04-18-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Has Some Greound Rules

Wednesday, April 18th

Emails, Who Sucks Less, What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. I class guy and I've been around a profile that's our question men's or blanks I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing blank 844999. Old looked. Hello Matt welcome to the men's room. All I. Cho in high school we used to hang out of one of my buddies culture in the near our journey to carry on do whatever action we keep trying to do you want it to you live doctors Graham up there. And his grandfather also you know what the man at the stocks would go out to Hyannis style digest of all and so come home late at night we can simple into the driveway at the doorstep Croatia and then we talk whatever he'd go out throughout new legal cherry on. And oh one night we're just being jerks on the living there and you know those little chilly and chokes. She's had enough for arsenic and again and she comes out and we can hear coming out of it better Merck OG you know everybody here at your place stack like your sleep whatever or world there's you know out Abilene where where there. And what are my friends like pastel in the hallway or pretend indeed cast doubt the whole way and I can she truly on the short side. And I can sheet I'm always late she can't show what I mean you're like I got exceedingly cute I can't script is Nicky. And so here comes. You and your god. And I realized key not naked this latest porky Kagan. He only has which featured a. It's. Yeah. Walking around and right OJ Sochi then murder nobody else can she at this point. And finally each outstanding now and where he stopped he is right over the top of my other friend. These is saying it's millionaire resorted I don't know about early just keep regular Saturday you know and so he's just like cable you guys knock this crap up global global launch and world is trying to close and we realize that hole my god like you're seeing something like social or I'm non. I've ever seen anybody would you say port keep digging and all of the term. And I think you're right Steve I think it be words to seasonal the shirt on notepad I don't know why would hate to see a person just like they did that yeah asked why you have the shirt on the end of pants. They say yeah boot who really knows. 'cause like when I guess what I sleep naked but if I I'm not make it more than likely I'll just to fall asleep and boxers for America sure. Right I never have a shirt on and don't panic if I'm wearing you know anything price point probably aren't what these guys are trying to cover up is my kids who stay in their right of every month only newly Walken gets mad Milosevic and Islamic Shura not make it but I never would have a teacher nonopec I told you there's a hole. Term for those people I can use on the radio. Thank you know her. They're till the Mike her dad just kill mice from I don't know. Fat fat. I'm very aka not it what do you do that Bernie Sanders roaming groups of only Atlanta and definitely do yeah they just Wear T shirts and make shoes and that's their thing as it or anything know what I wanna see incomes. It gets on their thing I knew I'd get some really okay. Seems a little bit about a new really high. I I've heard a story of a guy that was paying mean girls die right because he's like knelt down time at her thigh level like Cheney garlic attacked 205. He doesn't realize that although porky pagers have come in on the album. So like when he's done he turns and it just enough of appears all and it's dead just staring at. Golf man's life. Miserable likewise it all never forget what happened out of his blank was wearing blank gave 449990. Look hello Paul welcome to the men's room this is. Lol yeah its. Blow them. Up pretty. Well let's get the best always and that you're not happy about it at all they're eight. It's. Bat I'm like everybody. Doesn't. Beat everybody about that they don't. Those these bags that mobile is proud of what I have back I guess you can. Am. Also learn. It would have thought all along that. Takes the shape and show just. And I'm not there at the main stage. And tabloid you're at all. This gorgeous girl comes up to me it probably didn't want him as he did grabbed. I'm in shock because I thought it. Quite well there are equal and but the ball out. A lot that your are now audit Bradley Johnson if you wanna got here. I don't have Brohm all the data is really gorgeous starlet. The. Oh yeah the political. So lineup they're opera at the weekend long at all but they have carnival ride. It out awful quiet. And they're Lleyton. We ought to be. What do they care column. And you pretty much the doctor thought we start in the a I also don't forget that yeah. Yeah I thought Qaeda suicide and got a lady that I remember that sue. Have you tried to recreate the magic of the throng like you do a major good luck go to an jurors here again. It's. I. Don't put some well. Probably you idiot would have let me. Let. Out that didn't really are you're about it. And have fun but don't know how bad I don't. I just think if you know. Thought about war is long one and a half to get a ball walk up to me in and lead me away about my junk with their hand you know like I I get enough matter to me that's got an email address tonight Hayward it lurk here we don't like is very weak ass attempt at self deprecating humor and all you know I was one of those deep bags shoes. Proud of what I had may have to be if you're all over the story leaves the