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Wednesday, January 10th

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This is dumb man whose true. Itself. A setting my car 9844990. Global player profile that's coming up in minutes. Editor headlines on the way one hour from now first we check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right police in Washington DC you're looking for someone who broke into Interpol leg and ate a trail Barbara tell us. Did you think that there. Hey man if you have not had Barbara code build the bomb go is delicious that is a fine choice for criminal. And I completely agree yeah I mean look at got a regular people and if you get a steal money that he DiMarco. About encouraging you to do it but if you're gonna do it that visited the farm bill is for it in the delicious it was an after hours. Promise you I don't know is there the first well maybe. Did you prep a lot of stuff private and I'm cheap brands to that wall game for the next day as. Yeah no Barack added that it doesn't mean your biggest supply giant heated up real quick limb parallel in the cold. To be honest. Of all the needs to fully I don't think he could go wrong now Varco is delicious but I don't think he could have gone wrong foot whatever region. We do what would you pick to man I need to be honest mine met that is I go now look at which raised full and I grab it now we're still so we've brought in my were still for the Barbara co host Daytona Coca. Love my children again at stake analysts by sun for some reason Mike Burns my gums but it's fantastic. I usually chicken guy but sometimes I just stayed. Nothing but ball breaking news there were Interpol anyway I know you order taken away let's live a little better during a break into its whole way of doing one thing likeable with. Crazy question you guys are trying to separate us now they're fantastic. What's in it without him it's it's known another suffers is is not a meat option. I don't know that it down not surprising don't know what it is thanks frank wow did you know an animal troll is not yet suffer many animal and all exits are off America. There's got to meet you I'm not the prize that you do not notice that explains everything that you know I haven't tried that it's actually really really good maybe it is the one odd million options and other come from available. Barack well and if it's one of your based options about that put a pork vegetables this they don't exist since the fifth with fifty. It pork that's just the letters come from a pitch careful to not let. From BBC news it is quote is it true only 10% of Americans have passports. I don't know if they ask I guess it probably is then I'd tell if I was organ on. That's what about three point 74 million people. That it I think that's try to write them as well about 340 million people instead it's clear that person will be three remove it or not. Players are right. Yet nobody in my family we know priority now nobody casual and again my brother and he took a school trip and had to get up and Allen a London. I don't I don't. You have want to and now we did you Japan's iPhone and my son he's got a pass or install a one hour. A regular white every five years when we were little kids so. The five years you know his appearances change dramatically and I didn't realize there's others where any of the mines. Now but I want to ever put his passport picture of the public view but. He's got his role right but he's got. White big girl frozen his hair it was just a massive sphere will not probably the entire picture for an at the top half of the frame little black with a scenarios they did the drummer from Boston on the back of the first cut but don't let Mac these where in this he's sort of white button up shirt and a little like the top but maybe somebody but the way the pictures taken. It looks like he sure is open. So what must also pass I supported it was put a black beat them. Looks like it is front seven I'm like oh my god has finished. You about the lay down some crazy funk all dude yeah absolutely there is you call you mum on where you have goldfish in the heels of boots. Dog's spiritual Laurie it's. Still hate it when you're older but it. I laugh my as over local I got there might be easy. What did you say in the last. According to a new report America's credit card debt hit an all time high of more than one trillion dollars in November they are love a match and after the holidays it might be even higher in the previous record was set during the financial crisis in 2000. Today. We just all mean we're heading for another crash. Sort I mean that the thing about the dead as it's cute and only didn't they know you're never going to pay at all as part of things you can make your payments are happy they don't want you to pay at all do they have all the right in the league for a right so. The interest is huge pay your minimum payment if you're in a situation in a minimum payment is all interest so yeah I. You're not worried about. Any time the market goes up that is eventually gonna crash and Joseph Smith got to kind of what goes up must come down we'll just keep repeating it depends on how big Democrats it's going to be all right that's the there's so many factors and I'm making sure that they can even speculated it's gonna just be. Unbelievable or mental mall are going to be minimal first and then just fall off a cliff forever dealers. Against Davis where adrift again how to fill the nets on its way down. You say yes just fingerprint. And upward flow based on this journey and aft. After. Yeah people making money but it'll put it this way like a lot of the depth that we have in most countries bought by the Chinese who spend a business model for years and they're gonna irritant right now there. Kind of re negotiating do that would prove very problematic for a criminal to get all that but it's. There's a whole ecosystem makes things work and we're one big superpower decides F within minutes of ripples. And there's a massive difference between companies making money in people and people making money. Right and according to new research singing especially in groups can help women who are suffering from postpartum depression. I never felt bad last thing right for November is saying but I think what he's there's on requirements that are met a little bit we ought. Good song. But it's not happy. This was dull period that I did you like my loans he had lied lied us like that song I like smoking break on through the other side matadors. If he's not on the team or react to cry and ask songs to not sing led to help women look postpartum depression for me it's it's amazing grace on the backlash man gets me every time. For let's say in Allen but yet gracious all out. Wow my. I love the bag five man. Know that I that the others that we love our refusal only person who loves the bank fights really England's dominate the bag by Mike I'm with you I like the good news really. Get to the musical world right there mental wild my buddy his dad was a fireman for years when he passed away we read the funeral. And over this bluff just came this one bagpipers are playing. Me while I was telling you I'm. Think early going to get that much different. Scotland this years ago right and I go to the cynical and military tattoo has faced this huge. A national ban festival every country's bringing bans in your putting on a show in the thing starts out with literally 150. Bagpipe storming out of Edinburgh Castle all blaring their drones and playing the same song and it is. Your just have brought a tear to my fantastic person goes back heights I disassociate with pub crawls over proceeds after. I Welsh or man made in the states I think we'll look at bag pipes like lucky there something sad happens we'll have a third or saint patty's day. The other should've given you this on for tomorrow other throw a new study found our sister are more likely to follow other cars assist on his program you don't say. The but the if you don't now we're narcissus Saddam blades. Pretty offense. Think they know enough about golf I solace yeah it's I think coach who. It's a specific seat that you would pick if you're just the general the yanks are the they don't bring that up I'm sure those figured him that was not the one that went up with what. He writes window seat correct right why. So I thought about the window seat makes you like you're just worried about yourself and you have your own space in this match. And then if you're pile person and you went interact with people you are probably don't know why specifically the right seat I don't know those other broken down probably know both peoples dominant hand. Grass off that whenever my guess DV chart that's from a super gonna go okay guys I'll homeowners association in northern California as forcing people to keep their garage doors open eight hours a day. All because one person got cut renting their garage that is a bedroom whenever someone else gets her whole home cleaned out by Iran and Ernie is right and what kind of when there the guy's door down. Exactly. Some people have all the luck and diet Massachusetts recently hit the lottery for a million dollars less than five months after his wife won a million dollars from that publishers clearinghouse. Sam and their last name is good wins. He's good win educated women artists both prudent. A man a New York was at a parole. Rob the subway but it wasn't harbor with a check in now why is that I'll tell about a one hour from now thank you Mike Todd headlines are coming up one hour from now. A berth today really love to know. Manny is really resent us. Season throwing over to police several now profile this is played a short ten miles of the simple game where we share a few real like news story something that happened right here. Our planet earth for. Or and as you listen to the storage based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make well as you would reduce U think Lee's story a story. Hello Randy welcome to the men's room. All I I today you understand how this here game is played. It fantastic here is your story a man suspected of stealing from a bank. Was arrested by the cottonwood police department. During what he thought was an interview where police dispatcher job. The 32 year old even stalled since October of 2016. When Bank of America filed a theft report. Now he ended up moving to Phoenix in the kept missing appointments with investigators refusing may have to your phone calls etc. A more for the rest who's issued by the whatever county thereby. You avoided contact of law enforcement officials for all hold another year go look over those guys they can't find them anyway but then this past December it was genius. Applies for job opening as a dispatcher. The cottonwood police department. In spite of knowing that the cops are looking for him. To bring a background check which believe not cubs dude you're gonna apply there. Well that was more came to light to go through children a quarter of growth in the view that the police station. Naturally when he arrive community you police officers when some of the arrests in connection with the bankrupt. The guy rob the bank knew the police were looking Foreman still applied for job. As a police dispatcher my question is you believe that this said he genius is black and