05-15-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Is Shocked

Tuesday, May 15th

Mens Room Question: What did you find?/What did you find out?


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He would sure love to hear is real. Trying to a let's send anymore. Invited to join the party. This is the. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. Oh it's another 2826. Along with Steve the pro hill. Do Ted Smith and wouldn't. My car. Okay in the men's room a. I have a good run its larger than to sit there and knock. It's better to look good than to feel good but today we get ten songs that make you feel good. Which you don't need to know goes to China foursome NBA action. Can read my profile list plus headlines about your job today fumbled a three males and everyone's favorites. TV time would take a class community drawn arguing Ohio Amanda strikes plea deal for the time he was measuring his penis inside a school. Michigan woman a big slice their brownies to go directly to departing co workers do. Ladies and gentlemen this is your cabin or co pilot just got sucked out of the plane. Wise they restaurant banning children so incredibly insane and club murderer's girlfriend in front of kids with the help of fueling protege before rooftop. Rooftop standoff with police Jesus that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Oh good kids good day to you and yours all right Volkswagen everyone has heard of Volkswagen. Volkswagen is one of the largest automobile manufacturers. In the war. The Volkswagen makes more salt to them and does well that is a true thing. They've produced six point eight million curry worst sausages here I tried. The money's in curry war's latest Donald whose helmet I would have never guess that. But you know what I would have guessed I would've guessed the difference between the dog in the bank. Yes it does happen again. Just days after a woman who stood bobcats who didn't. And then someone else who took a five to a puppy we go to time out were clearly ms. took the bait her. For a ball in his took a bear. For a dog and I need to understand this is what gave way to the family. There're dog reached 250 pounds and started walking out of time. That's what tipped them off items of they were shocked to discover. Anyway I still don't know how that actually qualifies as a discovery discovery is like finding a treasure in your backyard right. And actually happened to a couple Staten Island and New York they date back then a couple of 100050000. Dollars for the president about it. Our researchers that the imprint institute pointer and frank back you'd think that would be a solemn affair and then they discovered diary that a bunch of dirty job. They're neck and Brent cheeky mountain governments that people. But all of these stories they won't thing in common is all about discovery that's shocking moment that you found something you found something else. Announcement today twenty. Simply as what did you find it or what did you find out. Well they should call 844999. All you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and in the Gramm at men's room live it's in those emails to the men's or amendments or my backup. You're listening to the men's or read a network. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room full of dog and a way to go out of its November 2800 Antonio thanks okay. Today as a drug charge right castles in and we will send end and then believer that science has figured out their actual tunes that make people feel better let me guess Johnny cash's cover of hurt no that's not one of the top it's a marathon of Townes Van Sant followed by Nick Drake. No these are actually up to both songs that make you feel good and they scientifically are proven to make you feel good to pick up your spirits to make your mood better so. Other end there from all kinds of genres and everything else was not that specific it's just these are the songs that make people feel better. They think people feel good they make people feel happy multi drag and you I don't know who made you feel happy for what I doubt. Yes they will I bet they make you feel happy is it just good did you did you doubt me you have to admit if these songs when they're playing our new mailer. Because I know you don't like it couldn't really don't do either gonna make you feel happier and earlier I we have there now and again make an effort to (%expletive) me off with you that I never even though you're a fine line between being angry about something. And being happy about something I'm thoroughly get all kind of seized in some groups are you to make you feel good. I would you don't need to know believe it or not there are odds are huge number of NBA fans in China. That actually. Follow the league have the teams and everything else it's as popular in China the NBA is as he NFL is in Mexico to be an idea but. As far as the nicknames go and some of the players they they get I know that's true that just sounds odd that you never names and giant. So show even Jack retired players he was never Shaq in China he's got his own name and chuck he isn't. Everyone you know and you name the player checks names like our John and whoever it is and they've they've all got their own names you don't mean so that's coming up with what you don't need to know most people don't know what do they all mean something yes OK they mean something about them physically they are literal all they are absolutely gather sometimes and this is just what that player is known but you might just translate into fat boy I mean and a break it down for a I mean that's that's the way they were also these names are there. The names that. With a what you don't need to know and a question today what did you find out or what did you find and we have a double. Stories here for and we start out with this one. And it's because of the fine folks there at Volkswagen Mal we all know volt wagon. And people who love bulls wagons love their Volkswagen you get a Volkswagen family they are hell I was actually talking did in the office the other day my stepfather who is able to lighting guy. He sent me an article on the deep Volkswagen county Bologna. The Volkswagen cow bells all Mario California is the west folly it is the old camper that we knew on the balls I'll ha okay well the top locked up but those are still been side and I believe a little place for a bad media sync. Obviously no bathroom but you knew that person and we need. Yet you did and I ran out of whatever I you know if you wanted to do in the idea was if you wanted to drive the California coast drive in the NC the national and the state parks in California and there are plenty to do so that this was the ultimate vehicle where you could pull over you can camp he's argued that kind of thing. And in this thing still sells in Europe. Sticker price I 94000. Dollars for the rest assured to sell here in the United States expensive but they don't have it here. A turns out that forward. As one of those that they sell only in Europe and I'm reading this article that's pissing me optimism that while they don't like your ideal why don't they sell these cars here in the United States like. I give Mac out even like a custom van that would be cool for me OK okay give Mac now you can be happy a lot of love in an enemy like that would be cost remains a creepy them. They are creepy as the drama the Kremlin grounds kids but these Ford transit certain Americans out of all of those who would want because I don't go can't get it man you know I mean like I. We are I mean I'm not Cruz in the hi I'm ignoring what is yet. But I would that have lots of candy you know I mean. And I have a woman in a leather bikini Iraq and African black panther and a half a glance down on the side of the circle mere circle window and I would really want one that the pop top. That the camper that have. They think of tables that fold out when you open the door a practical than a critical stuff so anyway. You know hold why are doing and how's remember exactly just travel around from place to place in the army do that. But doubles why you believe and how are you glamorize homelessness I mean it's yeah Arizona and van dam up river you can me relive my man comment amity so sandwiches that are cut and triangles from restaurants repeal the top often. Open got a son as moist as shouldn't be that. Like breads all of it was a good idea of a lot of on this anger. It's got about two hours left or bone dry or absolutely like just a little but the yellow mustard and just. The committee in the white breads to stick into the top 87 minutes I sure why I would have modest break. So Volkswagen. You know them for cars will believe it or not the most prolific product in the world as. That's right sausages career worst. And Ranariddh Murray wears his massive amount you Robin you've had very worst is it is like curry. Yes OK let good. I mean it is actually it's pretty it's essentially. A frankfurter artists they can use different kinds of sunlight heavily seeded demos like frankfurter and you. Cut it up and does slices like you what you know like you did have done trunks tree kids imagine she Mozy service sliced yet he's like I'm not a aren't our short and then you put like a curry catch up on top and he had both sides of those kids all the way to its Corey to blow this thing Carolina holds true all currently many actual or seen the actual words away I want sausages self is not curry that that you put like curry topping on it too did. Also the sausage is not current right you're just basically doing a brother Jose why don't laugh I've never seen curry worst or whatever it is the preparations for what you don't know it seems like a leak make being that a lot of you in Germany it is it's like your food truck kind of go in early termination own food but knowing out of it's not headliners a disease is by its nutshell how I need so console Frye not out there are apparent. Three NC as well you're our starting at about. Which is a highly popular type of sausage in Germany VW makes them by the tens of thousands every day. In fact Steve as you were saying last year the company six point eight million of them which is more than all the cars of the Volkswagen brands sold around the world last year. Though that doesn't count all the other brands under their umbrella which would include Porsche I'll be they they've got a number of cars. I and that's down from a couple years ago they made seven point two million sausages and TVW. Has