fact that we got laid because what he had given only if you're default right obviously. Once I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing blank 44999. Cola. Hello Sean I'll welcome to the men's room. I don't and at K I'll never let. It's light and at a bike when he got there at that. And it read that predominantly a bit that and are you Obama is that a lot I aimed at. A little black air. Q I plan that I would only let god and they had either add them. So I ran an egg you'd direct imminent all of my nylon that I ran back the art and and then about ten minutes and yet I am right like you like and a look at it letting it. Yeah and an eight shot you may think my island I've been fired and I like how he met at. Well it hit that thing that you're not on. Yeah that's a noted that in every beloved dad. I know I need to get. Did you did you Bob and I didn't like hey man you gonna make a lot of money. Are you start that nobody said these things. Didn't know what nobody would I. And let me deciding I am and I think it only I didn't ignore that and expect and know. Yeah yeah bit they're also like imagine BMI candy you put your skirt and ion that it's called fashion. I am clearly didn't adopt like. And everything that they get out. A guy but good thirds didn't face funny how that works just an accident yeah I just have to really get that light you see we got toilet paper on issue right. I don't Norma Heyman loan program for your fly is down any of that comes to yeah and I don't duplicate let's listen I really really knowing it depends and so I gotta know you know you or it's gonna be or your old wire why would you tell. Sometimes she doesn't also log of the great dude man your Johnson announced. I don't know you got a new book by a barn door and you're up all our door and just just saved her look. Because your browser on windows barred the door yeah I had to do just say to work. I'm like him and what's so it is I'd taken Abbas on mad Don maybe 910 minutes of my walk through downtown by 101000 people one guys Carlton street all he's I was. Bond Norman and deploy to secondly would you to our blog dammit my eyes down man I'm within the rules again that I still odd the hugest that. Bob I know you never feel like. It's so I think eighty or just like you flies down used you Felix that you jackass I don't know that we're don't talk about our Martha good answers are there that says I got Linda and mark Norman oilman don't know. And there really haven't because flags wearing blank gave 4499901. Child and now that I imagine both I and phase chicken sting. The kid out average on the backside you see the cords it's. And the role and I'm borrowing my record took. Hello Fred welcome to the man girls. Oh on top. So I'll never forget. The bad because what. Turned out to be one might get but he's wearing. Back in the old golden garden days when they could have checkers. Jackie as would mean I know you guys are. Absolutely holes as a result your thing is Brian I doubt Amazon dogged irons so good this dude we're the good engine builder data are used up a lot of people listening probably know this guy is well non is very Smart she. Intelligent. And media guys do a little better job. Some cocaine on and that us. And then after he got done having sex with a billionaire's wife and little known governor Phil irons. I can actually no we we we get to know this guy and turned out. He likes to crop stress. All right all right this is awesome yeah yeah. And yes that air oops you know I yeah I heard it's really strange to see this guy. Such manly dude turn and at some checked. And I don't know man and until. Our manager is in the quite a lady areas. We oh not so pretty. We did that while we got a ambush for an ar ramadi Tony Tony's notoriously late for everything and let's say it's not useful when it so were brought to forty years old. I'm wrong and go bowling for those total Tony's gonna go separate because of course Tony isn't too bad blood about a block. So no chance to be there at the time we've agreed to meet while weak get kind of high. Before we decide to go. My buddy Paul is like hey man soared by my parents house we raided his mother's closet right and everyone dresses in drag. And we Goebel and granite we think this is how that is what we show up and obviously as soon as the ball pin. Nobody really wants to deal closed I think Roy degree worsened we are pro work. Were behaving pretty well Ballmer clearly just a drag but we saw bowling kind of forget about it if Tony shows up and again we've kind of forgot were dragged we've got used to. Tony walks right byes to you we can see actively looking for try and all that kind of strainer back. Walt tries really cute he does have notes us. I do is what you imagine the phase of any fringe you have who's going to be very uncomfortable joining your party guests and us are like Tony this week here's our voice looks right past them to get a recognizable as. We waved film. Man but look I'm Tony's face the look good to this year irritation. Discussed and the most action all of you wanted to do was not join us but. All he joined at present we went on to the. Our after that we went up a banner he was mad and us all. Night miserable I question I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing blank we get your emails all the way from the men's room mad men's or my dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. My question I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing blank and here come those emails in the men's room at men's in my dot com. 'cause I was at a certain I'm very very very small print said that nosy little tougher aren't you. He will lead in real close and they can read my shirt and an axle branded once they did without fail every time I wore that shirt. It would happen it always made my day I'll love you guys that from Gina. Our remember veterans a woman's shirt Jane very large breasts in a very small print probably same thing in this and nosy bitch. It could not believe in and look at and Martin tells us that this one tough thing was shirts that say a lot. But we really yet we're just facilities come and actually Alistair Adam but like I am trying to reassure. I'll never forget the time I saw my detonate it because he was wearing nothing male nudity is one thing it may even worse when it's your own father you know especially if you would it would seed in the morning. Wow. Now not W I really regret regret NL now. Oslo two quick stories my ex is a. Glow and I used to go swimming every week of the local pool one day I accidentally brought an extra pair of bikini bottoms. My ex stared his uncle to Wear them for ten bucks he did it and after a few Campbell's pun intended he got kicked out but we died from laughing at it. Story till my husband and I went to a cabin at mount baker with our friends my husband and friend Jon stayed up late odd dubbing and drinking copious amounts of boos. I welcome to AM to giggling John's wife was trying to get close on both of them. They had T shirts on but nothing else that they decided to run around the cabin give giggling and acting like toddlers. I said my husband down and lectured him while trying not to laugh and Johnston behind me the whole time apologizing. For his deep. All while I was seven inches away from my face absolutely hilarious Nidal. That from Whidbey Island Kara. Guys my wife and I went to a little beach in Maui last year was a nude beach you decide to go sit in the shallow water. While she was there are two men walked up on both sides Burke and decided to have a conversation. I was watching when she looked to the right and she was embarrassed but it's a dudes John was in her face. So she quickly turn to the left and more junk in the face. I was laughing so hard. That from John guys it was nearly seven he's my brother in law was bemoaning the fact that he didn't have a suit to where it was mother's funeral. His church gave him money to buy one and he bought a red and white checkered leisure suit anymore that's to his mom's memorial. That from day. Let's see Rivera you actually emails here for the men's or women's in my back out. Guys I suck I miss my husband's 41 bird today I just. Guided medicine I just missed out on my chance from the get a shot on the men's Europe it's too bad flooding you missed it. His birthday with the other day asked him what he wanted to eSATA LeRoy Jenkins but I was too drunk and I forgot. PS he loves hearing you all talk over each other about his drunk wife decides his name is Fred free. Yes please refer to them by the name. I know there's no we can't go to another sorry you're look man and manufactured at the Mayo tomorrow your old Luke LeRoy Jenkins about taking on new meaning I'm telling you guys don't say happy birthday when it's not someone's birthday now because although we do. The second Matt that let. No matter effective drug charge rank castle considered since been right out you know big birthday coming up there are coming up yeah I guess when it is. So we can guess to a sign that I'll never tell have you heard they don't want all their amoled bet I'll never Sam. Amid is a mile long it lost money Kyle's 27 birthday Kenny please get along with a birthday song a second up cupcake. And the dirty Germans talking about trucks thanks guys who laughs that from TJ. Oh. Yeah. Yeah yeah from what you do at the end UC can. By your truck. Like open you notice the fact is like. It is tomorrow is our little sister is 31 or brown the son she will be analysts all this is from yesterday but I'm doing it today because today is in fact her birthday. You are greatly appreciated you play what the evidence that ends and dirty Germans giving her some good hiking tips. I think you guys that from Andrew and Marisa yeah yeah. Crawl and if you want to hold. And hiked the Cousteau to investigate your trip yeah. And I nationalistic suspensions. Media powerball for protein and don't forget to grab two poor. And so did Sarah Swedes here at my 31 birthday last year as you guys for some sounds Al hitting the window all I gotta look bells that Jane aside and have come gate. However you guys are so high you couldn't do it. Of course Robert de has to be during legally but if you could please play those for me this year that would be cool thanks guys so again for Sarah suites. The criminality in the window and oh my god what the hell is that JNS I get a cupcake please. Oh yeah. Yeah oh. College those days my good buddy Davis heard today all of the guy like the older brother I never had mostly because he has the same sick sense of humor is thy. And then I would like to request the dirty Germans to wish him a very inappropriate birthday any really does like it dirty. Thanks guys that from Heller. Food that was so new book into my own brawl. Remember real and deep. And I want to get your kids in the muddy mess around yeah. I don't know don't call it is there's number days of Mecca for my 34 give thrill doing his best white trash impersonation. And from Kyle. My best white trash white trash impersonation of dialogues. It's