05-24-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Knows THey're Out THere

Thursday, May 24th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Our listeners and I think I don't you see MM broadcasters classic rock also Portland's last Iraq 923 KE GON. And big dog night seven point nine and Joplin Missouri welcome to show and they wanted to story today has once again the game is big Demi had Jeff on tablet dead meat and potatoes. We have what food celebrities absolutely hate and what you like and what you're say about your personality. Also know I Sherlock is coming up in the meantime. Game is big dummy by the way we have a pole today and our side balls we do every time we played big Deming. This time it's what do you think they'll find first the choices bigfoot UFO's or aliens locked mess monster or other we do have this email. We are job you upload rods all 1947. Rushing got a few right after that you think the Cold War was really only about nuclear arms. That from Jamie nobody stupid oh trust me the comes rolling wheels found all of these things this is what I've discovered miles we have found all his authority and a this poll complete all okay yeah trust me we have verified extraterrestrial life they have found both before and a lot but we're excited they put this according to Heyman I just got the link you know I wasn't gonna go down the rabbit our brother country day vice. People are providing there irrefutable proof. Why he's now why why we have to argue this full body writers just Blair's own lesson visited the bad old days. Then to prove how are you doing whatever you talk about oh fission for like mess monster come up with a wanted to show me what it looks like get a picture of the day and think smile get a cell people alliance Ingraham you know any any thing man. Any fans knew we don't care yeah that's it well don't you see Jack's links commercial bigfoot really. Eight best he says that he loves jerky. How big dummy is a game a 449990. La hello Emmett welcome to the men's room. Luna. Any reasonable enough over. Hope it's over in the welcome to show. On the pole we think you'll find first bigfoot UFO's or aliens while this monster or other. I really hope they find it looks nothing but the. I aliens in this. I agree that be kind and if you wanted to be human like dirty bomb like Steve said to be like us or something you know. What I want and then with the most likely to find based on what is a look at how well they have been through building a rails ICM I want them to weren't like we are firmly in such a good enough we'll may have to do survive specifically tall black memo that doomed. That's what I want that's what I wanna punish I didn't save our planet. By having some good times man I'm down about and they like drinking and watching football. On a share shifting octopus today you have that I'll take mine site and signal planet. Is that the standard green dude you're agreeing on what those are two things are playing at a pictures and maybe now. Sees real you wanna picture again I'm kind of looking. Opponents say it's allergies and chicken and captain Kirk is my role model. What central American country extends farthest north. All of a law. Guatemala. In the words of share Oklahoma. You believes in life after about a police believe British throne she says I really don't believe you don't really easy I asked him. Amp. T that's why karaoke should exist he never might have to share a good dude at big black who's been mining go to karaoke where that is a possibility. Thank you know since the police also does not have media extradition at a he thinks it's a huge turn of Belize and that's our yeah Clooney. I hear from Belize when Arturs. You believe he's a man now what do you are you I don't know are you blazers where you are you a little easier when you believe you come from believes among the Louisiana with yet probably user. I really believe you voted early like about like a believer like this country Latina. Who is right. I'll mumbling a bit and let him gather our question to have your question. What pirate's treasure of the kids searching for in the movie weeks. All. Oh. Well. That drive up my around the Janus fund I feel good and that was the right gets another. A man run kinda well all I enjoyed led the morning and the question I asked what I read there. A wanna look oh boy alone did his big dummy for 4999 hello who's our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello Greg welcome to the Madrid. Well yeah sober. Triggerman Drupal today. What do you think we'll find first big foot UFO aliens like this monster or other. Please. Aliens were deployed good bacteria or some thing we met this we have to do intelligent my. Parents. What if it's intelligent bacteria. Tyra mellow Sloan got your problems would you like Greg just from the excitement factor like what would you like yes hell did instead of like under a microscope below fire