02-20-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Spins Some Oldies

Tuesday, February 20th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Hard Rock Albums of 1998! Plus What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Was thrilled. Reading. Being from out West Virginia I'll check there's a there's a statewide news service there and they gather there's no hometown paper but they do pretty good job covering the entire state of West Virginia. And what I do and click on from time to time it weaker every two weeks goes by whatever. There is a guarantee ATV accident of some showing it. Where someone is completely. Multiple injuries depending on if people are doubled up riding or whatever the dealers. And then last week I read where guy used to play in the NFL. And his name is Mohamed Massaquoi a believe decisive and remember all right well the reason that he's not around anymore and not 2013. He went on ATV. Arrived in Christ his hands. Any lost his entire hand so now his hand is a by on I can't Piazza's problem. But the rest of his hand is completely by downing and he just today interview like hey you may be wonder like where we're that I ago when an enemy when I retire laden have gotten. And so now he's got to buy uses the excuse right exactly it's that is pretty crazy my heart you you ride quadrant indeed our it was the worst nights and you've had on the. I win on. You just a little tiny jumping I was goofing off and I landed awkwardly actually waited on one we'll. Because an added and it was it was on the back wheels would slam the rest of my forward and I cannot flung off the thing. I still had my hands gripped the handlebars when live with me in the damn thing fell on top of me. Yeah yeah Lego man yeah right now I wasn't seriously oh my god screaming heard but that was the first time that I ever you know Dave. Gimmickry looks overly said are you OK and I just kind of fell back in the sand. I had actually cracked a rib and I was a little bit contest and guide that explains a lot more about I that the man's this with a top speed on that that bush. I got and then my dad's rafter one time and it had it actually is Saddam and Iran it. And I think I got that thing up to 65 miles an the issue because you can go flying off that thing at all yeah right that got way too much power man and now it's like you grab yeah exactly did you Wear a helmet at the time of course all right the middle of its market but we stayed in the early today I had a helmet knee pads shoulder and I okay that that's I mean beginning the I would just think if you're going that fast and an open air vehicle that any playing time did you lose control of the and you gotta be you gotta be the got to look at and sometimes you get the death while. The deadlock after a while 65 miles an hour and it's it has been exactly administered in the break and I saw that badly back and I thought no way to bring chaos and death while they with a motorcycle migrating that death while Bolton slowdown in the threatening if it is the fifth at what's module is now part of the original package 844999. All of them are gonna call that my finishing move and master the death while we don't. Hello Jake welcome to the men's room. Blow. Deluge that. An excellent story kind of would concur. Most nineteen my first print over a period saying it local Jacob's ladder now. I got weird after that. I was on all the cool little wind really I'd change that actually. Had my car keyed on and. That's that's your penis. Yes you put all of move came only under penis in the budget cart yet. I just feel like that is that is the really bad I went and I'll like the big heavy ones now that you don't mean like the the keyless entry is on the filed suit right. Is that is that too much weight. That a single key you think. I don't know I don't know how Long Island new I don't have keel like that I can move old. Thin metal ones that started like 89 Chevy and I. Colonel got saw how long did you keep it what went wrong why did you decide this was a bad guy. So help you later a more than the restaurant. Where all messed around with these others like Colin itself. I guess the other than that permit the chain was being announced and so that obviously didn't pull any told the wallet chain. And the and boom boom boom. Boom boom I'm a banner. Now. And I would have had. I know the National Guard. I mean did you rip it. Out of here you know. It is just just feel yeah that he Google all of whom we have the right so that's to be in there. When I'm him I circumcision I'm sure that I don't have good thoughts and I mean like anything a good job man did you let rip did you finish your shift. Though the NASCAR would explain to the mosque next days lie I had to leave because my excuse me bleeding. Border that is not. I'm not even ask the name of the restaurant that has that I can only that ultimate man oh man now. Bob sorry ma'am add a bit I worked object years ago in the kitchen. And she had pierced nipple. It was I guess I did Jacob's ladder as well right aren't I straight I don't remember. And to see don't know you know and put those there's always found out she had pierced doubles on this particular night she was working to grill. British opens and I were flying along and then they're just as blood curdling scream and basically she's working the grill you leaning over. The metal. And her dog what's up man unlike. So good court arrives at her she screams I don't know all right we're allied war is going around met. And she's Koppen boobs you know going dude are you on some computer you all right just like. There's minimum bid is just so hot so might. Our why aren't you going back there because they hear I'll figure was an element Olivier as soon as he disappears my children like ten minutes later she's kind of smiling but. She can get the warm company a little called arise inside. All just like a car chief ministership. I got believing he was guy there but Cuba where I had to go to the doctor tomorrow. To tell them what little man I usually call Verizon but we put around Gorazde a little you made desserts and silence at least you didn't have all the way from the heat if it's. Let's just let's fragment. I'd never thought about I never thought about NAFTA on Wednesday Amanda I do remember in the in the and college or wants wells it was a nice East Coast Goldstein dates and 4000 college men lows are you today what Els who I'm all my limited Seattle's across my grandmother did you know did that in undergrowth and ultimately anyway I go in the sun. And you forget you had a thing on all your like lately you'd you'd bend over in the sky is hang and so wasn't touching. And also like he'd sit up and as historic six. If you can burn a cross into right exactly just exactly what I hear it's great. Matthew was not part of the original package 8449990. Le hello and welcome to the men's room. Doubted whether it's. So. What I does not got a metal plate in my eye socket. I didn't and eighty back in like 9490. Pilot stationed out of Guantanamo Bay Cuba. And I was at a party are based sounding. And I was at London born girls Ehrlich had a boyfriend it would never be. A liability. And that you showed up and I started I let me. Had about all right. I was a ticket. And that energy had be showed up and I didn't sit down. And when I'm tackled me and that you guys just recently showed up help you first entered that Billy club out. Dad dad beat me at the base where that moved said. I would medevac Dunbar Jon hood or is that they'll all over the but I doubt I'll alert did reconstructive surgery debit. That's my cheekbone and scratched my target. Sounds like you've got a worse off than the prisoners that are. Yeah when Todd the need to be reprimanded for the vote. Oh. Though no one had Q that was my first he valued at age sixteen got busted out. And that the Taipei about ballot I want to cap the well I would bet a liability cap is now. I got to spend about six months and I had to go through I called screen and anger management let them. A week after I'd seen at their commanding officer to have former captain. I would recommend quarters receiver and or your your conduct toward. And now the capitalists bit and I mean look at I'm big on top layer read about the picture. And I'm just saying you know you go out but it down. Disbanded but also required well. How long are you in Cuba love for for service before he had to get medevac out of there. I would probably about a year out. And then got mad at backed down under I came back and I and the Mercury about whom and cap is now that so why and. Content on my name and stop much like the Denver omelets I only know the Cuban sandwich did you have a Cuban sandwich while you were in Cuba. Now we really didn't have to make you regret restaurants they're what we did have a lot of Jamaican national Glenn let me take some man up guys and coach. Oh yeah well remember who's great and if like allspice. Jerk if you don't like goals by its normal they would when they reconstruct your face. How close is it too which had before like what do you notice is different. Blonde I'm not they're they're looking to get less. At its own minds. Our guys inside they put it did they get along the side and I have all my endowed. And it did their work and their. You have a business in the off more than anything else was the fact that you're you say so the middle you're not the best looking guy to begin with and now you're still. A little Mac on this guy's girl party that this amount. Yeah yeah I think a little bit about. And then you know you don't get me and I just said it kind of debt. Now we now know would do it sure. Well in the world library the co that I remembered that was a again I think we did he say yeah I remember when what do you what do you dormant. I mean now that you should be getting in fights but if you do there what general parameters that you understood the point one qualities knocked out or once somebody is is this had enough you know you don't keep kicking him in the head you don't do that kind of stuff so do you see that where it's being taken to a different level after the fight sort of hinting Carol. What are your friends might pull somebody off from get involved that was but you let people go until you're familiar problem. Right motorcade with them yet another thing. Upgrade its vigilance that he didn't get enough that you were blessed I think in a restaurant I was like you're a good answer on my record we'll try to explain it. Think if if you picked. You really think elephant. It's hard drive dazzle is coming up we'll Hispanic and they'll get the ten best rock albums from twenty years ago the year was 1998 eligibility you know we go back in time a little bit but he rude people addition and how there were manners were kind of set in stone for a number