huge. Mr. Cole has been trying to remember to do this for years since I'm the only person I know Elizabeth you guys down here Eugene Oregon. I push myself to happy 35 birthday I was going to get a European uses two small and Mike saying squish Medan. Thank god at all. That and Charlotte and seed in the world assists squish me all of my thirtieth Jerry Brown the son counseling for a birthday shout and a birthday song. How about. A little turn relax what they you'll like that and now finishing up maybe it was a dirty Germans. That from Ian in Ferndale. Okay. Let's introduce you to my goal twelve. And a kiss. Not a institution to my head to. Consistent cheese. Well known to smoke she's young she's she's not she's in case it's. She saw her. Pulled his kids so. Hello Michelle never realized how normal I wasn't dollars and deal. Is my fifth did turn brown the son and the best is yet to come gonna get a little girl faced sandwich. And enjoy chestnuts or Kirk cousins came on rock and aloha that from baby Louise. Our guys do you know. Yeah I didn't OK. Happy having you learn OK I didn't I didn't. I'd pay their pay good clean show. Made Danielle. As a did you Germans brought. Also available through news and world sings a men's lives does come another sign retailers. Who I am trying to fly me. When did an animal amaze you guys at a ride and I used to commercially fish in Alaska and seen many animals do strange things. I've seen grizzly and black bears fishing and streams on the shore or just molding around and hiking trails of in which case I steer clear. I've seen bald eagle swooped down on fifteen pound king Sammons kill them and switch them back to shore. And once I saw a bald eagle big of a tourist carrier and drop it over the road from twenty feet up. I've got sea lions sea otters nasty little efforts. Salmon sharks may be great whites and even eight juvenile purpose in my our purpose of corpus purpose. And I salmon nets and I pulled up creatures in the bottom of the ocean that even my college marine biologist teacher cannot easily classified. But the whose animals you can see are the whales. I've seen the me krill off of icebergs watch them bubble feeding. And even rammed into one while he was standing after he and his buddies they all the finish off our long line gear. But for the rest of my life I will always remember the time we're running across Chatham sound and had a pot of orcas what next to us. They played offer belt and we assumed they were teaching their new baby how to swim around boats I set on the deck for three hours just watching them. Needless to say if you wanna see nature in its finest Alaska truly is the last frontier and I would recommend anyone visits. Stay classy you dinosaurs that from col double mark. Bitches and Robin you most deadly can have a pet raccoon but it's very much a journal risk. My mother and her friends against several of those bets on the the northwestern Missouri and Barack tunes used to be so common that it's on the phrase. Crazy as a pet coon. Rock on boys that from Jacob listening on ninety point nine in Kansas City please let any wild animal. You could have its apparent writer oh yeah her story well that is dead Sig fear of greed and brought a whole. Time and am amazed me was about a month ago. I was down the beach my girlfriend and Wear out on the beach flight guide having a good time. There are seagulls flying everywhere and out of nowhere in eagle comes flying down the grabs a seagull mid flight and takes off to go eat it then killing it in the air. Crazy is as I've ever seen. That from Austin guys I am Aaron lane of the key and picketing Mississippi how would you say that. Is that hormone in Washington. The key you pay you think I'll like the paper the times make par I doubt I'll marry later that Picayune Mississippi the animal is rising mostly shim New York. Yellow dog and other sea world's general. It must take years to train that will do all that stuff that it does. And I guys I have to confirm the blue penny story with a dog I check out the same way after two years of hell but in defense of the dog the new pennies I got a hold of now. We're way better. Been married that over 27 years married to that yeah that from left from what I think well I'm married to black and act like like I married those paying honor today have also bars where names catching up by guys. In Montana Hawaii growing up those three are all Mary Janes donor. Fellas going to school with a family that had the last name but savage boats that have good no joke. Somewhere out there is out of this your last name what do the meat is a mrs. but savage who is also those a girl the last thing and cock. And you play girls across well then their names of the back to their booty shirts and heard but said yeah. Alone. Do reds. Well yeah. Please get them in your read and they Philly area look at your show Cuban W forgetting F bombs that from Philly gym. We're not in Philly. For some reason tho had been Philly area due to a new look but yes but that's better than Mancow here's a note from the very high and that's a backpack by his play I agree nice place stampede. Back in high school memo buddies who go booze cruising outside of Kerney Missouri MP off a bridge on the passing cars and I 35 fans laugh everytime it it's just. Just get a convertible you don't bring it to others out today but birds yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah yeah. Yeah blue. A time of the ever reflect last year through you have it three stories in the news it's up