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Tuesday, April 24th

Mens Room Question: Who snapped and why?


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You what you're about here is real and the members of this radio program yeah. Trying to look. Doctors are. Invited to join the hard. This is. All gathered in secrecy. It is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. Enjoy and. We've got a lot of good solid number 2811. Along with Steve the throw hilts. We did smack and all couldn't. Active by car. Okay and a man you know a. I canceled the drug charges this didn't spend that today. The ten best boy band songs of all time twelve years you are welcome nice. Do you couldn't throw rules get ready to play profile list. Plus headlines read your job today fumbled as her emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take effect factored it into my year ago this is actually real in England man gets eight months in jail for flipping a traffic camera the bird. American airline passenger gates pays ten times in stool puts up a fight which seems a bit absurd. Tennessee while wild needless to say has had a hell of a week. Man who stole a million dollars and the heat as will now have jail food to critique and that was normal mouse ticket ride your trunk. That's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. Although I've been here is good day to you and yours are let's go to the final state of Oregon. Remand wall his dog on the beach now we happen to be walking his dog on a nude beach. But he did members dog on the Leach. And that. As women naked man attacked them actually don't toppled and started beating them up. Ensure the issue was about his dog not being unleashed nobody wants to get beat up but the one thing to make it worse is they haven't done by Emeka coach. Meanwhile the go to Florida or ma'am brought home divorce papers his wife responded to the news by shooting at Matthew there's blood spill. And a majority just made about another couple of Florida they got into an argument we don't know the argument was about. But it ended while one of them was hit in the face was really the big mouth bass singing fish that's right. Somehow that became the center of argument started getting petty this is a couple. And one throw it into the admits to guide the head of the singing Billy the big crowd. True story not a common denominator of all these stories is simply this. Things were fairly routine the and then somebody snapped and things went south. Real fast but we've all been there he do we bend the birth and it's an up or we witness the person snapping and maybe never justified maybe they weren't. But today's question is very simple. Who's snapped. And why the brother Joseph caught 844999. Only you can like them intra month FaceBook pulse on tournaments in my hands and those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know. You know have enjoyed the men's room goes now having a lot of miss universe 2811. And one Allard. They drug charge frank Cassell coming in Pakistan and today the ten best boy band songs of all times believe it or not this list. Started out at 100 songs we're bringing you the ten best boy band songs ever. What constitutes a boy band it'll be part of the discussion coming up as much as always and a bank that's pretty well that that's the criteria we take your expert I would say and the boy band sensation of one of your one in your pleasures in life for an. It is have you reviewed this Lister and have you seen anything castle that. I have not but I can guarantee I like OK I do you think you'll agree. I know you'll like apple to avoid enjoyed the group a dudes. You don't write the songs Hussein ending its yeah that's pretty good it that's what we're tore candidate with the rank castle to invest. Boy band songs of all times gun was in Spain you're welcome the return to mens room rules and yes we'll drink a toast. With the shot of the day and tyra talked about people who snapped. You never know it's almost gonna snap that's why the term is snapped but we go to Portland organ. As Oregon state police are investigating after a man told law enforcement officials. He was held down and on several times by a newly man and I'm sets that the alleged victims dog does not on a leash at a clothing optional beach yeah. Kudos about the way you go about it Oregon state police so they are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect. The incident took place on Thursday Collins beach which is a privately owned nude beach. Near the saw the island wildlife area chore no idea. Police say the incident resulted invisible injury for the victim who has not been identified. Police say they believe the suspect is a regular to beach and has reportedly cost and others about dog's not on their leashes. Traversed this guy described the man as 3540 years old six foot three with a medium build and salt and pepper crew cut hair what they receding hairline but yes we can't tell you what he was wearing of course because you know he was you make it you can identify him if he was naked. The problem as reckless Rios on whom price. Things get a little district that's a secret identity puts on clothes I mean did drugs put on sunglasses put on a hat whatever subscription they gave his suddenly not your court can't. We all remember the big mouth Billy bass singing fish to really do we remember the song he sent Robert can we find the actual song I. I can't remember what they all I remember how ordinary leg utterly different I thought yeah he's saying like take me to the river he didn't sit down dinner tickets that are. It was his basically like water based on its really all I get what he's doing I think you still find them. Value candy store or online at me like I know you can go online and find about it. But what stores like dude we still got I think I mean like on a positive where you ever bought right in a store let's make something you order off TV. I would love to go to their like put that in a really nice restaurant somewhere so long as I see your browser regardless and then they'll. Is that I just wanna hear is what because to me the thing that makes the story it's not just getting hit this thing because I can pastry that's funny. But I just imagine at the moment you. Yeah I don't like it haven't you but. A little on Biden oh get in the way wow what a what a time to be alive. Anyway the be talking big mouth Billy bass at least one person still has one that we know of easy 54 year old guy named Gregory Carney. And Corning lives in Sebastian Florida and he lives with his 52 year old boyfriend. Larry Timmerman. So you got Larry and you've got Gregory they've been together for seventeen years while on Sunday afternoon. They got into a bit of an argument and Gregory knew he could really get under Larry scanned the by playing his big mouth bass over and over and over again which he apparently he did. Until Larry snapped Larry then grab the fish and put it in the trash. Gregory then fished it out of there. Nobody invent. And maybe throw it at Larry's Franken had so he was arrested for domestic battery and we have the the big mouth Billy besting fish. Love seeing is a few songs apparently it sings take me to the river that's at least us one people want our oh yeah I'm analysis things don't worry be happy and how will survive. Pool of elegant and yeah I mean I wouldn't mind body and there you go online and you outline that only sings a couple songs and people are very angry and and the reviews either very angered a little look what I had an era because it doesn't sing take me into the river even though showed it on the box as it was sold. As seen on TV cutter he's had also come away at their peak hill who had one who lend me. Did Larry my own path since a big mouth Billy bass appeared mid 2010 film Miami which kill Meister activates the device a nexus back premiere. All right well it's not doing it three out of five stars here on nine and what are your expectations. Well I don't really know too much about it. Did you ever have one no but I I would love to 51 customer reviews but you're so excited about something you'd ever even bode well I saw the commercials. It's like anything else I don't would you talk him out of this rapper that did you call volatility the big mouth Billy bass than me I I typically try to get some of these things that we get the flying great white shark. That thing with all that was pretty cool that we don't but that's. Can control that they get it floats in the air and it's remote control you send a double edge is basically it's a shark shaped draw the problem the big now. Billy bass is everything yes and my uncle had won his beach Condo forever so really fun the first couple times. First couple of damage just with you they know he. On shore this up mount cave says this Billy bass is just as I remembered sounds great the mouth moves with a song perfectly I'm glad with the seller. This is so I got this is a post Christmas cheer up give myself my college roommate made is very happy and continues to do so in my apartment now. We did turn the auto sensor off though. Because it's a fight in the middle of the night and not enough to wake everyone up so there must be a sensor on there as well you know motion sensor and and those sort that's what I remember was emotions against you can do either or. See everyone smiles and laughs Clara purchasers there's an old virus there. I ate away they got into it he threw the talking big mouth that's right in this phase of the guy that was playing it. The other guy the were in the trash in the do that was RD annoying and picked it up into Canada and faced with after today newspapers here. I actually get a snap your real again. This is much worse situation and we're still in floor. There's a 41 year old woman named Wendy Dennis in Moly you know Florida and she's been married to her husband for eight years. But he was done so last Tuesday he went to a lawyer and he got some divorce papers. And when he came home of them when he responded by grabbing a rifle out of her car and shooting him. Fortunately she missed in the guy locked himself in the house and called 911. She was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon our question who's nabbed and why 844999. All I got a couple comments here says just this weekend. I snapped or the laundry machine. My ruins your friend does all of laundry and our place you know she has an apartment. And apparently she said my boyfriend and I'd been holding limited hostage using it over the weekend. I'm told or use our own damn water. You're absolutely America I don't like way to make your mad at me for using my washer dryer sorry. Sosa are. I'll when I was sixteen a bunch of friends or hanging out in my house when my cousin found out. The one of the guys had previously previously slept with his girlfriend while he had not yet. He snapped the wreck cast iron chair my thousands grade now live until you Jesus than stormed away crying. My husband are are my husband's ex wife decided I was the reason for all over problems so onetime Iran and each other should tried to choke me. Restraining order soon followed wow yeah. And than this one I appreciate. This girl a work group of relief fund very outgoing and always in a good mood but. When he came to men she didn't take it yes well one day she was the work and an intern in the two days of which came back she told me that she got arrested in went to jail. I jokingly said oh widgets that your husband she replied. Girl who told. How old old all the while at a dramatically MRI came and I was kidding