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Monday, June 11th

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This is the men's room. High profile business coming up color 9844999. A little play profile that's coming up in minutes. Everyday guy and an hour from now personally checked into my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right it's. 44 year old woman who robbed a bank in Florida earlier this month and got caught after employees realized that she was a teller and one of the things other branches nearby. Which she wrote the safe element of the same bank but in different yet she's at a port if you are later and got arrested. Come on she's still show up for work. Al I'm gonna gets a broad figured she knew the ins and outs of how bad bank operates or aren't sushi should've known that she would be cough that's good conclusion I come to. So I guess coming in here playing whatever we will. Exactly okay. God damn robbed her very haven't even insider trading as socially he's inside jobs ever worked out. No that's always an inside job man like the wife disappears if you talk to you talk to them of them you know there's always someone you know I would get a lot of possible way half the time people come and try to Robin ago is that. You Georgian are like sure bubonic I think that the amount of money you made is when I get suspicious of an inside. And rob thank you rule out of their reported 500 dollars madness I doubt that Paula dual bank roll out of their way to 800000 dollars in late in the working with someone. Think half. Come Amish look you go into the tellers she truly feels bad she's under underestimate you might do some disturbance. I don't care if it's in short it's no skin off Burnett who lives wanna get shot and I ranked but it's something they can and you quickly. You walk you orbital thank you want 800000 dollars. They don't just have bad sitting in the lead takes a much longer amount of time for them to get their casually that tells me someone inside his working with it. Because bank robbers don't like hanging out that's not the movies or wanna get any get the hell out there but yet it's not this big elaborate plan whereas rest six different people they go and don't have scheme as an automatic weapons and all the rest of us stuff but he shut it down and capture governor of the 24 hour negotiation you statements like gum and he did give me 2500 dollars and out of your head that. Writing thirty hit what I knew a guy he was I didn't know him well but he had done time for the presence for robbing banks. That was his whole thing you just kind of rain and strong hold on yeah what he'd get that he had to be in and out very quickly didn't scare didn't want to leave. I know I a very good friend of mine who as a business and the feds were just taking him to task. Basically based on taxes because he was doing a lot of work overseas than my best selling a lot of things overseas. So he got tired of them absolutely killing him so it's like you know what on the arriving blind and he went down with a grand Cayman in the open of the business and that's where his businesses out of his most of the stuff is distributed around the world. So like you know what I'm gonna rob you of all those thousands of dollars that I normally give you can and do a completely linked. So Doug you can rob people a lot of different ways. That it really came of our would wanna. Let's see here at 31 year old man in China recently had emergency surgery after he shoved oh lord after he shoved a small padlock. Of his Yury threat. Okay. And an end up in his bladder and tomorrow have lost it had like ninety it doesn't matter of small padlock the original padlock and all that my you reaper is worried goes now. Can relate to reach for Franklin and literal RE SPE CT I mean the only thing that I can think of beds this smallest is a little ones at a concert gazans right. Let's not fit in my opinion is no and want yours could imagine trying to turn those numbers in your force can. Wow. So when and I'm 36. Agassi god team gets a little into and out there god damn thief YNL I mean. He's an idiot Mike what other possible really kind of pleasure do you get from stretching your your brief trip. But our our US actress Farrah the show hosts showed. I have not dried so I don't know maybe also it's cool the flashlight if you stretch this well off and like put your I find your mouth and attend you know I'll and it's not. You stretch out that way the original flash area you had your own. And as I did these fingers got a cast that are if you want to a foot and padlock. Hey now we'll all those things are good. Those things are open wheel padlock thing if jobs deficit and beat the San respect I've got bad news on luck bachelorette. That's gonna birth control. We'll talk about. Yeah ruin your team that is fantastic birth control when it doesn't work here say. We cover this earlier today the proven alien planet Washington State is in trouble after they use the plane's jet to draw I dined fallows in the sky. And protein and a half I love that. And it's hilarious and I solera elements that I missed it but I'm afraid that let them live this it's a very fair it has a very yeah that's good to me as. I'm great this show that's yeah. I mean that's the ultimate hope. Is there some way there was two guys who could we just wait. Looking at the clouds like I swear Mandela looks like he's always been clear evidence as it does and it and if you do wouldn't. You got on your mind all the time he would go with that you look at it this way is like a horse's face the. Is that speaker or paleness. I really does depend underrated turn majors that I was glad that nobody would use the but the beauty of it though no complaints. It was war. No