to us to determine which of these three stories. Suck the least now be like a men's room on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter and into my big debate is already underway on whose Sox laughs and Iran miles we have three stories here each one of these stories reinforces our commitment that people are also everywhere. But today incidentally we have been Lancaster Pennsylvania school board. They'll be competing against state and Mahan who chose to represented local courts in Florida. And another taking on a Russian morgue worker. What sort of Lancaster Pennsylvania we brought you this story the other day but it's worth compete. A teacher by the name of high old Tyler I he's an eighth grade teacher. At hand at middle school Lancaster Pennsylvania and he says in his own words quote. My students worked my bucks off this story last week standardized testing and while they were focusing on the Pennsylvania system of school assessment. He closed end it'll have to dribble they each get a single whole grain pancake that would lead he did during the test them. A look he's not likely to be fired for this coming from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. All right thanks for the month. All but 5% to 95%. Of the students. In this guy's class a from low income families every sombre day. Might we go to Hotmail that got so undertaken the task which is like three hours on Brett. I mean you remember taking standardized put a good day to able Gloria all my number two pencil that's got so. Right he made that he made these paintings for. Well the thing is. What are the assistant principal walk into the class during the test and told him right then and there Heyman. You might be fired for calls and abstraction. That was the first Sunday kids were distraction during the task is from deeper said nevertheless the 38 year old he's broken schools and 13 team. I won't say what he says Melissa say he's not fond of that decision but he might lose his job for feeding your students during these ridiculous pointless tests. So that's my guess now. Let's go to the fine state of Florida were loads faces in this country one of the benefits we haven't you wanna represent itself in court you can do as good a good idea never. And in this case and Mary's county man he's a trial for rape. They decide to represent himself but Gary is generally his defense position. He says he could not have committed the crime because he is and was the quote a good looking guy. In the victim there's 300 pound now man this is as the fans I Zell Lewis that's the guys maybe chose to represent himself very last week chassis will be. The judge recommended heavily. Against good to finally make consenting to the motion into the mine when the judge considered to demotion. In rings the work of the court court appointed lawyer for the stuff. It should be noted that that attorney. He prepared to motion to dismiss the case. Because the prosecution builder report the discrepancy regarding the date of the alleged offense they gave Judith debate basically this would have gotten Flores. But there's got to decide to represent himself to judge him tried to explain my hey. There goes your lawyer with a good chance nothing's gonna happen. Consider how good a defend myself again his defense because I'm good looking streak she's Korean depends a good about it. Now let's go to Russia or more we have more workers and in this case. A morgue technician he has been fired after tests revealed that he had sex. With a corpse of a murdered the reality stuff. So the rush of the quorum and of TV show Big Brother one of the women that have been around metro may have to pay for when she will live. She's cute to look like any contestant that goes on Big Brother all right well she died from what ever called and she died in 2008. He had sex for her body. In 2008 the reason he got caught. Those questions sort of swirling around her actual cause of death so they exhumed the body. Looking for something else entirely on the range DNA test all they realize oh no been sexually assaulted after delegates engine at all. Beverly and came back Federal Reserve. He didn't deny it and as you can imagine. He lost his job so again. We have the Lancaster Pennsylvania TG board ordered teaching board not the teacher not that teachers themselves but I do board. Who's threatening to fire this guy for making a single whole grain pancake. For each one of the students during the standardized testing. They're taking on the floor a genius who has chosen to represent himself in a rape case but he alleges he's too good looking through rape her because she's 300 pounds. And they're competing against the Russian more worker apparently sexually assaulted he corpse. Over reality started years prior but only got busted because they've consumer body for something on related. But he admits that he did a. Mean I'm so urging a more of. Yeah I mean I guess maybe I mean it sucks that teaches and lose his job made nothing that's actually just because. The vice principals following the letter of the wall most goals made does that make it any better but. I just can't say hey guys it's really been dead are you the break in a minute. The neck for feeling I just can't. I just can't do it. No real bad about that okay man. They get down. Save fuel alike and instead face longer follows on Germans are lively debate continues on whose side flats are gonna bring it doesn't the shot of the day the return of what you don't need to know it's obscure with some weird rules in