you. Austin. It is it really help them. So I'm going like tonight's big right Daniel playing bad they'll really be nice to me like he's like you know what I'm tired hiding in the woods night. As obesity bigfoot I think he'd slaughter of money and I think he's he's if you think EV RE zero around. I. The demo. Now mean Dick Button is our guy we want bigfoot to show up we wanted to be really friendly Hilo isolated in the woods for generated or Daniel I can be agreeable maybe he'll do a cooking show and just the Harry and Henderson's I don't know that Jabbar no right to Bogle tells you didn't link those nice enough. All I need to do to make it jaws style movie big foot and his popularity. Quite easy to Jacqueline sky easily pissed when you do something to what he ain't that easy to handle the business Iraq. And we are defending tomorrow's a big thank you in our usual question who was the first US actress could be featured on the US coach it's time. I. Anyway. Any wider. Original principles. I'll. Post. Not an all American led Obama Clinton she's an actress grace Kelly Gray scale. Of hope now. Man who. The opinion that exempt the reality but he's not happy about back in Italy yeah. 'cause I yarder admits can. Go extensive work now you feel that sheet of stickers how long you've. Gay and you have your right all right I go I'm glad you remember like in lady lake in the gloom in effect if you don't want to hear about the envelope plates are 80 something I never was doing there that have the scripts that don't work as well I'll put out corn based they the problem parts did you link candidates like maples here. So every one of the aisle. A big you remember my parents it is the new in my broke a good all the goddamn problems but I do remember him being a list of things which were quite a lot envelopes that certain taste. This is straight and blue okay you look at Google to become better and I think it appears that it is going to be the only time you read we league blue island. Newsroom. Are you or your question the gentleman by the name of LL slow back. He died for my heroin overdose and Lucy original guitarist for what popular Los Angeles based name. And I. Don't tell their own any. California. Communicate. You love the guess they love Johnny boy yeah. Donnie Danny calling you out. Clash this who won an Oscar for his role in the movie race. Yeah. You've got Barack moderator or. Its ads about Ray Charles. You need came down to them. Grain and Toronto actually think they really well I don't. Own. Any black actors black actor who sings and it. Yeah and who's not playing break yeah he's funny until the end march. The car and when I don't think vs. They think he's an actor and comedian can and really just a parade question number four. It was out released even beat them. And once they is the swimming hall of fame located there. You know it's going to be some world war is it yes it is in fact some more. Not a Baghdad hall the yeah okay and the host. Summers and Summers says CNN about probably not. But you know he's got to love that movie and why because we remember her name you know that doesn't mean she's gonna to be in the hall we really know her name until I killed anybody else. I'm just ask and we let our slug and how they don't do Bono literally all around the world we just being you know just America. I think you need to be American swimmer Donna Andrews says the swimming hall of fame in Seattle and opens the world he's got to be MMM. You know her name she's there. It's that. Easy if you can remember swimmers lane to your d'antoni did anything today and they got to deal that I think he should be disarming hall of famers like your votes saying some news from like ten miles short right and let me get in the hall read yours or mine right I mean you have to NASA let's go back and forth some mandatory and I regret all that digital network mandatory neediest people from all over the world okay I'll who lose them. Just get rattled some of these aluminum. The first unit recognized him right. He's sorry tiger we take a gracious by these votes that he's is and anyone who we wouldn't know how is an issue like two bucks now women. With the cereal young look at the does it make you got to mentally and over this information that OK we really do you go out there may have gone I went into an MRI as soaring college fans until death. We're pulling even though do. Good lord no longer still go to the next. He wins big dummy if you'd like to dig into as an 844999. No more of Greg and a big gonna kill enough you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Yeah. Well I dirt itself with a shot of the day and return of though as Sherlock is coming up in the meantime the game is big dummy you'd like to begin to estimate for 49990. Look. We have Greg on the line playing for team sober and Greg you are now on question number five. Sorry but yeah okay irate viewer is you questioned looks