that's when you take it to a different level you should be able you should Neal steps wants to walk around the streets right well she went to jail for two days a place you back to work like Saturn is where gal upon anathema husband Lou desktop mail works. That's all bail is right at the bar I had to get out before trial. They don't call a bribe the call bailed out its same neighborhood and got the money it will let you out if you don't you guys have lousy stat I didn't beyond a couple days I don't think you could yeah yeah now out of new crew on there about that again. I don't know ma'am. Now you're going to be in there for awhile he steps about it I think it depends on circumstance your body was stabbed I guess now today you the royal farms. Yeah I didn't I didn't know the day and stabbed and now I mean I. That sounds bad and I know people that if navy been suspicion of assault charges what do you what do loses its charge if you had to guess if you hit a bar fight you beat the crap out of some and it's an assault charge you know but I mean I could have B serious that's a belt works like. What's it like murder one migrant pretty much in the senate bill right Amazon Maria you've been there for little. I mean it's weird she's that you were joking about stabbing nods and enjoy and don't give up. Heard co worker was joking shoot I who'd told you I didn't I was joking I did not realize you actually standardized. Never been an a domestic they went to that level and in my jumping out of the car domestic level before it but I feel like that's. Now let's see you percent of Indy relationship and it's of that person's gonna do a sore it was almost like com here are twenties there you know me to drive longer my god golden glory series oh over good if they would that I can jump all my god you're out of Orlando down. And a role in the company's you're doing it with guys listen man I know you met I know you wanna get away from. Me I'd give it part of reason I was driving faster so we can get away from each other and and that actually expect you to unlock. The door take off and she felt in the physically jumped out of the caller. And it's a bad look winnable dribble drive guy in goes on injured person mom's side of the road you're not responsible for. But no one believes you would for them to think hey lady you okay thank you Q dude she did to Stewart she jumped out of me god damn car wreck that's why she looks like someone who jumped out of a caller I think the last time that I really really snapped like at a completely lost my mind. Where I I I destroyed something was it was its pride and about seven or eight years. And I had and I had a computer I had an Apple Computer. And I'd taken it in to get serviced and they service the computer and they said you know the computer is is it's all the you're gonna need to update this in elaborated at some point in time but I didn't really feel like doing it. So I. I've been a low bit of money on it and they've whatever they did they upgraded damn thing and then they put on a different browser which was something completely different and it kind of eat all the memory ups in my computer really didn't work yeah. So I'm sitting there and looks real nice you know I mean that nothing is working and everything is really really slow just in ridiculous. So I determine myself that. I can't take this anymore and not carrying real tech savvy. I physically picked up the computer and smashed it. Into the ground like ten times just I mean I was so pissed off at and I mean there's there's plastic everywhere the computer is completely destroyed. And I felt so much better about it as desirable just don't buy new ones you don't mean that I I would physically would you do it anywhere so and I and I knew was toast them just like aren't picked it up man and I'm just. I'm just bashing and into the ground and pieces are flat was got an. Act act. Now's the that's probably last time I really snapped because I think. As as. As time has gone on. What I realized is when I snapped I don't. I punched things like a punch the wall or for mapping has had an anomaly that. And normally like I'm not his you have sitting quietly rooting for you back acted like everyone knows you have officially lost your mind I've lost my mind a few times but the problem is is that I'm not very good at replacing trial. So I've got a lot better as time goes on there's a couple places there's one place. I punched through a pocket door one point in time zones just so I saw it in I didn't realize how expensive the pocket to their right it's a solid doorman and I had dinner the hell out of this and it's tough to patch up would it doesn't look very narrow Democrat is would now's the worst one I've never done a man I absolutely blew my hand wide open in the mobile. Living in the now is like you know what I got to stop doing business. Yeah eventually if you are memorize it I plug the hole and stairwell. But our own house summit in awe and like I tried to patch it up and just like your sang it. I'm passionate eye painted it more when you looked added obviously I had pageant thing right it's just so. Gums and so the house and Michael got Damon try to fix it again I just made it worse you know it just it didn't look even better so you know. Eliminating a picture of who's been aboard which is exactly when they all realize it's good yeah yeah show the house sold out and I did have a modicum of guilt version now prepping them to move you sold a house with a hole all of picture overtime so it was not a whole. And blow up. A pure play that's an important patch. Weren't a whole head bent and welcome but the but look may have. I was trying to patch and a really tried to do good job I just give I don't know of the patients and scale it doesn't matter either way it looked