complaints no one formally complained to him and that's Nolan was man. If normally the politically you have to deal with someone is if you offend someone you make them angry at its peak that we quit trying to get ahead of people defense. They know a little bit. Could. Someone's kid destroyed thirteen hundred dollars worth of makeup and it's a four story George earlier this month. And the photo went viral over the weekend and to be honest in those high class mega stars I don't imagine that that's very hard destroyed thirty minute over the stuff Dave Wright hit two things tonight. I have a read last week they have an app. That if you take a picture of a girl Assurant president nor any FEMA direct tie we'll show you what she looks like without make it. Because there aren't looked like I did I think I thought to myself holy hell there's that much make up you can tell us some looks like an Ernie that. That is something let me make it clear hello I know up some area if you were unrecognizable writing all my gum and you summer on the Jersey Shore. He wasn't that the original want to see them without my you don't have the tacos and it doesn't fifteen years ago I went there and it was waking up. If those girls looked different in the morning you literary girl looked a lot different after yet or make a plot not not necessarily a bad thing but it's like whoa I didn't realize. All the stuff was was covered by my advice would be gold for the ones that don't meet. Yeah. Yeah. Cheaper than I am with you put it like every Hamas and on this planet but a lot of dudes who like I can't tell. If somebody's wearing that much foundation now. Can you hear what room you're probably wearing make up no one should be able to really test it shouldn't be that in your face and it's supposed to be an act. Accent is that supposed to be a massive room mother told me that another kid if you don't ever lose woman walked by as gaudy as well mama there goes you know. The wanna make him not to let people know you work and to that point lead kids she's like just wears it so maybe she know. He had done on your relaxes you with a around the field and we're sorry to me inner and our leaders have even done. At 39 year old man wearing high heels and no fans poured into someone's out of New Jersey earlier this month and announced. I'm here. Some guys think all this. I feel for the open I feel look I don't know there's probably nobody still angry like Linda McMahon. Didn't someone else who's got the mouth of the nonsense. Says somebody dropped the magnolia the body shop and of twilight hair job. Damn he was on would you thought he was on the aircraft and an MS Owens and he's very happy to see you wouldn't understand and it was a C youth with a piece. And violently got to Georgia what we get this reporter's reaction. I'll tell you what levels of black and when I'm now. They oh my god we got your headlines given a one hour from now. Earthly idea alone. Many newsroom presents. Steve thrown under the police everyone how profile this is playing I sure can miles it's a simple game where we share with you real live news story. Something that happened right here. I'm blender or. Or and I do listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew a people. And the decisions that people make less human and as you think makes the story a story. Hello Riley and welcome to the men's world. Tournaments all men bond on all the men's you know why go there live Riley and an authority figure Ryland homes until we have time on my accruals for my little tense men's own that's what happened Ryland your name screwed over everything in my little lady needed to forget. Brian Williams channel games played. And I did you look fantastic. Here and I am very committed meanwhile of those mantown. I see all right I have got involved Google thinking man speaking. To an average you're stupid name. I Reiman near historic. It's one year old guy. He was just released from jail in Phoenix earlier this month. Beyond the wondering to a Union Pacific rail yard and then he decided to steal the train and mostly still trying he tried to steal the entire year. Train knew how to do they engineer's seat and he started pushing buttons bowling level keep in mind you dozen non operated trains he just figured that he will figured out. Unfortunately as he's messing with all these different levers and buttons he happened honk the train horn I don't know if you heard one of those recently but the pretty goddamn while. But it as a result doing that the real engineers from the row yard. They notice of and I called the cops now apparently from the sky was only one pedal away from me drywall for the train at. But the cops got there and stop and he was arrested for burglary and effective means of transportation. Do you believe that this non brain genius is black lights makes you or Asian. Who watched his diet do it in Teaneck hit that. Branson. I want it they make the use shoot. That is what I am today. I'm Brigham hobo sheriff Joseph. No Afro unseemly about her moment to simply isn't the whole gimmick on those favorite play prisons just to keep as many people in their as it possibly can also variants for profit yeah and it just seems to me that that. That seems to be the way that things lean Arizona. Oh absolutely so there doesn't seem quite still a train. No it doesn't have anything to do the crime the tag have been walking through the yard mean it would matter if you like yes he did get up there almost to the damn thing boyfriends don't drink today almost actually give it to linger but either way. Now he's got to be match. I agree it. It's Arizona they don't throw anybody else injured there's nothing you can kind of walking on the street minding his own business like eat a hamburger remains in the disaster only jail. I think you're right it's just I don't know man what people love traits the cinema Christmas thank you museum and that's why what I would like cop was so pissed off about. I was a kid me and we had to deal ride little trains little parks. I don't want to heroes like one of those kids strains of the park. Then our I don't want to really don't know our elected he would like a fancy car when our landlord they served my parents are dominant now includes a new train at the mall and little creature moments of the white people there. Euros they go next and final answer. Do horrified did he was black white makes the or Asia next fat as a tease you are listening to the men's are ready on network. Smiles. On the faces Arizona and a guy just go to jail and then he decided that what they'll still trek. An entire trip and he was gone. Yeah that's an ad was completely when you don't know how to drive and try and Brian we ask you. Julie just as black and white makes your agent he said instantly makes you want to say may seek to stop with the Maxi and in the end. I. Now grown and even though data fabric TV time routine. Because you are centralized. Countless hours in front of a talking again in the mid. Presents. A lot of coaches and a lot of different sports have different ways of dealing with the media. They some guys only care for the nick Sabin any kind of comes off as like always holier than now. This imaginary cannon talks down to the reporters and stuff. Did Bill Belichick of course he's got famous from when he talks to reporters is going to be in. He's he's not as mean he's just very short tonight he's short he's dry here's my point don't ask me that. We played well they better have intelligent questions for him. Yeah but I I won't say that. I know I defend the reporters sometimes is it's like people want them to ask the simple question of course it right in like the coach is now. So generally I can I go back and forth depending on what coach but I like this one here is Steve Kerr okay. That's a sign the conference is gonna pass. I had moved into hey I didn't think about the property office. It's kind of a principle but let's let's face up though they did the very game very girl they know that if this button and get their facts. So Steve Kerr right Eads Eads 2017. He's who knows maybe this is trying to enacting a kind of talking parents. That quote from Obama if it check it out what's going on. So basically he just have to fund the reporters that I like he knows as soon as he asks or tells us on the they're gonna wanna tweed. Everybody ready to treat. Iguodala will start. And just let me know newsroom. The lab from but he didn't get that sound you hear is him clipping his nails done. Yeah I got a troublesome cubicle there and I. I hate so that I saw that one other but it's kind of funny sound we'll never agenda item but apparently Steve Kerr does this all the time. Once asked about staff Kirk. Logan. Forgery. This stuff will not play. It's. Sean we'll start. Slipping alternate. And I was just sit there with a Bruschi. Just like Internet. But at least certainly less than one tweet you can. I think you know the major fix a date you can see the article is a few more on the air. One point even breaks up a slinky but he's right near micro talk about the think. It's the truth if you are sports reporter Eric it's all Twitter Writely you got a tweet that out as soon as you cancel its lake. I had you sit there and and listen to the whole thing at Detroit and it Steve Kurt he's got a total loan not here to elect. I know you've got a tweet that out voice yeah I think these are well on the right thing latest. He's having fun with it but the idea what you can't not tweet stuff out America the report you can't be the one guy who didn't respond to whatever. Drag everyone who sends out their descent and you have to be a part of that she got money on somebody who cares. He sits at night. Do you know I glare of the deals like any like episode two it's out there and audio white blood there and and when did sports ready for awhile and it's stupid it justice and quiet it you. Obvious most basic juvenile information. For wouldn't even know the people they care were already know that's part of blue Obama might. If you care this much about a sports day you understand sort of implying he wants to game viewers an original what's wrong what right but some barrel. You still want these people as the same goddamn question that you already. Know the answer to. Our percent not all the time grossing 95%. Of the questions and there's an injury or something that's new. It's understood just Aspen and the fibers on the question jazz of sports reporter and a cargo aboard with the white. And the people who do in half about what we're asking about are you know the answer to the question. The such a waste of time. Big deal. But they still and I want you basket I don't know I know I'm with the F in my own director got sacked twelve times and was picked off fifty. Does he had a bad game thank you for asking and our people go and he certainly had a bag game I got the report aroused the obvious. Yeah and you write like outside of gambling it shouldn't matter that much but the truth is mimics its sometime Judas meet people you go to a different part of the country. I know for me when I travel for college football games. Think it blows me away like in Baton Rouge for instance the time I was down there for knowledge you gain. I knew the punter and he wasn't even the starter in people were like how do you know him. That's like he went to. The same high school I went to him like my dad coach him but it was just a guy he's your autograph so I think like you for gently there's people like they wanna know who's playing who's in