Ozzy Osbourne


Meet The Actor Portraying Ozzy Osbourne In Motley Crue Biopic, 'The Dirt'

By: Anthony Capobianco

February 15, 2018

With the upcoming Motley Crue biopic, The Dirt, underway, audiences can expect many of their favorite '80s music icons to appear in the film next to the world's most notorious rock band.

Among them will be the Price of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne, as portrayed by actor/comedian Tony Cavalero of the Nickelodeon TV series School Of Rock based on the original film starring Jack Black. But seeing as this is a film about Motley Crue, and a younger version of Ozzy is supposed to appear in it, we can only assume that Cavalero's portrayal will be anything but kid-friendly.

Check out Cavalero in action below: