Metallica Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at WorldWired Tour Production

This four-part YouTube documentary shows how their stage comes together

June 27, 2018
James Hetfield of Metallica


Metal legends Metallica have a monster stage setup and tour production that’s almost big and flashy enough to match their impact.

On their current WorldWired Tour, the band’s setup features an island stage in the middle of a sea of general admission. 15,000+ capacity venues are decorated with dozens of cubes hanging precariously over the stage and hundreds of lights. The four-part documentary series ‘Metallica WorldWired Tour - Behind The Scenes’ gives a look inside the planning, skill and geeky stuff that goes into such a massive production.

Metallica WorldWired Tour
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The team sits down to explain how they had to design and engineer all of this in less than a month – setting up the stage alone took a full week. They discuss everything from the acoustic challenges that come with a center stage to the logistics of hanging the cubes. 

Even as someone who has little to no understanding of the technical stuff, these videos are really freaking interesting. Watch the series below: