Neil Young

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Neil Young's Next Book Is A Sci-Fi Novel

By: Hayden Wright

March 19, 2018

Neil Young is more than just a prolific folk-rock icon: He’s a movie star, tech entrepreneur, and writer whose autobiography, Waging Heavy Peace, earned him comparisons to Stephen King. While Young promotes his new film Paradox, which was directed by his girlfriend Daryl Hannah, at SXSW in Austin, he revealed that he’s working on another book—and this time, it’s a sci-fi novel. 

He treated fans to a brief synopsis of the work, titled Canary. According to the “Unknown Legend” singer, the story follows “a guy who gets busted for a crime.” The protagonist uncovers corruption at the power company where he works and sabotages their plot.

The futuristic world includes tech innovations like glasses that “broadcast everything that he sees,” so adversaries “are watching everything he’s doing and listening to everything.” Young says he has a literary agent and will spend this year finishing Canary.

In the meantime, preview Paradox with the official trailer below!