worse than it did when I don't. So I was like effort may have thought put the picture and it was right in the portals deals were you walked in front door. There's a staircase immediately in front of him to a six figures even those who want eighty you take the next set and you're on the the littering the floor so you can't not see the souls who drove the front door he looked upstairs there was. If you're upstairs and look downstairs the first thing you see is that supple depiction generally don't you. The potentially very tasteful and mental told a house because now it had that appeal would you open the very homey put all afraid but all I can say picture. Overjoyed double real state is like look man I know sometimes you guys like to switch things around and do the stuff also house. You can do anything you want. You cannot move that position. You cannot move pictures into I want to military family you know what's behind that picture don't move the picture. I feel little back and try. Almost like takes a look at everything else that house was in working order but so you're not you're moving and grab yourself like the last and you wrap the picture and that point you kind of forgot all the alert. Our grab this thing and I'm life. That's a real bad job and made the mistake of like you put your finger on its own. This whole thing that I kind of put a whole the whole thing shifts a little bit just and that's the problem right it's fine to patents for you put a picture to mail. If you put your fists to the wall the whole store bigger than your fists and turned out like petty. Not really the best thing to face up to get a still hold my dad tells him fine. What drywall from Pope opener ten to the Walt actually it was a make my buddy eat good eat and you're out of your house but we are playing goal line stand stopped. He kept lose and say frustration he just kind of got up almost like that. But pace and just went right through quite to the wall yeah okay that we had a patch it up but it's funny my dad the same thing he hung out little picture over it. And hasn't changed in. Seventeen years. Right and it's never gonna go way that goes behind our own man but like when you're a kid. Your thought without walls are so solid right. So it took me it's a lit the first time we really illusion temperature temperature illusion temper. And put your fist through a wall it's almost Libya one you have smacked you lost or not but you didn't realize drywall Schuessel solved. And you're good. If you're like me it's essentially you're saying to Edward you're living at home with their parents like look you're near a place that's fine as a ball it sucks but you duel that. Motorola I am an argument to brother whenever it is an notorious hand of frustration and how you put your hand through a wall so momentarily at age twelve Buick. Boy I'm awfully strong but the new real click drywall was nothing and that holders is weird thing because. Even know you in your sibling had been fighting in arguing that it has gotten louder ones that poll shows up somehow at least in my house. Bull the most are going to be in trouble for this yeah from our files are I don't care who did what. Both you Rhode conflict and strategy. And now like all that screaming and all of that fury and all that pomp and circumstance eleven to its argument. Is now deathly silent. In your disturbing of this hole and now you've become routine where you were enemies only five seconds ago now you're reunited like. Oh my god. When dad gets home and now. Arnold by YouTube try to pad the whole time I Soledad and as an adult but as a kid. It doesn't make things better my brother who I always looked up who's doing the Smart one was wolf we cut it kind of square cut back it was a bad idea. Now does that bigger hole in the shape of square. He has not thought through like are we now we have scorer had an out of bull what do we replace it. See we didn't get that portion now we have simply got to square hole in the wall in my father was less than enthusiastic. Can when he got home yet and it's good and here's why. When he gets home he sees a hole and I would hate when he did he look good as both who said look. I don't know what happens in your gonna tell me what happened but it better not be the one you got Matt. Who's out damn why 84 or nine at 9990. Lol take a break be right back and because you are listening to the men's or radio network. My castle they try to charge and his fans say the ten best boy band songs of all times that's coming up our question today who snapped and why this is a crazy story. What began as a simple boarding disputed Miami International Airport escalated into a toward the force of playing drama. As a belligerent passenger was repeatedly stunned by police forcibly carried out of the seats. Then driven it through the terminal with a head hanging out the back of a golf cart. Like a man as they say in the article in a stock Kate did you see this guy yes this from the Washington Post and all that by the way it was before police say. The Jacob Garcia Al lunged for an officer's gun and kicked out a squad car window. Jesus. Garcia who was 28 years old with a a handlebar mustache. Booze. I up early this is a really bizarre situation okay. It all starts with a boarding of an American Airlines flight around 9 o'clock from Chicago headed to Miami. Before the plane can leave the airport Paula the police wrote in the report as seat mate accused Garcia of touching her without her permission. An American Airlines manager asked Garcia to switch seats according to police. And which point Garcia began to scream and insult the woman and her boyfriend and then a fight broke out. This guy seemed to be agitated on boarding and he was harassing passengers and saying racial slurs to several people shot according