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Paul McCartney Releases Flowers In The Dirt Reissue

By: Maura O'Malley

March 24, 2017

Today, Paul McCartney’s Flowers In The Dirt reissue dropped. The reissue of this number-one album, which featured collaborations with Elvis Costello, was first announced at the end of last year.

The reissue is available in three different formats: 2-vinyl LP, 2-CD set, and a DVD plus 3-CD set. While all three options come with both remastered versions of the album and original (and previously unreleased) demos, the latter also comes with three books, covering everything from lyrics and notes handwritten by Sir Paul himself to interviews with McCartney and Costello.  

Because we’re just one month away from Record Store Day, we’ve got the vinyl reissue tracklist below:

Flowers In The Dirt Vinyl Reissue

Side 1 (2017 Remastered Versions)
1. "My Brave Face"
2. "Rough Ride"
3. "You Want Her Too”
4. "Distractions"
5. "We Got Married"
6. "Put It There”
7. "Figure Of Eight"
8. "This One"
9. "Don't Be Careless Love"
10. "That Day Is Done"
11. "How Many People"
12. "Motor Of Love"
13. "Où Est Le Soleil?" (available with accompanying digital download)

Side 2 (Original Demos)
1. "The Lovers That Never Were"
2. "Tommy's Coming Home”
3. "Twenty Fine Fingers"
4. "So Like Candy"
5. "You Want Her Too”
6. "That Day Is Done”
7. "Don't Be Careless Love"
8. "My Brave Face"
9. "Playboy To A Man"