of years back you don't write history fact you know like wait for everyone to get off the elevator before you jump on. Back in federal rule always you're always out all these things that kind of gone away come up with a which you don't need to know. And a question what about you was not part of the original package you get your emails coming up next. From the men's room Edmonds or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Was miles short sided charge Brian castle on the pistons fans they will go back twenty years for the ten men. Rock albums from twenty years ago the other was. 1998 that is coming up where it didn't spend make you feel a little bit all our question today what about you was not part. The original package and here come those emails the men's room at men's or my dock costs. Guys originally had a bone marrow transplant and when I was born I was 100% female the because I had a note donor. My blood and bone marrow are now all nail all in the rest of my DNA mail. And the rest my DNA is completely female. So now I'm half male half female because of my day. High school or whatever I I don't know this would be very soon. I'm confused Cambodia we'll talk to you later called the show sometime explain out jam to answer your more. Woman your bone Merrill proved why go through dude but I have yet Motorola's on half male half female. Undressing. Guys there Robin and answer to today's question what about you was not part of the original package my left hip. Got replaced at 44 years old seven years ago broke a when I was sixteen being a dumb ass drive it. Here's an extra pick Florio regards guys at from a gem. Guys my friend has a false front tooth got a little too drunk as bachelor party and threw up in the toilet after that he would sleep and when he woke up on his wedding day morning. He looks in the mirror and noticed his front tooth completely missing. It apparently got flushed down the toilet the night before. He told his wife to be about the problem and she freaked out non there were getting photos taken that morning partially. They were able to get his Dennis to do a temporary replacement to help them make it through said photos needless to say he did not start off on the right foot with the new bra. That's from bill I don't know why anybody anybody in their right mind and I have I've seen this movie before and granted it's normally when. A bunch people fly and I. But you should never do the bachelor or the bachelorette party. The night before you're getting Karl now now known it would be like one these three weeks away from that it should never real well real fluid together we decide to go out by Gould no no no. Don't do that now they just must have been ex boyfriend knocked my front tooth out he dropped the phone in my face trying to tickle me I contemplate whether or not make up a cooler story. Since being tickled sound so extra stupid still waiting to get a new tooth in the meantime I just glued that price back arm. That peace back on. That's from Jeanne believes he we do we still can't we still get to that name right well what does Soviet ZHYA. In. Zion and Zion and Zion I think it's Xeon Zhi Jian who thinks although we know that the or another we just messed it up again. I don't have to our viewers are emails in the men's or amendments in my back dom. Paranoia and I'll read just today is my nephew Harvey's first birthday Anderson in my had a birthday can he get Mike's bitter baby batter. Thanks guys from your biggest. In my whole fan that Cody that would be a Massachusetts bad you see obviously write any better maybe bad. Am I there may be better at it adds. I guess I can try to every makes a little bit that brought about some butter but he said this may be batters better if I put it in my baby baby batter it'll make my baby batter bettors should not have been a better they be better. But sooner better baby batter meter bitter baby batter batter so does better Betty bought about a bit of better baby battles. Okay Jerry goes Jerry when you say it. Our guys my amazing rockaholic daughter Marleau is on her nitro Brown's son she's obsessed with a men's room. Can we get her birthday shout out where they kid's face and woods a suck it up cupcake. And the size of LeRoy Jenkins thanks guys you are the best loved Danny. I. Here's an interesting one my one and only son turns eighteen today he's been listening to you guys for more years and I would like to admit. I've attacks day picture of miles role and my son from 2013. Ending to this is a replay from a 2021 when and how long ago that was. He was thirteen at the time. I really don't wanna encourage him listening to your show let alone meet any of yield thank you muddy was determined and figured out how to make it happen so I drove merit of the show and gave a mature that you guys offered. I must admit you change my mind you're incredibly nice to him and me sent us home with even some beer ads we do what thirteen year old listeners hear kid. This has amend your courage already. Maybe your mama I have one. Your shows a lot of stamina conversations about it never happened for that I thank you guys and now I was open you can create just the right birthday message. For this incredible young man that turns eighteen today. Maybe if they sandwich perhaps journal sex or whatever you'd like to do I think we should do your penis is too small. Haven't heard them model that from your