sports. As coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you. It's true. I have demonstrated just going to be shot of the day is the most joy about first. We're full of useless information. And do you have are too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So lending here on the men's room shares what you don't need to know. As they say is wardrobe looks to me very dense gala dinner because they have to account for every. Possible scenario and although we believe we know a whole lot about sports as far as the rules are concerned. There are some really obscure stuff about territory after today is ready USA today thirteen of bizarre rules in support tools are you guys know any of that us. NFL rule 113 to 81 point safety the one point safe. I mean. The whole overall thing I do think maybe if you're going poorly. It's a long shot the plane after it happens when there's a safety on an extra point that takes in which resort is no more points for the tackling team it is having a couple times in college but has never happened in the NFL. Technically one point safety can be scored against the kicking team tools for the ball would have to somehow travel all the way back to the other end zone which is ridiculously unlikely. All right you know of rule 38 in the NFL that's the drop kick. Doug Flutie did so well pointed out there you can drop the ball to get off the ground up the up rights for one point Doug Flutie did an Indian of the 2005 season. As a joke in it actually yeah NFL football game. But it had been converted that nobody out double to 1941 before that. Our little Major League Baseball rule seven point 05 B no had to catch that's right. The players are not allowed to catch a ball in his hat if he does what does the ruling. It's not a out. Three basis really tricky to judge then is that it's triple a that's exactly right I NFL rule 1143 the bearcats kick was and this. If they punt return our calls for a fair catch. The receiving team then has the option of attempting an undefended field goal from the spot in other words. I punt the ball out of the back of the end zone it's a short I maybe I've called for a fair catch at the current rider has changed. I'd catch it I can kick a field goal from now point. Un defend. To the ticket that the team to receive the ball they can give you feel they can kick a field goal date fair catch thing you decide to take it at all. It's only have a couple times so ever Cisco 49ers actually attended one though those in. 2013. But it was a 71 yard K okay well that's a problem so they did not current top. NHL rules sixteenth up point three these are obscure rules in sports the blood rule in hockey. Now high state normally a minor only Princeton Droid X heads up players to the penalty box bitumen. But if high sticking causes injury refs can't assess a double minor. Which means four minutes in the box so what constitutes injury in the NHL to blow I think blood you've got to see blood NCAA I know my rule for one know dunking before the game in the final twenty minute countdown begins you can not dunk the basketball if you do. You can get a technical even though the game hasn't started and other little known reasons for ten goes before the game or during. Face guarding him. Climbing or lifting the teammates attempting to free throw that's not yours today and possessing or using tobacco and one floor. In European jazz and the union regulation is thirteen to. No cleavage back in 2000. Well the European just union announced a women wearing shirts are blouses they only have bullets the second from the top button open. During competition worth doing is two months on the entire certain she's disqualified and there you go what you don't need to know our iPod and we manage and arrogance. And this is so pure. Men's room knows just. That is dead as usual way ahead of the very best chance he would throw a find out brewer tells them yes indeed and today. We toast the NYPD. Specifically those working in the fine Borough of Brooklyn in this case the Brooklyn cops. Well they got a call from a desperate mothers called my mom once she said her son was being disruptive he busted up their home he'd run off the obviously. Has some mental problems so. Court tomorrow said he was acting really weird he was breaking up my apartment he was storing a breaking up I stop you broke all my China so. The cops show up and find they confront the guy and they tried to subdue them and they already know he's an a bad frame of mind. And in this case she's been remarkably uncooperative but they asked him what happened he's like why are you harassing me and listen listen. Your mom called us a delusion yourself he denies it keeps freaking out or eventually. They tackled to the ground they had the star on this guy three times just to subdue home. But finally get him under control of parliament an ambulance they're gonna drive to the hospital but. They don't get his mother and say hey if you wanna say and think you're son before we take in downtown Wheaton went through a lot of trouble we got. So she wants an ambulance and looks elements of that is not so. Oh mean that was not the birth of this is why he was resisting arrest there's a good. That's so do they got the wrong guys. So important those wounds imagery goes booze because we think it's yummy guys over the song downloads for a few parties in our Tommy's. Downed power outage I'll. Particularly not in line for low profile this eight for Florida 999. Ol' luck. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.