been making sausages since 1973. At first they were made just for the workers in the company's factories to freedom like I accuse me in their cafeterias but that's exactly right. But 45 years later VW cells across the country grocery stores and of local dealerships have been known to even hand amount. In five packs as gifts to customers because they're like Erik Estrada Karl gators and sausage. David have they part number. In the Volkswagen. I think cattle our opponents. These sweet and spicy sausages are made mostly abort. And they are brought into the workshop in Wolfsburg three times a week are Corey worst of the fact content only 20%. Normally 35 so it's it's better Korea according to the butcher Frankel low prestige. Who has been making curry worse for VW's and 79. By now in our bolts right already do on the butcher mimic vegetarian versions as well while leaving college teams that's a little different. Yeah basis straight to the bold Wagoner the people behind something. They say for better or worst for. You can get given America the few times VW has wanted to serve them and events in the United States it had to fly in the butcher specially and source the pork local car and we know this from only when your two and you're talking about making sausage. It is incredibly specific as far as. The meat you pick that the way you cut the meat the grain of the meet it the whole deal as a sign. So I wouldn't be in but idolized Jimmy emissary that kind of stuff going on matters of exactly. It will either I mean personally I gotta be a finish out from the finish up finish in his home after what only you know. But as the finish and we know finish I just know it's like the finest dog you can get me in the world why do you notice the fit is is were these Spanish. Port comes from. Canada yeah they're found in an idea why it's a dead leg on our conference and life once you process fragile our define I don't understand that the when I lived in America that there's a shark you relate in America we like a lot of pork so what do we do encourage shoot up all the pigs and steroids in the cement. Jobs I am good you need now to get a got to face I think that the reason why somebody just told him long way to finish dogs might of its a believable. They finish all I'll. Hello out of a lot them are gonna I guess you would you bring don't think it's fall yet but I just about a price well you finish would you like to see it yes yeah. The dogs they're just treat natural they're eaten grass did you and the Finland stuff you land on Libya called. They immediately we are young enough well there's no recovery zone natural finish pork dish that just blows everyone's money to go just like axle. Where is it and you know look like it now you got it and you surely you've got the Superman hauler and it didn't lose a couple of good days the world and they have a crayfish and they they know what to do with Adam and Matt. That's all you read I don't know Finland's. Famous for the worst habit and don't do anything like that I might just like our our judges scrabble like here it is this I don't minimum Carlos and get where murdered exactly market new can you find out why he finished on matters. Very important as it thicker isn't what what's going on and then no not even that game we found a famous dish from them death something whether it's on the with a hard. Our question what did you find to find out a 44999. Cola. Human to a finish restaurant no right it never seen it initially know let me let you finish bacon with a heavy popular finish hammering just the kind of merit the got a great advantage out that would be doing. Is it your ribs there I don't know something. But I think we don't get enough Finnish culture period I don't either a brother assaulted do we not only were bombarded would no I put a culture all the ash yeah. Hello hunter are welcome to the men's room. Liquor all our earnhardt's. What's going on guys aren't there. I'm doing good just just working so I mean it could be doomed some aren't let them anyway so I'm I didn't know I was brought up at. In conversation assembly but doubt. I we found out that my oldest brother was actually conceived idea George are good culture. So I don't know rule yeah. Yeah parents cleared it like to lose is not your oldest brother. He's like you're sold and you know it don't ahead and I say our own Brian Palmer and I doubt it was bad loan book it this isn't what you say that it's too little to no long had to go go to my moment okay mum and dad Opel people put out. Impossible. Okay. A move and on homers he says did yes that's that's that that's great conceded to George surrogate cancer. And I I don't know oh on the record and say that I'd rather have them listen George thorough good any day of the week I know there was a time in his career where Georgia is not a guy that you want to interview I'll leave it at that. Our own interview I hate his eyes can maps. Named him I don't know what it is yeah Aaron and I France. I gotta be in a lewd stories there's an election overall good genuinely didn't move for George story good because I would think over time we hear George Gergen you picture your parents won't having sex. Well to do that I mean among commodities in the mood for door