white makes you were agents. I'm not go light on not one vote you get things I would tend to agree with you if you're gonna disappear in Arizona you can be white or Mexican. And if your knowledge is is that you're going to go someplace that you believe is a safe haven. I can only imagine if you're whites do you believe that Arizona could be a save him. I can't believe it anyway. That knows the console that's how were being subtle there will be clear that's magnetic light before going up to an officer that you applied for a job with the price this bad you think that's the worst job you get to. I think you're right I think the guy's wife and I don't. I only knew one dispatcher she was quite. Earlier governor replacement. Yeah yeah strange breed there almost working for the cops but they're not quite right they don't they'll tell you more get the gossip without Matt Cunningham and also tell reaction in your neighborhood yeah. You know. I don't know that this is anybody community seems credible plan you can you walk into a police station feel comfortable filling out paperwork. Writing your name down giving your phone number being in proximity with officers with no care in the world even though you're one had. It just seems to be something the white person would do. Yeah unless it played final answer. Finally after I Randi we'll find out if he was like why Nancy or Asia next. Fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. While Thomas Texas Arizona and pay a lot of men don't want a man and in the job so what's he doing goes into the police station then applies to be a police dispatcher they run back your background check on them and they throws ass in jail was a black white meg C or Asia and of course an indie pic white seemed like a white thing to do bush. Now oh no oh yeah. Are you going to Mexico are you victim I hope. You can tomorrow's result gonna cook and you can make this appear in Arizona nearly wiped more. Next. Isn't it censored episode you Mexico. Well used to be back. And you can look like an all call our our our used to be next. Those hundreds of years ago that would really historic Zach gast we don't we don't know revisionist history of this. Now pro TV news on tab Jimmy down a day. Yeah sure. Countless hours in front of a talk. Presents. Me and remind me the next commercial rate thrill to tell you story from yes okay. I can. If the package until now. Double click a racist go would you worries well maybe aren't as will would be the idea just said Mexico a mile of the Williams has played people hate for no reason. Good all right. Simple. Sometimes in our building there's a guy comes him. The black dudes you guys all know he spent some time in Maryland yeah yeah I don't know via a guy last night in between to show my podcast and sit outside. I think I see him walk by the stroke is some. Like yeah oh yeah. I'll know now the black dude looks at me he's not completely and I managed it if you look at the Evian stops your. I'll sleep and if it didn't volleys you've played an almost none you know given the. They like thirty seconds a minute when asked about it but like I thought down when I'm home I have like alcohol I have attempted first thing. I think the raw hole do you you can email to Brothers and I have no idea was let's get aggressive might. I thought I was really wanna confuse black dude you know he went home by a member of the white boy. We can't even call me out there and I grants haven't told Mike the video this guys walking Obama please visit I I like I've been the friendly people and I'm pretty and. I the hardest time with with faces sometimes names I've been working on a name right now for the last four days and I still can't get are used only what was once and I'm not I mean right now I think. I think this is what you told me a problem. Are raised from guess is that not good. I can't remember it Alia I can't remember art robberies and cannot connect the dots about we go mob would nicknames for people in and out on dvd but the nickname general reflects your appearance. You know to the I don't know talking about like hey if so whom my parents they don't allow. Ash exactly in the realise on the one slip about where do you do an asset and might. Let me go as veggie dog what this person's name is because he has pretty good finger impulse that sounds that this is the name Minnesota okay good. So I shouldn't call them and I said it in the looking gave me it's like I kind of want to laugh. But you what. He actually despite this is Dee Snider. Yeah are all right I hope he Jesus Christ what is wrong with him and tell me keep his own nicknames resolve it. You have to save a lot of what the exact right nobody's died or needed yet government yet. The resources and you can't remember name until you might have to sit out of course. Which means then your members. Still a name most it would now is the message seemed in the world right. Joseph went well inaudible what is his name a few nose nick I we'd always like most interest him in the world that aren't so great we knew the original most interest in the man from the sec east like he finally retired and he left right and Michael Phelps to go. I see I submit that counts they felt stupidest I felt that the new Garrick yes Michael felt W get tired as the greatest smile of all time and always the most interesting man Laura but they just both have plagued weird big mountains. We got down eleven another jaw line and throw me in Maryland. There is there's just something let's not even look like like rival Mike Lowell Steward and I really got out of her Zain if I don't think he was like Michael Phelps I think they just share obviously a really