mom fish sandwich. Barack let's say. I would like to request birthday song for my beautiful girlfriend Shelley G makes every day special for me. So this would maker de extra special for you and other Sarah Palin I jeez Louise on LB Greg guys that from such sushi. Well. A she moved weak opponents Illinois Denver today to the crank he's remained ever Patrick Heath warning for going on sixty and he would love to hear Robbins speaking German. Please and thank you keep on Moroccan Nat from and a. Yani prince this seemed boys and food for me. And the only understood more words then again it. Comes a point and now for me. You sound like when someone used to record messages backwards he regards navy and we what you re Burgess. How mauled to free tomorrow. At Attica. Yeah and anointed an oil company that's when you don't have got to believe you walk backwards and said that it would cut every board there and I'm. While threw it at an ideologue or shot onto my gorgeous wife Amy it's her Tony I'm Jerry Brown the son. She absolutely loves you guys can't get enough of the show are gonna hook six months ago we listen every day. Economy only Ron Jenkins and the dirty it's Germans he got talking about her gorgeous long red hair. Love you may of that from your husband Daniel. Yeah. You know low this morning reds yeah I don't know what does not speak. Best friend T magma Travis 32 today. A one under experienced the penis is too small and the dirty Germans talking about some dirty construction projects that from your buddy Eddie. Big construction market wanted to treat to look at the go down. Got a guy here where it's then. My wonderful husband John's birthday he's 33 years old and desperately needs and dirty dirty Germans maybe Joey chestnut thanks guys that from Kimberly. Arco most of them off the hop tonight and you'll have to. I thought I heard Brian you to elements are in today's his birthday he's a great guy and I'd like to make his birthday. Extra special about us are gonna come gate and one of those talk and talk and Todd Graham ball impressions from miles thanks guys banned from Sophie. Tired of watching these rashes she's tall tall can talk they do enough to achieve Dini who ran us an update is tall can talk is only do I just want him to wrestle. But analysts say about Cory they can I please its internal lacks followed by the dirty Germans commenting on the wax job. Keep on rocking guys out from big Tim. Okay okay. Please go up. I would provide until last week. To publish your ability. It is like it was my gorgeous wife turn had a bird take any humor I European houses do small. And some dirty German doc thanks guys that for Mike. William they'd be on the question I want to. All register as I did did Jerry Brown a son about some journals I just dug it up god gave an account debit job next gallon up from Cody from grand Mac. How old. I. There had been no. Medco all of our guys do ya home. How do everything I love it hey how did you haven't learned hey have you yeah it's okay. I am in good time you bet yeah. Suzuki chairman Bronson. Also available through these we'll stay on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. And im sure might apply. Sure guys that I need to pick me up currently in a financial slump were work seventy hours a week. And can't seem to find my way battles you guys every day after work and really is the only thing I look forward to every day other than seeing my two kids when I get home. Thanks for me and our guys in the show appreciate the humor you guys bring up from Stevenson wrote in outlook manned up and get your kids I've got kids I think at some of the world for hours your kids look. I get home I'm still haven't see my kids in the within five minutes until both of these. In the interest of limited time couple things guys I was actually in Springfield Illinois when I heard the story of Lincoln's bust in his nose being rubbed off the number that story actually out there and run shiny and act gambling can just a few minutes from his grave on memorial. I intended to but I didn't have a chance to send a picture of his bust outside of the tomb. Because his nose is so worn out there to. Maybe it's just the thing when it comes to Lincoln you rub his nose also hour to restaurant as a second job a few nights a week. Granted it's El Paso, Texas and the armpit of the people in Texas. Do not hate it well done steak. I'm more orders for burn meet them properly cooked meat at least six to one a damn shame it is that from Shane in Tucson there's no damn I am today and tomorrow Texas caliber you don't lose our university drive in charge. Now time once again for us to sit and spin. Yes friends it's time once again at all yeah. Six and spend a Mets gather around the old radio and listen to some as well. These lists are always sell are always interesting to me because he little nostalgic sometimes and and and I think to your point earlier miles you. You don't realize that all of this stuff came out in the in the exact same year you look back and even you know what if any team you know it's pretty good but let me just give us a little while they are what I've not seen the list so I don't know but miles also made the admission that might look. Looking back to you realize it was agree yearbook. In 1998 you did not necessarily agree that all these ILL gravely because a lot of the bands that we knew as popular huge bands in the ninety's