so good but yeah ice. Yeah I'm not really big Georgia guy so. Yeah I was glad to hear if they were brought Gerlach a family dinner at like that that are you know what over the trigger topic. And you can see do you remember how you were concerned did they ever thought. Like I said multiple numbers of foreign fighters old and so I mean I had to be didn't maybe it was you know oh god. You think your parents having sex endorsed ergo they thought hey let's have children. And should protect principles that made me want it up but I'm curious about you know bit. Al don't wanna know where they viewed it down the concert with a book or the party and. A cellular they can sneak off won't know until I get away with that all along your good buddy here's the thing by now you're a kid I know the George forever to miner Jorge target. My parents are having sex right. My father Reese is big moment here I am I would hope on the lawn and not important time. I've mom's hands Bluetooth hands and here are some of the George thorough goods greatest hits a good idea bad to the bone didn't we have I drank alone and remember the words of George good because this is amazing and I really want you to think this through this is gonna mess with your head all day. When I drink alone I prefer to be by myself. That's the lyric and work on that. There's Willie and the hand jive which we know would be a dive guides there is also one UK one big Johnson one beer if we run family feud inmates that I right. The clues hand the next word Sargent Jay. I'm John right now would not usage we also have move it on over power there and we also have it says here get a haircut and get a real job those are the those of the tunes of people go to C and I I think it's him and hit all he has just at all I hate all game I cannot stand in a lot of guys. What what did you find out Al my god Chesapeake blues festival that's for that's that's who's the guy he. Really all Louis original blog hawks. Do you find or find out a 44999. Cola. Hello Brittany welcome to the mentor. Yeah. Hey it's. Yeah yeah. I am crying because I love the nanny and her blend. I got hired by a woman because I have played any. And what I did your eyes as the eleventh situation. That I would be breaking they they attempt and AM until eleven he again. The woman and never came out amber Mac every night they had the baby is David. Formula does being denied everything or mommy would. So it will limit how long did you have this job and working that long and basically being a mom. Eight. All right what was she doing in the room. Now the thing. Don't let your dot because she wouldn't even come out and mailed I leave Camille then the door. The meat is one. Yeah I hired me a while Hewlett ping an hospital would they didn't. I was did you see here in the course of a data are from 7 AM to eleven Kia. Maybe one they're not well. It's the baby is crying I was doing laundry and everything else like get one of the day neither spraying shoot them out and Donna that the baby had it now that and it's. So I'll get out that she never loved that she never left her house either she never went to the gym to work out or she Neverwinter visitor. Friends for lunch early people who don't have to work do. They would know CQ was she would work. Again it's your world at some point her husband. Wage where one of the bigger companies that banks aren't lending. And. And I guess what that would be and I'll punch was she on drugs it's it's a long time to see meanwhile. Yeah I'm Nate you left for a doctor's appointment a check out. And something like that on diet so I went in there and I ballet. I've played I found. Leg every man and execute and keep rot out so I'm always trying to him. Boom. Probably at one point times you let. The Kurds Sunnis is married and had shun him and another man does or. Oh and I've met a lot of the people that are married have kids. I mean who else I generally somebody else and I'm curious with a situation was always well but hey miles you did this happen once did you suspect it's going around is that would you thought. I did because of my uncle. And so I learned recommended by inventor and you're do you look yeah it's. Is Billiton off. Well wasn't it John what that would tip you off the fact the had to give her formula and she was held him organize relief you heard a lot. Thought I would never see hear and what linking to the point that I would get burger meal outlet ever doric. Latin and it bothered her friends you are starting to ride out a new element judgment smoking. And though. David. I kinda fun and then in the dirt survey known at all after they got it done. A lovely Semitic did you end. It didn't theory then and I had to Eileen and then it got that line. Our little guy we'll get a lovely family vacation did you go. Actually it was the baby is where how a lot the GM. And so. I actually Jim I like where we're hearing it. Dahlia what does that usually like from the Galapagos Islands. Island yet. I actually had a baby (%expletive) where are working they ate a late day at the dinner hour at 7-Eleven. Internet goes I'm glad that I. The husband never wanted to help out. We'll know more because of the lender actually examine. The air as she had a lower. And so I. These are okay is