ugly. I don't know I was only minutes on the more then I don't know why the last story I don't know she really Gary just looks like Michael Phelps who think it could get at the it was a Michael Phelps took a day you don't get out of the running like that there's something about and it looks like an polar Michael Phelps. So I don't notice this is it's funny rights of those we all know the dissect he's commercials have a great but they're not. The did that real life right of course he's a dosage he made the one girl who we thought we understand without the man he's an actor. So Michael. Those are so he was on the Jimmy felt fine. And he tells a story about performance and running into the world's postage he may. Once liberals accuse party noted booed the beard tools that she's oodles necessities those athlete I think goes a key. I didn't quite correct that code but those keys what I know and I've never heard a word for now I do say it like my grandmother. Goes ex she's had those actually spoken to go back ideas like the most and saying ban megrahi was there. And I was photo Obama and don't so much good rounds I was instead. I was photo bombed and 200 pages load them and then they came over and actually stop. Yes hey do you wanna take a pitch and obliged Muslim thing in the pits and on oil unless this guy. And I they had never got loose group load up the news you wanna join. And he's an okay. He's making it up I don't really believe it but then like one minute Glenn this guy comes on right hey. All of once the good news room yeah. I think that loses they. They're actually it's the August where I think the good results they keep is that. No we leave so we woods does don't quote me the most decent man immoral and the management globally through the moon. And isn't the Moses and then where do you re committed to follow would have son whose win here. So because up until this whole story about just like basic value to see the full video it's up demented FaceBook page. It sounds like the most interest you may end in the world is like. Zoom ring connect and a father's only sit the when he tells the story Philly there's a father and son in the air they both look kinda awkward they don't want it might. Nobody's really doing Pena and spends. That it dissect these guys just like I'm a gopher talked to a and he's like lake Catholic. Okay thanks so like ten minutes later their life by electing this beautiful I love what I call a pretty close to do spread joy. I think it is generally nominee strip club I'm not cite deceit. Played random dudes there chip giant real light. If the world's most interest he made him think for those commercials longshoreman or do you like cold snap but he's each year. The most interesting man in the world yeah. And what do you think of strip clubs you could probably look at 3 AM it's Vegas it's at Arizona Atlanta. The M Miami Tampa or Miami yeah. Miami it's almost hard to know if you're in a strip club just based on the fact that women are doing so upbeat where so little gloating. Like you might just be at an hour. They did this is not mr. Keller always do is like my man like New York man and I mean it's got everything does everything there and I know they have strip clubs look like they're not known for lab having the best New Yorkers normally known for having everything in right now. They don't show a greater. If Dallas is pretty simple like when I flew in man the cab driver was life like in no time mostly. Here's a free pass legislate. These are minds of the use some good Hulk out and Mike basically do you think here's barbecue here's to strip clubs and use tax Macs cool hit it today that he had thrown my question if notably concierge admits that scared but government can you. Yeah there's a suggestion you'll give me look it up and take a look at the directors certain towns that definitely had that extra club culture and some that don't. I was just thinking 3 AM like now I'm goldeneye but if you're bothered me thought that there are 3 AM and I guess it's okay. How hard you have to work to reconnect fathers signed with the are already in the strip club through it. When you already have a lot of commonalities whatever is left we can work it out and more than likely. They probably had a beverage always like keep its three day. At a strip club relations trying to wait out those three and a half hours starts are gonna get into this. Lately we've been talking a lot about. Tiger Harding. She is back in the media back in the news with the movie I Tanya. Not to be confused I robot in or I Italian thing and well I don't think Michael Chang when he talks about not being able to say to psyche so yeah it is people from New York City. Our panel like. Old people from a rural area but they haven't had one of the biggest cities in the world but like. In any from you are without really care right they think they don't know stuff. Yeah it's like you don't live out and in the cut acute of the New York City but it's like it it's not New York specifics of it okay New Yorkers just don't care. At all it's their world. Yet it's back to people not moving most of those people would never granted there's good reason why it's great police to be. Yet their city's tough thoughtful moment for me. So Tanya harding's are doing the Tor I am not a piers Morgan. My. A lot of people don't like him even though is one of the biggest arsenal fans in the world we kind of wishy turning riskier. So he has he's our show called great the great. Good morning Britain and I was in Great Britain because that's what they call it sure good morning Britain. Tonya Harding was on there basically I again I don't like piers Morgan but I kinda agree with them here in time he gets kind of worked up and once and it. I am really here just to talk about. The future and is right what it means. My movie now to me. Is going to help so many people to realize that it is OK. To ask for help. It took me so then so long to be able to ask if the sun it's happening and let me just into Lebanon it do you think that's why I'm here speaking well. Another day maybe ACC to play the victim but I didn't debates and in all this wasn't you it was Nancy Kerrigan. Who had her Olympic dreams of Saxony life's journey and had let them leave. That we all. Thank you so much I appreciate being on your show but I think I'm gonna have to say have a good night. Don't you know I mean Steve because I think the Nancy Kerrigan was the victim and all you. You are letting me finish I think that many people are the victims. Of abuse every single day. Barrels out of to do anything he's asking you about an artist not every person's been abuse. Middleton wave upon someone in the face late at because a lot of people have been punched in the face I think everyone is really important we not every place we are acknowledging some of them in in this case were acknowledging Nancy Kerrigan did you ever need bashed it. Right so back and it's not your movie it's a movie that was made about how you view in what you did that was bad to someone else. You didn't write the script you didn't get the money for the movie you did your cast and that he didn't direct it he didn't write it you might have been consulted on a yeah I think the toros I was so outrageous so it. Man and edging it ever position that you can ever opinion and maybe is justified maybe it's not the only thing I would tell her is like listen. The only reason people still remember your name and to be fair pillar resumed and he wants to remember Nancy Kerrigan's name is because of this incident that happened 25 years ago so. They just about a movie in the movie if it doesn't have to do Nancy Kerrigan not a single person Cigna we care is about to life outside that. That's just how the situation and Bernard out right so if you do it interview. You can't possibly be shocked or claimed to being blind sided by the interview. You know why you're doing interviews if you don't want to talk about this or you're tired of talking about it the only thing I considers. Don't do any interviews because the only thing that anyone is ever gonna ask you about is that instant. How do you. Now I'm going back and it's hard to know it's hard to play the victim and certainly need to carry and again got her need to. It's like if I do really the president whenever there's a book out right now fired period as the number one in New York Times doesn't yet now it's number one. So if I had the time departing approach I would say. Well I have the number one book and a catcher who. Well no you delve because it doesn't come out it's a boring about it but it's not the most it doesn't shed the most positive light much like this movie were you going to beat the living crap out of somebody to get relevant not if you're known as you can't take credit for something where like you are the villain but also don't be shocked when that's a Solon have you back who knows who the hell so stupid it makes us from the point where I can you would say we depend appears more. Exactly right like I don't like a Matt I'm how to present on the side this time like Tanya like it's Kerrigan was the victim here are every bit of Nancy Harry doesn't doing interviews. Yeah she's got up promoting the fact that her leg was broken and her Olympic dreams or smash. I don't think she has to eat at them now that room and you now where united came from money and it's always done our. Are so they they rolled out the red carded a silver platter for almost went down Jenna host SNL. She's like you said you would of what I recall and vote whatever the parade was all of this stuff. I remember her ass and now and she's just stiff and like obviously she's done a born actress this I was she's supposed to do but. She she got all the flowers and pedal and everything else that came with being the victim in the case announced 45 years later I think we've all moved government. Yet been able to put on the movies are rekindled interest attorney hard and you cannot be so dumb that you don't think they're going to bring it up to civil when movies out. He wrote the movie was and I guess what the gonna talk to you about anyway. Yeah either Barrett with a sexting. Exactly they're very that's I think I know are correct. As I mean then the very so American Idol did you guys ever watch idol when it was on now. All right there'll never watch I don't know so one of the best parts you watch idol to meet was in their first few episodes they would show all the bad audition. All yeah yeah yeah and I would that it started that LO William Hung came to be an all that stuff and think you are trying to. We know that room that because those were the things you saw you saw the outtakes of all these people coming out like that's how they promoted the show so when you saw a commercial for American Idol. As you gonna lose bad. I knows really how well he was probably the most famous but now ABC owns American Idol they're bringing it back and they say they're doing away basically with it. All those bad performances. Anderson quote doesn't feel comfortable to put borderline unstable people upon speech in the laughter. Robin disagrees. He signed up William Hung went to Stanford. Like it's not like he was they keep saying he's a really bad singer writes it so people lake I'm really bad singer does make me a crazy person. So if I went to American