all the drama oracle has no electrical charge. I. Article you know there are oh boy what I saw atomic particle about as you know electrical charge. Could. I'll call it got easier by John who play it. I guy very good we knew the answer to that. But he still has another red duet what summertime legacy of the complied now. It is big dummy 44999. Alou is our next contestant ready to play the big game hello jasmine welcome to the men's room. Over. A little fun over who are lifetime truly sorry to hear that animated figure has been. Let's say you're sober when you're working on sobriety pay out menu and pull their what do you think you'll find first big foot UFO Loch Ness Monster or other. Yes well you have voted. What do you draw a gun last night. I don't know likened gin and tonic cocktail saying that I had some like. A split so something that was really yummy what how how Clinton is now would you ordered at more. Yeah and come on a car how did you get this straight what did you order. Would you can't something like you don't mind if I do I just didn't make it I don't but I can't act as Bombay and it. I don't know my iPod do but I don't know if they did for the most part that doesn't sound like something would have a lot of sugar and and to really give you a bad don't know I divide do these it was just called dole much but then he says. Geez it didn't comic amendment a bunch of other things. Don't mind if I do not the Alamo the other things are. And it went it would been a big talk. I like along night beat up and I had period oh this. OK. Okay well there you go big curly strong practice and it was a great put on June who are designed. What time did you I have to wake up this morning. My handled it well and good luck to you on this here is any question. What. Is the official title of the chief electrician and a movie set. It well it shouldn't. Gas for the other woman known. You know you have to really you have an. About the grueling it is the experience thriller after hours. And again. Tell him we need to rest after a long day back things and where does provide good record and was not worth my gap further read it. Send them both human Anita good gathering there. There's your question which Winnie the Pooh character who love watercress. Our. Yes. Without calling. It you really get a cold this show. Oh. Told people won't know that it's. It left no room rule. Our growth and all goes through that rabbit. Man you're asking me kangaroo a lot of crew room gang got up and blew. Whom love watercress do you worry that to a children's store and these have been watered grass. What is watercress. It is. You know what you're asking me it is crammed whereas that you pick any evidence of the big progress this is it's a bitter vegetable at least that's one thing the people like it's on a lot of Chris Allen yeah all of course there there. If you see someone or of that truly. You have to slap them it's a federal crime not to. That's true facts are your question which New England states does not border of the Atlantic Ocean. And not border in the Atlantic this old. That could be bad how they get total jerk I don't know this. I've not name it. Not not the ship anchored or it may soon. And then you can. It's. Different from the others sometimes can't. That's right because New Hampshire has forced. I'll cut him. All the look at that oh no no no new I'm really don't know no. Oh bloom. Wool army in a go to your I would love blaming everyone around the world knows what that's that is these big dummy daily audio doubled to right at is right I've played better get people love this time. And let's. Loans. And. That is the big dummy daily audio double not to be confused with the big dummy. Daley's job. You. Didn't. It was ready for more on the do you drive that the daily W in Baghdad and are playing deep and no it. On the L. Actual audio of a threat siding very excited we want you to listen closely others video and this is multiple choice this is multiple choice. So I need it I guess is this the sound. Of links. As an animal linked to drunk chicks. Owls. Or chickens. It doesn't sound coming out of my car draw. Yeah good morning. And this is apparently there. Play this sound for me kid's closet bedtime at the moment amid the noise and I got my physical is more of a back. All I'm sorry. Hated woman my god very powerful ways and decided to wait. Yeah like Saratoga down about the fight and that's the sound they make to let you know but they're about to keep your positioning Tucson. He only likes to talk good going I didn't realize that. How does the passage late may I add hell yeah. Would go to law food eat salsa that screamed when you play it again would you eat sausage if when you put it in the pay on this would you here. Ever underneath is almost ready when it's down three and then you know. Yeah ours and I know I'm not allowed stacked. You ought screen. Rightly stinks. He doesn't scream and