who's out lake gamble regardless of camp you know people people other sports. Yeah they deal that's a great way to bring out people together you know not a great way to bring people together amounts. Food alcohol alcohol in iron near a deal and drive them apart it's amazing thing about alcohol you do both he didn't even do both in one night. If thousands spreads food is probably a better answer. I was trying to set up an alcohol thing inner circle. You've probably seen this ad if you have an intra Bud Light it's pretty funny. Do they did late in the early dealing. Yeah okay. They did say okay. So the whole thing it's like they're in mid evil tough payments people are common in with Bud Light begin a daily daily you come into play homemade need. Your disgrace to the crap they get into the dungeon and killed. Right so sometimes when I say what you hear here and I get messed up like Pelosi daily daily LC dearly dearly dearly dailies are going all round. Now it is making it to the NFL and Ben Roethlisberger. Yeah. Deliberately try to do what they did that's his cadence degrade a game. I believe his eyes were bigger Bono law. Yeah I think would talk about this before but I still swear. It's only been like the last five years that you could hear it that clearly. It's like I never really knows until we get till. Peyton Manning kept yelling Omaha over and over but I do right now you notice a lot more any announcers even pick up on it a good day I heard one that was like Michael Jordan or something. Now think what does that play at the Jordan play armored his duties from like old do well but do the dirty pretty. I was surprised they don't put those mikes on in the stadium a little bit too low level I know another as the buzz going on everything and unfortunately if you put a Mike down there at all amplify the sound of the the crowds he can't really do it. But to be cool if you're there are just got here the only it might dump way the calls are making on the Louisiana but I just think that time. From what I've heard some inside stories of the huddle. We're not the FCC now brown not most of it is and it's not so much we knew Colin played a garlic whatever the last play was you know America. You play for the patriots and you dropped a ball that Tom Brady threw right you send is renowned Tom Brady and you go to the hope. I am a permit no problem at the ball on the state and they knew called play like I think that's probably why they don't death and injuries and. For cam Newton's the same way that certain people were slightly yea you don't need to hear exactly what percent on. Only I can see it all the time when may have lose a microphone down after some scores a touchdown something right like. Really proud that serious verge of major Baghdad issued today Wednesday to registered committed to just release that yet the Marines now right the craziest one is when you win a championship. And they got the microphone right there by the guys on states like it that I did right they just won a championship. One epidemic there were the mother had to give it to the other learn something might be clear. Do all the hoopla all the drugs for Jewish group who will blow suits them insensitive remarks. You were Obama both were marred reform neutral world champion in the moment indebted your undergoes your stupor and how apologize on your behalf. Yeah I'm sorry but it seems fairly obvious that that's what's gonna happen. People are gonna curse it if you fired up onshore. You know I did try and counted not to get into this conversation it's kinda hard now so conversations you don't have to. If that's not helping is that serious harm to health Tammy. Cup previews to. By your normal repertoire. You bring the fun you know. But yet it's fun now did a serious yet whatever it took a we need to talk to his mother giving Gary Debra the point now he's gonna bring now is all serious. Thank Ken can you talk about social must. Oh no I'm not how I got that's okay I think. Oh yeah well and didn't slap joy throughout this American Idol hopeful there mega that are included the whose number is it today who's that didn't do who's the one today. It's every day every day you wake up neo who who did this now. All right so today's Charlie reps yep Charlie all that he's gone from CBS a tight job growth. Of course the very notion PBS and host Charlie Rocha for years he's been on TBS well its. He resigned you don't PBS for ever smoked its cigarettes back in the days to one on ones. Another thing I was around him and exactly. I Charlie acrobatic and Charlie Rose. Yeah I mean. My hands a member places they wanted to buy it I. Dallas in a micro or I don't know. It's easy to say this is a massive it is a massive issue in Hollywood TV in this and that and has been forever but I think it's also just been a massive issue. Everywhere in life. So these are the people whose names you know. Right I mean so you know about color rose Louie CK George H. W. Bush for Christ say apparently can't tapered telegram and woman's. They are read today this today it's W in and George. Harvey Weinstein join purged Harvey Weinstein books played you don't want them association right the floodgates have opened and the right guy that got away with a mammoth. Right now it was a Jeffrey and more I mean just you name it these guys and the morale of everyone always have been around and embark. It's not news to meet I think it's upsetting just the frequency of it and just how much carte Blanche T had to do how little repercussions are war. But I don't think anyone has superstar at these. Are all famous people in positions of power and I and I assure you I should be article in the Huffington Post about all of the industry workers who work in the hotel industry. Who clean and do whatever