Idol and tried to take advantage only cool and hip if you can sing in if not you're. Your mentally unstable all the other things Jesus here's another quote she says they want to humor but they don't want the exploitation. Back I don't I demeanor never felt that. No quotations. The real thing about white why people there in the first place the dumb guy on the game show doesn't win but the thing is. Do you go to American Reynolds cure choice to try to pursue this type of career and maybe you can give a fighting chance but. Yeah drew bear because the career that you think you want to win the ball in as tone of public scrutiny. Oh yeah so it's kind of hard to say who feel bad for someone who in the first place is making it clear that this is what they would like to do and look you can be the best are gonna world to mark Dell comes out does whatever she does people make fun of what. Right. I'm actually using the god they came off the wall she wanted to please do not gonna win it doesn't matter you're gonna get scrutinized but. But apparently it's hard to exploit someone whose goals to be exploited. I'm with and I think some of them know they're going to the audition in the senate and that. Absolutely you know anemic and went from fifteen minutes item I'd be funny did you know you gonna be on the optics you get out I just it seems weird it's like people like us who don't really watch the show that to me was always the episodes I would tune into question some of their viewership goes down ballot and that's exactly what else it has to be a bit like you might get my asked the washing first you have so you're absolutely right just because. Of this year. Volume of people there absolutely terrible just the judges' reactions how culpable of isn't. But I was able once they broke apparently sixteen what do government it once you've got good people I was all yeah. Not only that but if you like. Restaurant close lose you've been to for forty years you've gone their all time and whatever reason they'd shut down for a couple years to somebody died when the deal is it likely that sucks you in two years later one of their owners as I'm gonna come back and parent or redo the thing like. Thank god you know Mamas. Restaurant open about it they don't have a meatloaf they used to have. It's not the same so like I'm curious to see how they do just days in the fact they were very successful woman from fox. NF. Those reasons god that's a tight. It had to be tightened it tight area you you have a boomer parents or should they get double not a balloon is if it. Yeah I think there is banking on people still did the bulk of the crowd still up and yet. Our real quick finally kind of funny ratings and lastly the NFL wild card game with the falcons and Graham's yes that was number one but another terrible game those are the playoff games made again. They wrote that it was on now. On Saturday night I was pretty up and CIA asked and then Big Bang theory that Joseph came in fourth that last week. Young Sheldon really confused I've never seen the show but I just literally in my hopeful shown as one of the main characters don't they I I don't. And I and I remember I had no. Idea what you're doing a solid. Thank you very our TV I would never got their headlights coming up but I still Garrard road by doc if you are listening to have a better radio network. Swiss miles. No see what's happening in the real time here we go take a woman who did over eight million dollars damage to an art collection could get life in jail. Meanwhile a singer says that smoking eating meat should be illegal and we're all going straight to help. Good news as last year's like your breaks record for the most organs donated saving lives. Hey dad finds having those sons foe in the makes him breakout and knives and US immigration does a massive sweep. On seven elevenths it is time you have. It's time to live. My car out of a job Charlie got a New York where recently rehabilitated man on parole has been arrested for holding up a supplant my points. But it wasn't difficult for police officers tracked him down then because he was still wearing his ankle bracelet when he robbed a subway so please could track his locations throughout the entire incident. It just makes me remind. Flies and it plugged and there are people have a proclivity to commit whatever crimes or we have about their I understand that I accept that or do you think percentage of the population them. But it doesn't mean give me an idea because at that point you're just embarrassing to the human race right. Yeah they hit the dude you got that ankle monitor on. And these are gonna commit a crime might try to get away with it. Canada thing and others just idiots and every industry I know there are known as you write Internet industry. Surrendered understood people gonna commit crime and then for them as well look like the rest of us there's a percent of idiots. To work with ignorant answers right those kind of wasted too you know probably fastened to a while it's my. And now just offensively TC that means they fast food places getting broccoli. And I don't think there's a ton of money there's not a total money to be made and also in my experience from fast food places. That's one of the places right I think the employees are most likely to fight back. Really oh yeah when they're teenagers making minimum wage they're gonna fight back. They don't care. That that's right here but I was 161000. I did not fear death because in my mind like nothing probably do nothing heard Q you recover from everything it you would for a barrel of anybody. Deploy nominee now is a coward. Son of a bitch got gonna come up to the paper