to a passenger on the plane. Who later recount of the entire incident on their Twitter feed. And many videos by the way of the first alt altercation were taken from the vantage point across the plane I'll etc. etc. Quote your ignorance because you've got all these people standing here a woman says in the video standing oversee that apparently contains Garcia your ignorant. The seats occupant reply. And a home. Put your finger down there in the sounds of fingered a slapping in Sioux. The flight crew asked all passengers two. So several Miami Dade police officers then boarded the plane. These subsequent cock. Per patient was recorded from multiple viewpoints by local interest in seeing Garcia removed from the plane. You need to stop talking dude an onlooker told them as three relatively large officers tried to lift the five foot seven man. From his aisle seat and everyone ignored the captain's voice over the intercom. What is the reason you're moving me from the playing Garcia yelled over and over what is the reason you're removing. Well you just assaulted a lady for one someone replied you're races for 20 someone else replies. What is the reason Garcia repeats I'm asking you right now. The officers Leno from one brought out handcuffs one said. Do and I don't fight dude. You have to answer Garcia said do not fight buying Garcia said tase me and you'll see what happens that was his quote. Tase me and you will see what happens we know what happens takes. Quite a few passengers delayed getting off the plane to watch Garcia struggled at the app several spectators drew back when they saw officer. Rudy. Distraught chooses something draws stun gun to show she anyway Johnson watch out he offers a warning. And many pins Garcia to a seat any aims the weapon. Now go ahead Garcia time to go ahead Johnson. I moved out of the way and the officer pulled the trigger. Garcia assured seem to Flickr with a electricity any hardly seemed to notice. Oh in their report police would explain that only one of the weapons two prongs attached to Garcia scanned the which might have lessened it's a fact they also explain what happened next. Get out of here Garcia a yacht and he slapped his hand away from the officer the at the officer activated the device again. And again. And again. And again and again ten times in total gang you know. But Garcia began squirming. Inquiring again and again like he was being removed from the plane. As he constant rapid clicking sound of the high voltage weapon. Sound dragged his protest in the back shank. She irons into you know the blame nothing is affecting this guy. A woman screens a man three. He is straining his neck for a better view what's going on after nearly a minute of zapping. Garcia twisted his head free from beneath an officer's knee looked up with the officer and a half smiled. And then said why am I being removed. We also don't get it on officers finally got Garcia and their handcuffs and cleared the other passengers from the plane. But as they dragged it down the aisle they rolled later the Garcia locked his feet around the legs in the seats in the area. And it was necessary to pull them forward and carry them toward the exits. He was walking by the time he emerged from the sky bridge Fisher tale have pulled up from the torso and addressed his fellow passengers as they once again to got their cameras. I need all of you he told the jeering crowd. Both in erupted is officers pushed him into the back of a golf guards prevent the sixth at one guy said I'm all sick said Garcia if you do not push me down. Two officers forced Garcia's stiff legs to buckle as is bending a stubborn mannequin and passed it passed him very impressed him into the back of his cards. They used a body weight oppressing them down so the he would set it and doubled over his head hung a few inches over the rear bumper as the cart sped away. And still he yelled. I mean everyone here is sitting miss Garcia us as does dominate. Played 2446 final live Miami an hour late American said in the pastors who remained denouncing the rest of Garcia's journey to jail but it did not get any easier. According to police. As mr. Garcia was being escorted from the terminal. He collapsed to the ground in an effort to impede the officer's efforts speaks as he's gone through everything in the book everything in the initial officer had been in effectively who's tried to stun him on the plane. Shifted then to lift him up. As Johnson. No this was a yes this is Johnson as he did this mr. Garcia reached for and grabbed the johnsons and Jesus man. Either knocked his hand away and according to reports and turned to prevent Garcia up from plunging for the gun again. When police finally got him in the car they said Garcia managed to kick the window out of it's frame. The Miami Herald reported the Garcia was booked into jail on charges of battery disorderly conduct resisting an officer without violence. Criminal mischief and attempting to deprive an officer would means of protection. The Washington Post tried to reach out to Garcia but CBS Chicago spoke to his former legal guardian. Who said he was a straight Dave veterinary school's student whose usual demeanor was nothing like the man in the videos. He's very giving very loving you know he loves animals and he really loves people lower down in a lot of people what is this guy out. That he piece over now they know what he's got to look nice and balanced he was taste ten times is he on drugs Jersey dropped. I'm saying drugs and that's impressed I think drugs regularly and slurring of speech no never wanted to be enough of alcohol. Usually those things come openly drunk I'm saying my man was high on my bats all sorts of who's out there why aid for par at 999. All life. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.