which it did I think you can make hot dogs make a squeaking sound deficit to force you butterfly I am to make the pigs squeal. Man that's it from what bothers me when introducing. Yeah I might have been used way more important post now I have never exactly ever enjoyed a butterfly pigs. I don't know I don't either you about found out he's a good Oden Bruno called drive to become more than a gin and tonic basket yeah Nomo move and you know that I can do it wasn't. Because he thought jasmine you're doing horrible. What a week. I question what animated movie. Takes its name from the English word for monster. Word for like monsters and all what am I made it what animated movie takes its name from the Yiddish word for Bonser. Everyone he's go to a note. Problem here are younger. She. Is just like you know. Now. You know I think a lot of confidence. Oh man. Who. And I had it all up and you know you are yet this way you're now at the time. You're not know yeah yeah I eighty I got this long right it's nice long. And worry. Rode an estimated daily from all. Not smoke started drags direct threats there yeah tradition wracked. Her dad okay. Salsa Carter think you can eat what you saw as a giant you know I got a thousand lanes even all the screaming about actually look at it would be issue medical thing you know Michael I want and I kind of be the dad's a little you know she Michael Jackson acknowledged there was also. Oh. I'm I'm I'm a one. And you bring and I talks amongst yourself. There. Are six jasmine here is your question which have a seven dwarves from Snow White. Channel could. Take the all things Disney of the gyms that they mind. What was the one who had to check the alt even checked the gyms that they mind may sort of oral. I. You guys can stay away. Digest and question number settled. On the flip side though jasmine brokerage other kids odds are the reason we got the name documents also snow white's gynecology. The little known fact for a little known a lot of people who stories about that mode. And and they Darko. Who want to letters and American sign language require a finger movement. All. Letters. Are. I know how it. Might cost either just did in two letters and we knew it or he was dressing me down like an angry black woman. Yeah I was going to act or industry you're doing it. Old and I don't know it's a famous rapper come on that's true. I DMX. I EJ and yeah. Shots they can. Now if you don't care parent general question number eight in my name means that you wouldn't she hit a ball wiggling your finger. Yeah so far I could put the pencil motion. Spirit is produced by distilling wash. What spirit is produced by distilling line. I wine and threats. Are saying I'm an iconic school. You're district made an impression on me. Yeah I do. I'm I'm a little bit brighter than met but Annan none none today is power how would you verify and. I mean I have a green I guess that's what they they re so yeah Doby the. It's definitely get it its little black and. I don't know. We're in new. Profits and sometimes you want to I don't know where it is yeah. It's just heavier thicker deserved yeah. Under the iron gate what day in question number nine they're gently glided. It. A little. What stronghold. Holds 147. Point three million ounces of gold. What stronghold. And we'll play 147 point three million out of Google Maps labels Les Miles. I understand it might be some people. I don't even know what. A place where you would put gold because you're of 147. Point three million ounces which is worth a lot of money that's where you are so that's all that gold if you had a death. And you. It's. Okay. Night. Not question tend. If if if if it. As you think sausage. That's true work or commemorate drives most liquid gold. Which are working country produces two thirds of the world's gold hits it does not how god. I would expect to change current school. It's the same ones that wrongly Meredith used to don't condone what diamonds and yes. All in a minute no I'll act as it is in South Africa. Southern Africa. Oil wouldn't let me South Africa. I have learned she did today. How long is you give in the end. Six they did. We knew gave her the out about death in South Africa South Africa Graham and ironic that immediately the old school Gold Coast so was. North Africa I don't know why we're going to be we expect and appreciate. This was you know about you yeah Greg I don't you know what prevented. Other than you my equivalent. I don't know that if you keep it I knew geography but if it's I Marlon. When they envy. Tanzania. The thing Don lemon you've gone the U member of the ones here at the moment an open bed time. He was big dummy 4499 idol who's our next contestant ready to play the big game. Hello Tim welcome to the man drew. And. Actually go over. Yeah bedroom poll. Well what do you think you'll find first bigfoot UFO's or aliens like this monster or other. I kind of feel like they're