this a really trusted sushi you're basically raising our kids down the Soviet air was so the twins were from an affair that she had had it. What I didn't want and I can no animals aren't the cell so that the husbands no longer in the picture mag and I guess the guy that you know if there was he's no longer in the picture either. I'll tell you what they actually met him down in the island than he would not. You go you can't cook you my age actually he earned the right twenty years your junior. And I guess you should aren't ugly UN arms absolutely good outflow I don't I don't millionaire AB had a large penis was his was her first. It was her husband very wealthy. Yes welcome good bunker and they let her mother like she was he had lent me you didn't need to Wear ties and those few good. How why I got. More than kids okay like a good time that you quit. Really kids okay. No actually did have going back down with a lot of the island for a second stretch. And I went in May that it family. And. Yeah Dana as you told all the one million people everything that maybe god heard your identity and I think. And I'm very go get it and it's it's just like I had I was back in Kirkland labored account and then come back element. You never just you know yourself. I I know. I had no money he wasn't around the Pena all might build there yeah I hit a horrible situation so it normally is you finally came home I was legs. I'm hoping glared. I tonight and tomorrow and they threaten. Pick up the island did. Back in my dot com. Rating I got to ask whenever obviously we have a caller on the air we we can't listen you can't wasn't the right station when your car because will be feedback and those sound that. But you're infected even turn your radio down you just change the radio station is that correct. I don't know I was wonderful either as a person has ever happened you can listen another regulated as an analyst I don't ever hear a nation out like you know other country. I think it's the first time ever heard an awesome entertainment right exactly we listen to another radio station while doing a radio show why she calls and our shows easily happen yeah synergy to implementation. And we you know we should do aren't. We're a country. What do what did you find or find out a 44999. A lot more calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. He's real quick. Outs later not tell the story goes. Only two pages of and Frank's diary remained unread or remained. The Anne frank house on Tuesday revealed that it had managed to read the pages. Which gave them a thirteen year old and wrote on September 28. Nineteen and 42 men and subsequently covered over with a brown the masking paper type marker. Keeping the page's contents a mystery for decades. It turns out the pages contained up. Four jokes about sex that and herself described as dead date saw. The end Frank Kelso are did not specify with the jokes where. And because of copyright issues unfortunately you have here whether. These passages will be incorporated into new additions but wouldn't it be great if they work they should be. With the institution did share some of what it says were 33 lines about sex education. And prostitution. Which were also on the pages. On prostitution she wrote all men if they are normal go with women women like that. Cost them. On the streets and then they go and it cost another in Paris they have big houses that's. Pop has been there. In other words out to be like yeah through an ad in the Basra bundle our house pairs. That's exactly what good times I gather there are gonna release the dirty joke Eric Costa Mesa had done they said per the AP the guy did say hey look man they are there are some classics he. Classic vendors classic at its. And they made it clear that a man with all of her gifts was above. With those above all of ordinary human I think she's thirteen how greatly I am with the team there as well as ever strike drive by better find that out that she had a much dirty jokes on it so I am with that explains why they. Also I'd never released these pages CC was short but there's also it also vowed to Kim told dirty joke like they tie the know starting that they don't necessarily know all the words. Right yeah and also plans have been very I. Farrah Fawcett my back in the day was married to Lee Majors and there's some point out whatever they were married to infer Pozen Six Million Dollar Man the marriage to. I'm like seven years older solvent and the joke I heard I never understood it but it seemed funny to me but. Were in the car we have family in town were packed in there ever was telling jokes about why have won and why was Lee Majors mad at the plumber. Why was Lee Majors and added the plumber because he's proved wrong Fawcett. Which. Fan. I didn't even know what it meant it from prison. Good. Look. I would note a madman and I remember the look like the my parents gave each other and might. Part of me is in trouble and also they are also being goaded today like they think of malaria sick for the were still like you can't you know that means like you know. That's the joke is there's a collaborative. What's elegy fighter find out a far far 999 cola. They should many games continues on the men's room. On the radio network.