were not doing much. Come 1998 and you'll look back in 1990 pound mass early ninety's started with a bang goods coming out right here you know any but and and hindsight you know a lot of these towns along these artists turned out to be laughing huge you know and and there were still a couple of artists that were hit you know what you think of his big night these fans were still obviously act of 1990 reporters who doubts that this was a year of. Little affair this was the era of likely Gin Blossoms in the spin doctored or they might have. Company that was more like the moral of the ninety's right and then the in this nightly popular popular rock music started to get real heavy exactly and that's what happened kind of at the end of the night that started to give back toward Iraq a little bit less that a little bit those to authorities right and exactly. So these are the ten best rock album from twenty years ago on six. Forty years old black for the forty years old in the spring and at the foot up to that are becoming almost went to. Celebrating their twentieth anniversary and while you focus solely earn a play. He put he's saying on this that he puts in the guitar on the simply drums on this sort of his thing back that yes. And it's Iraq an album it is great all got great out against Iraq and it sounds very raw you can tell and it doesn't sound like and now that was. That was recorded in a really nice studio with the extra producer and all that's obviously this got. These guys put this thing together and some recommend what I like that with a that was out but that's twenty years that's twenty years ago to only allow these are the ten best rock album from twenty years ago. It's. There are now. All throughout the night. Ever since god was a smash came about how this album also gave us everyone's favorite son pretty fly for a white guy that the album on Americana. Offspring yet. Twenty years these kooky kooky elsewhere and you know those guys still build onto their onto. Is there any way. The worldwide under grant went so that I don't know man can't like do I still think chemical agent that causes oodles like a Ph.D. or some other doing something more fun now well you know you can immediately and they broke it you could be a musician and make its Hamas wanted to socially and vice Versa the other side gig like when his buddies in the mail and I'm a believer also played really Smart guys. So they just did this that prominently. Accidentally got a record right so I know there's no way you can hear her give. I like and I keep it separate itself is playing good movie but. So botnets aren't just that you knew what I'd already get a real job I have a PA ST what do you bought the isn't it best rock album for twenty years ago 1998 on six. Holes out. Celebrity skin you guys over the film due out this program this is a couple years after reliever vs Larry flick came out. Courtney Love was right dying and now she's always I think Billy core again. Yeah I think Kurt Cobain wrote all the previous stuff Billy Corrigan wrote all of this stuff right big down for all. In nine and 1990 at this from a loud wired dot com by the way Saudi an escort to my car earlier because. According are you ever see you know GRC. And you know it's a group Bob Barr you know. Both limits enacted there was a song called. Yet you yet. Think it was some celebrity skin off the some exactly they're pretty good actually not an I don't know I didn't mess brought down from twenty years ago on city. Rob I'm really found his groove. Well on the show I think right you're wrong I'm pretty sure this was his first solo album after after White Zombie. And just I mean just massive and this that. I don't know Goldman brand Y zombies. I'm only golden curls the ball on the growth of Carlo not invited. To ignore movie I think economic effect and I was wobbled want to Black Sabbath. If I could if if you could. That is that this is a nice rob zombies hillbilly from Powell's Iraq. Ten now best rock gallows or twenty years ago on the curse. Okay you lose. So this wind RD hole what he let them calling rap laughter I was really really started take up armor replaying this on the radio people. Man. You're playing radically rental carry weight rap music we all his free agents the rough you know the same people who hated us for playing got Kid Rock rap music all the sudden now Lou Kid Rock movement Mara that god knows what he's self. Now if they're not that no one can ever said that Dell without cause of that was all I can rough fourth album vital tools for his error of the ten best rock album for twenty years ago. I'm. Like 2000. It's a great job super genteel I think with the song. This I like this song when it came out yeah but not like I like it now this is one of those songs and I think this is true a lot of folks down onto that I can listen to them. 1015 years later god damn that is the question is I don't play and and they said look man what would these unique that we don't want to be trouble right now. While groping fiftieth here on. After any given relief weakened to some level as two days of favor with some of the song given the fly if you if if you appreciated thing you'll appreciate it more now if you did not appreciate that you might feel like I'm mentally I'm nervous. And yes I think if you're just I think if you're zeppelin fan you're really liked and out as far as social and on these are the ten