gone all on that thing there is there ever alien aliens and there's no way were the only one. Okay. You really think they found big foot. I don't know about now aren't. I hear inside your questions. The lovely the talented and the late Janis Joplin and she was the lead singer of what group. Garrity you're addressing drama starring. Janis Joplin was a lead singer of what group. And is up Sweden's. I have no idea they take yeah. Hole a bit Big Brother & the Holding Company. And everywhere there. He never did Janis Joplin. How about a assay and does problem. Tony and I are you get older. And dirty. And I. That's. I mean and I need additional rock old as soon as early on rock mammoon. Forming its way back in the day what late sixties or is that news. The well. Solace Hendricks is is the couple saw scenes from tensions. You're right John John does and I are ancillary to report. Hi Deborah airliner more big dummy governor viewed by two big contest and 844999. Allow you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Did you it's your. It's true. Jeff otherwise kids they have details as the foods that celebrities absolutely hate and speaking of what you hate of what you like. As far as what you do like your personal preference is a lot about. Your personality so that's coming up with a head chef and Ted's meat and potatoes game is big dummy if you like to make in destiny for 49990. Luck. We have Tim and allied Tim I believe you're working on question to put my mistake. You're trying not to be suicidal attempt overwhelming yeah. And there we go. Yeah. Do you know where. In the world the physics what does DC Stanford. Direct commentary. A close race for. Electricity. Yeah because he touted his. Sure I don't know I did but it did and it sort of present and when to put a light at the Al. In the world and there's nothing to plug in I'd Jim have you ever fallen off Ruth. I am god and it came very close okay now look how far would you fallen if you did fall. Stories call it hungry she answers that would not have been good Tim. That the thousands of doctor. In the world of comics what is decent you stand here. Well gosh a lot. Are you meant I had no digital equipment and oh. I don't know I can't I can't get it out. New. These feelings alert they'll come and Trenton new role a number of these roles he played and we're role in that regard. I'm I've played this game I really didn't stick then I'm done all deeply that the city just today. All right Gloria right now questions are for questionable for all right and with regard to our nation's capital what does DC stand for. It. No Tim go on come on. Washington DC is. You're talking incredible words. Eight finish up chooses not to say right so what is it is not a staying. I was this I don't know I don't knock our socks. I don't know if you're. Oh my god it's. Hello there and. There haven't been tin man standing. Oh what is that noise. No I said they wouldn't wait Paul you guys think it's hardly hear you guys over the slow and it. Yeah I guess it's a lot more than usual and on it and what does these things. He's doing and we weren't backgrounds. I'll start my truck I don't know if they expect. He's a burn your house. Sorry detective comics DC detective Scott Becker opponent who dale was that I am detective got to protect. Are you know question and it. Equals MC squared what does the M stand for. The energy our energy is the eat in people's. The multitude of smoltz is. We now the other day and the other clients the end and geographical question with certain things that I stuck gas. Somebody will call them McEnroe I don't know science he had been all right and I never claimed to be Smart that's why I called and. Is it OK Barbara a name in Harlem improved every teacher in the our religious school would deny dumber than you dig. Do you guys think that I could do I don't know you can view every love love love love love love love no and I believe oh OK I am telling you know. There's a great I orbit and I think that it is it that it is Matt crime. Mac yes math and I DNN. Is masked. And once he's would you find it battery car. What'd you find out Battery Park find Battery Park PA or Spain kind of famous. New York. There's questions just like you predicted. But I all we know when I am I in mind I didn't know that as Santa yeah yes they got to run that's OK you made the right choice our teachers. Well so just got tired so I wouldn't dungy. No you can do is put your mind do I know I can drag trouble I'll put our minds a newsman doesn't isn't yeah. You divide did you miss three years in a row. I want more girl fourth grade I can drive. And Judy Borger and drive no. I love Lutheran Lutheran school anyways yeah man I'm Bob Hagan I'm gonna go on haven't figured out your identity it. They dummies gave me whatever you did get a good. The paid four point 999 Alomar big got to got to the second. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.