clips of them to the register I've given in the fall registers. What doesn't and should give you all your Floridian like god isn't that bad mortgage debt of about suited get fired from now on because I was good employee I got fired from Burger King as I was. Typical Connecticut. And you had to be debut and everything and I don't go there tomorrow gonna McDonald's and guess what my life Democrats admire the beauty you. Sound defended. It and its power bars and restaurants have ever worked in fast and doing. No matter around the world a lesion Dix in name British singer and Britain's got talent judges come forward and declared a few things that she would make a legal he had the power over the law. Mean it was she wants to make illegal are smoking and eating meat says she would also close on every factor responsible for both need and smoking production for the for this is what people are angry with the aids. Well as far as I mean I get it we've all got opinions but the question would be you know a great now you're in charge this is decision debate what do you do to give those people deaths. Yes no I don't farmers that form the tobacco what all goes so. How do you look if you can cover for all the other things we go down when you made one dumb decision like you have to like here's a bit. What I understand how things work in the tournament. That's when you compromises when you can actually understand the other side do you remember who agreed but just understand your not and you're not that know little so don't tell me how to live my life I'm knocking on your door telling you how to be religious mean about the gays gonna durable pop music. Sure don't know sincerity M and obviously you don't care they're not IRS trash I saw passengers eating people's money so when you're that I just drafting the children of this tent is everywhere in diameter and stands like it's the last that are alive right. Grand upon people and out and premarital center. What did people know it's bad. Drugs and crave money on the stuff it's blowing and but there's a woman is a legal battle with a man she went on a day went after she allegedly got drunk and belligerent and did some damage to some precious I told she went on a Rampage that's what I was actually saying on a Rampage the woman Saturday 220000. Dollar sculptures. And even port one and a few paintings including a couple of Indy Warhol paintings worth about half a million dollars a piece I don't know much about the story but please give me a hundred bucks of her name is Shawna. Lindy she. Little leg gets limited amount of may now scholarship I really ever fairly huge release being in the number three she looks exactly if you think she looks gaffe. What I don't know painted the picture in Baghdad tired and I did I jazz a veto and I can't math driven as miles Lindy Lou layman. Lindy Lou lately and you live. And then they can move he had 21 names like that not not first in Latvia ten names and are your first name normally are trouble and by the way in my economic just came over all my don't rob fast food places death. The says they made your ferries right my breath for my school rub a little Caesars into the getting shot so nice yeah. You can play we make the minimum wage but that also plays a lot into your anger. It wasn't this a really good don't make a lot of money in the bank givers and your customer base of the month to jackass is like you're in the real. Bad at all. This is that the fast food GC like corner stores. Food aid is gas station they get knocked over all the top guys or didn't happen to a Taco Bell and in like Texas where did he was getting held up on the guy pulled a gun yeah governmental ought to go to. Why such a little Caesars did you know this Steve you love the deep deep deep dish pizza I was there like Detroit style what everyone in my room have you guys had do short note take home variety yet I have now all by god. All I gotta go get that. It is so good it is like it's like little Caesars pizza but it help. OK I don't I'm not just for the six months until they get up I'm also he's I've designed to save you some money you could have been nine invaded yourself. Affected each of you don't have behind the starters a bunch of little shuttle buses Fred does do it is good try it. And delighted deep dish it's a big it's a big rectangle feel like thanks you see you Tuesday disputes the casket. It's a little team standings hello AMR I don't know it pretty good united were on the highway were on the pizza highway. He rounds here valiantly here. Missouri a father made the tough the right call when it came to his son's activities is kind of a dark story. The man confiscated his son sells cell phone as a punishment and decided to go through it. While scanning his photos he found inappropriate pictures of his the father's two year old from girlfriends whose two year old son sleeping on his phone. When confronted about the photos the sun. The photos. The son admitted to having them with a plan of selling them for cash she's an extreme right by his father now faces child pornography charge. What is dead and beat his ass right. I mean seriously be disastrous if you're gonna go that far to turn in the police like. I am this close to beating your ass right when we do is I'm gonna spare your life political I think my son would be going cut at and other children when that my guy. That is their rivers you know CNN severed big dummy they had Jim announced as we did us no I Sherlock and of course around profile list yes indeed it is all drizzle put on your thinking cap to get if they didn't jitters. Until tomorrow please don't do best in for a lead the sift its. Day beautiful.