid is like no Teddy short of the nickname but it's not for Theodore I was like you'll people correct view about troops about you and yeah. And your names that you say that's not my name of people say yea it is. The one person I always trust no name is the person whose management is the other one generally and the arsenal are the big hope all you know so I'm 64. Now you're not system by the way I'm 64 I know this because I mean you know I need you take a specialist with the up he. Now I have a cousin Lanny my cousin Lenny six time you know salty and ultimately doomed. I'm telling me even you're on the budget doesn't like you you're not remembering her but like I know how to homeland why would you ask me in the disagree looking cousin Lenny gets. All do anything Momo lending needs many many silica. Good or bad but I hear the name or blank I think a blanket for far. 9990 LaMarr your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network speeds. My. Why there are bad when I hear the name our work blank I think a blank with a high school and you don't. And not to brand new beautiful high school and they are going to be V Phoenix or Phoenix is that he tried to paralyze it worked. Ultimately no there is no such corals nation dead at Phoenix's said that doesn't exist it's actually. Pronounced. Penises. So they tried to start cheering if they were cheering for the penises yellow thing instead. That did not work out too well so they have a trying to figure out they can do that so I think we have a story in North Carolina. About the SP CA saying that they are not going to. Labeled the dogs by breed anymore Figo website or whatever because they don't wanna discriminate against dogs in your perceived to. The notion of whatever that breed do what it does which is what every normally does typically scheduled to brief does that mean. Dubai the Dubai dog that needs to be run a lot if you died on the would you want it all goes down thing right kind of know. Of the dog eat look to look at all until the product of eugenics that we bred them to be a specific way so. Telling debris like if you say pit bull I understand people get all sent rabbit out of it these you don't need to adopt dogs would be able to get it it's like the brain gives you a general indication not to the temperament Bullock you say that you've read Eagles. What do they all have in common besides destroy your home when their noses to the ground they never seen anything in their life other than two inches directly in front of them and down. You would want to know that kind of thing of this differ with my mutt dog or it's like look man units are shepherding mentality so certain traits that it's not a bad loan but generally doll she's gonna around the mop she needs organization but it's. It's it's it's truly a treat of her breathe if you need a dog that you feel can maybe protect you in the event that something would got a hug yeah he Hamas as the breed will dictate what would what is probably a better dog for dedication. I don't you have young children or whatever the deal is there's always all kinds of different things do you have other pets in the house yet Michael is a little brain itself is to create Smart or did you just get cute dog trying to duck run it exactly map. Yet but I don't want you to know that stuff now they wanted it. The individual thought and guess what people still make friends from the individual dog the breed goes a long wait what you're bringing her home. Yeah and I've I've I've been tired of all of of animal names for so long that I promised myself that whack when I had cats in my own dogs my little whatever. The dinner promise you subtract Katzmaier and their Baidu and I'm gonna no don't say and then back in the day you thought only about dogs and then again 00 man I've always been a kick out I paid for a minute battle a southern ill loved dogs but. Katz eleven always had a cat. Well they can't see you know I think this is mind. Six this Katz times so I mean more than dogs and I'd like oh well those dogs are bagels or just give Diane. Yeah probably had a listen to and three Eagles. You have three that I can think of three now let's I'm dumb them manners and you've got to be looking when I hear Beagle I cringe in not only that you do you hate what when I see people that have the Eagles I wanna go up two among go. Hey bro. I'm sorry I am sorry I know that's a great dog and it's Loy ill it but man. Those dogs are insane the payment yeah not only them saying they are incredibly intelligent so that they can basically do whatever they now makes them difficult I mean it's it's it's tough and if you don't know that I mean there's a reason that. The B Eagles go to. The a lot of belong to units tested on record a lot of people can handle them turned to better me than anyone they were are not going to get re adopted so a lot of universities and scientific reasoning guesswork. Because they understand the Brees sure there are three types of people people who don't really care about dogs have much and you don't think Beatles are cute and people that have owned the question yeah exactly illegal RT or like like my brother and one close enough for honey had a ten and 3030 airship a number on underneath her mom not to like like 675 like it or use a. Lab band I mean that's I'm I'm gonna matter when I hear the name more word blank I think the blanket 44999. Cola hello ahead of me welcome to the men's room. Yeah I have all the job is gonna guess you're going what your own name. Yes sir sent back sleeping dog named after an engine. Knock them actually hit promoting name from the deal let me Jake. Mean James. Yeah so good though let me write more year it doesn't mean some of guided does not mean for a lightning it means James. Now I mean games where captain James Coco. This government you into the English here that's what they named mark and I mean to cut back then. So thank god what I alerted cool thing. That's kind of cool he's our Captain Cook and I'm bands are you what did you did you grow up in New Zealand. I did not I grew up here in this state my dad as from New Zealand to. Obamacare got all a unity your parents are banned there are. You have had you have a dodge and I got out questioned while. Did you ever write Dodd and other emissions are gone of the Jimmy engine. I had to bet they did some I'd get loyalties there are actors it happens all the more every comment you are built in people if you don't get her scores are up. Why don't you tell them like your grandfather or great grandfather came off the concept of any engine and it's a family thing. You know how old you lump ought to be you don't free drinks you'll get. The fact that there. Well the idea that it's lost every time. You don't gonna have been some human and you're gonna lie about it you're gonna say. Yeah AEA has a family thing I'm named after the dodge engines don't listen that's crazy my father's from New Zealand I don't know if you knew this and also means James I'd I'd prefer the cars have people lately losing to be more entertaining and really get a commercials like what car or Dubai for the only 2018. Dodge Gary. When buys that's a minivan. Gary Gary is amended and Gary's story yes. I don't mind that Gary. I by the Tammy be a small pickup truck but durable good contender at apple with Ali and all iced tea and all they've been Bigelow did all alone no matter gonna ballot I hear the name or blank I'll always thing a black. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.