you know lick all the stories of you know take. I housecleaning. Come on man and as soon as again and it is somebody you know wax on the data in my brutal and a bad they're like oh my god and have to leave walked how loud they know damn well what they're doing a meaningful or anybody else. Georgia where you're masturbating. Right so yeah out I think this is this the snow balls go a long way to go for a just on the bottom of the hill is gonna roll quite a few. Yeah and into reggae it's hard to tell where we stop I mean did you then the plus side is out all the stops get now but I think. Yeah I think like anybody just every day you wake up and he just wanted to make that guy to. I know I thought it doesn't want those people rightly t.'s hand isn't part of it just the idea of if you like someone in you go out you know I mean. It takes a little time to get to the point where. You can be physically met not all the time and all relationships to betting on the circumstance but for the most one I'd standard for Brett but for the most part everybody's going into this thing like you know what you just kind of wanna get to know somebody and then you know whether as things progress and if it goes that way. Then that's the natural evolution of any relationship if if you're if you're so inclined. But doesn't. Or take me more ago the guys that have taken some soap box about supplements and Kevin Spacey to pretend border or resentment. These are guys that all the why isn't really well spoken and maybe take be strong positions in almost. Big social position and inevitably you know it was about equality in treating become people equally illegal payment I could support him to get those medals out of Spencer on equality is equality and fact so these guys you know the champions of this and again these long speeches and elaborate array hurrah hurrah and good understand enough and then on the analysts think man. You're SCSI is in these other guys. As any of these other guys the people in them quote unquote giving away but people like. In the day because people go and Andy Dick seemed like the kind of guy that would do exactly weenie can give them that any Dick isn't in the senate. So it's all right you know late and that's endeavors Al Franken steel and then and always have been available McIlroy Padraig and Roy Moore is doing the same thing and and they end in the Christians and the conservatives the evangelicals evangelicals. They're backing him. They are backing him and he did Jim bakers of the world all these people who nor why what else there is legitimate debate religion dictates not gonna give to understand one difference. As ridiculous as the might sound Amanda won't save their two minute ago I mean this is the book not mine so one of the things about it with the evangelical specifically. Is that and it's it's kind of the same thing made bitch about Mittal what is down right. Red for women have to cover their faces looked like it's the same thing or the onus is on and not the woman. But the girl so it when you go throughout history did you evangelicals one of the strong positions. Is that it is a few young girls not to do anything generally termed the land grown as adult manner and to me it's a cop out I get him a bit. Tax free money who cares but. That's parlors and a supporter custard there and it's just what. It's the wage should be so whoever is accusing Roy Moore that's on the accuser because they should know better because as a fourteen year old girl. You should know better than to attempt a grown ass man so men have no responsibility and religion or not. They can't control themselves you just have to do they want so for very much yet to understand the southern taking aside both of them are like right. This is the natural course of this is just the beginning of this is the tip of the iceberg and it's really is the source. Well and there's tons of people building cases right now. It's funny to his. A story here about. Millie Bobby Brown for a stranger things she's only thirteen ranked so I like that she basically she just came out while doing sieve like the photographers who tried to sexual wiser. That I don't like showing off my skin if I'm a photo shoot militant where cropped out I'm like no. Not yet met Debbie when that becomes a going to be like eighteen. Well you know I can she go through puberty first for crying out loud right creeping over. I don't know you're underage ruins gives us on the same I wouldn't you rather know. Wouldn't you rather know rather narrow but you still need to know that it's the fact quite yet you rather know if somebody's up to no good or for something bad but in the heart of hard to hope that people are bad in that no one's up to no good. Mind you hopes. Right that's the thing you. You got to keep at it it just hope. Yet no he does hope the people that you like are part of it but it turned that everybody is roughly the same to the point that almost wonder. Was number one Friday seems to me of several pretty much an SO wolf you're on though if you're on the crowds of white America. Right what would you don't you don't like. Yeah yeah right I mean I with Chile and the wind is a gap in a mostly Russell Simmons Simmons sits up there and preaches about peace and in this amendment and in your caught up with Ratner. Preying on the on these girls okay. I was but you know he's got always admonishing you meet new business mayor was lured to her nerves and important world. You won't put. Preaching is a very very very very delicate thing because you're putting yourself on a pedestal and if you choose to talk down the people you better have your stuff. Mean straightened out because of not. Then you can't talk down to people anymore some of them talk down you decide to be the way you