Trio of capybaras

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Torontonians Vote to Name 3 Rodents After Members of Rush


June 27, 2017

Throughout their long and illustrious musical career, awards and accolades have been rained upon the members of RUSH, and rightfully so. And even though the band has officially retired, the tributes are still happening for the Toronto Trio of Rockers.

The most recent “honor” bestowed upon members GEDDY LEE, ALEX LIFESON, and NEIL PEART is having Toronto citizens vote overwhelmingly to name a trio of rodents after them. That’s right … rodents. Specifically, capybaras. Three of the furry creatures, which are native to South America, were recently born at the Toronto High Park Zoo, to the already well-known duo of capybaras known to Torontonians as Bonnie & Clyde. The two parental rodents famously escaped from the Zoo this past May, and it was weeks before they were recaptured and returned to their Canadian home. 

The Canadian Press, which first announced the birth of the triplets, also sponsored the naming contest, and out of a total of about 45,000 votes, the members of RUSH received more than 30,000 of the votes!  (Runner-up names included “Snap, Crackle and Pop” and “Mocha, Chino and Latte.”) Of their newest honor, ALEX LIFESON shared that it was seriously cool, while GEDDY LEE joked that he couldn’t tell which capybara was named after him, as none were wearing glasses!