best rock album for twenty years ago. Yeah. How else. Since earlier. You probably did not like the south this is very polished like Disco. Marilyn Manson book for me this is really meant to cast doubt this is a group top to bottom. No kidding a mechanical animals is an awesome awesome out and enjoy a gallon for twenty years ago 1990. Okay. Came close. Aside from the biggest coolest things go rock music to their first down came out in 1998. Aptly titled. Queens of the stone pitch well in my twenty years and best rock album from nineteen. I'm Rick she. Third album came out and 98 to shave until they broke up not long after the sun came out is very hard for our time I got back together again in 2012 that I don't got back together again in 2014 they are currently together. I'm just pleased that and that's brought down for twenty years ago on defense. Yeah. It's almost. Huge Andre here corn corn was fifth leading up the sound there even bigger afterward there's it was a great crowd beginning of like a good like seven year old rock moms. Sorry to hear all that stuff is a shame that all players on this. What I'm gonna eat right toward McCain yeah overall you'll calibrated doesn't shut it down another turn of what's known now what you don't need those up next the real people addition. You are listening to the men's or radio network. I'm very adulthood shall today also profiled as on the way the first. We're full of useless information. And do you have are too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So Lyndon here on the men's room chairs what you don't need to know social and again. Used to be a big deal another player rolls out there the people just don't pay attention two anymore and it simply don't follow in with these a lot of them people say if you don't. He can root so if any of these pertain deal. According to. Country living magazine from way back in the day country living hundred living magazine that's huge amount mammoth so here the Tony of the best ones from identified different categories classic things that people used to do. OK I always say please and thank you. Hold the door for other people try hard it is hard educated beyond time. If you need to send handwritten thank you note to somebody and if people needed like from the Golan multifamily your hardships bring food to people. Like someone passes away raritan new neighbor comes in the down now phonetically. Oh here ago first of all you should always step a way to answer a call. Did you please. There's nothing worth nearly half of conversely yes it is rude it. To not look someone in the when they're talking to you you should not be looking at your fault. So the little conversations among stalking you look at your phone do you look back at them that's pretty group. Our mutual ringtone when your movie. Or anywhere else that might annoy people and return phone calls as soon as possible because combat depending on the situation now when you're out of public. So makes up for a lot of you Wear decent clothes now the job of bottoms don't swear especially around kids always use your turn signal when driving. And wait for people to get out of an elevator or subway foreign trade and I have. How on me a lot of it played until everyone has their food before you start if I'm the big one in my office all the time. Good table manners when an athlete on your lap. You with your mouth closed we will talk when your mouth fault and always push your chair and when you leave it to them out of it every event for your system enough. I'm mr. three of us and for parties and events always RSVP right away ask before you bring gas they don't know always show with a gift like a bottle wine and appetizers. And always avoid controversial topics like politics and her let's. There get there you go on what you don't need to monitor and experience. So do you rank. Men's room knows just. Cabinet finish your thought they had the finreg death dance fever throwing out a flat out nortel's yes indeed it today eight. As we did last time we toes 24 year old Lamar chambers of Essex England I am now becoming a huge fan of this guy. Lamar he's been detained by police since January 17 and as I've explained twice before and he was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking. And Mike average wage why is reform act. You literally swallowed any and all available evidence. The police had a custody. Awaiting formed group he wouldn't do keep mama world record for not whooping and being in police custody of 24 days. While you're at bats that he denied a little while ago today were told to him because he is now. I'm Dave 34. Into the mind of the way the rules were giving him. The police and are running out of time to detain him without evidence if he keeps this up Illumina wanted to magic number I'm not shorted they have to keep going to a judge. And ask for five more days rights of your five day do an extension every time and the judge obviously been willing to do that but it's to stay 34 but the drugs Conley look. I understand torn you know the evidence. Dayton thermal praise Clinton the comeback lost something. We're both those bones imagery the boos because we've taken the young major act all of the song and download the world to party in our Tommy's. Now I'm at home habits or not. Particular nano line right now a 44999. All of profile that's coming up. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.