want to talk downed some of them beat your ass. Can't simulate them dad's gonna come and beat your ass and that's why these people continue because unfortunately. Whether it's street justice are real justice in every mistake and care. I know for a fact if anybody would mess with the Fam remember remind I would more than likely end up in jail because I did the wrong thing based on a natural reaction. Who of course you know real direction right but you're dealing with powerful people that have a lot of money it is a huge difference. Speaking at a concert show. Basically they got to play grandpa taxable he passed away he was 91. He also provided one of the voices on thunder cats. You know the cost to show there's a great example. They bill cosmetic we all agree is bad person sexual predator but it. I don't mean a thousand show such a par my childhood it's hard not to still has still did show right and I immediately thought that shell nurture or does your duties as a human being. Sticking with the the Fox News a hot and wedge worth for three's company she died in saw she was a she was great that your. Actually appeared only nine episodes that she was basically over aluminum flirt reject you can moral Salter likes. I mean. Emulator Lugo. Was like for a lot of people out there three's company was the story. Of a couple enemy and the live together basically it gave us. Is Suzanne Somers. It did so for that to this day I think all of us oh three's company a very big thank you oh you don't think Don Knotts had a great character on that the rovers are great amount. There's a lot of good characters but I don't really as important to the regular. The regular mail out there like Suzanne Somers in the thigh master or just what she's done for everybody they don't like the woman black ice if if if if if. They yelled out thank you dearly appreciate it we got their headlines on the way with my cock coming up in minutes you're listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. No hard for a man is now both of killing women feel from a college institute take them home and had sex with a you're cadres may pin up calendar if you're all alone and nearly blew his slim. Ironically man boy you know ignition lock gets in crashed taking eyes off the road at a woman's car crashes into objectionable people those Harrison Ford did showed. An affiliate man that puts two cheese steaks from pats in his Koppen. Because the pats won a Super Bowl in his country. It's time day. Here's my car I have no big moment Minnesota's history dole. The media likes to cover and be a part of it and that goes for the weather channel as well and the implosion of the Georgia Dome. And videos going around the Internet of the weather gem of a weather channel camera holding steady of on some of the George dumb as being destroyed and this is what was recorded. Ended. You have fun anytime your evening plans do yourself a favor and check that out alive slowly but yes it's brutal. The bus pulled interviewed just as the implosion begin like you see one little explosion go off at an event. And in the bus comes into view you can see and feel the building implode behind it as follows and then as the bus pulls away all you see is a cloud of smoke but they have all these cameramen set up try pods are already go there and it determines that location where they can film this thing imploded. Do you think that he really wanted to be there right before right before they blow the thing up a city bus pulls up and blocks their entire view and right and has done it pulls away like. I don't care if he meant to be that. I don't care what the deal was it could not have been better timing for everyone involved it was the best thing wants all day it's some luxury item like a Bill Murray movie an outbreak is hard and as the bus driver do you think he's all the cameras and snicker do own self but he's gonna ruin everybody shot I think when you leave I he's pulled up to the spot that the best viewing party I think like anybody let people don't do you know you're driving by there every day that your normal route your bus driver do the same thing did your head on your time comes you'd like you know a man. I should pull up just in time like even if I was a bus driver. I'd sit for two minutes of the previous stuff. Just waiting and knowing like all you know we get away here prevent. I was I don't schedule them pulling just to watch it drop I got every school. Other endeavor bus driver doesn't care in Playboy I gonna show like I've picked people off. And I glamorize you have talked to be in 2050 soon enough if you're ready to be a thorough no welding at a Cincinnati where I want one operators got a phone call about a utility worker that was one of those boom buckets and and had the truck that was operating. That he was operating stolen while he was in the Bakken boom and boom demand led police on a chase for the use stuff sticks to flatten the tires crashing the car to a stop. You play with Dana hospital the man was arrested on some charges how much food you think there's enough money. It's and I got another cracking him he's planning if I was an MSU clarity don't like Tyson you can have some whacko grab the thing in the star driver held now. Bleak in Oregon the rain a perverts continues a man was caught stealing women's coach from a college library and admitted to the reason why. He's and he's the coach for quote sexual gratification. I was arrested on a few lit criminal list of charges at him for headlines and the I don't see an ice time broadcast of the drug charge and has since been profiled this and the return of the way he has indeed it is all through we are out of fairway every turn tomorrow. Until then no mood to do best and morally the sale. Study and beautiful.