Wolfgang Van Halen Messes with Instagram User Posing as Dad Eddie Van Halen

November 20, 2017
Van Halen


Looks like someone’s posing as Eddie Van Halen, and his son (and Van Halen bassist) Wolfgang Van Halen is not okay with it.

After discovering the user @_eddievanhalen, Wolfgang noticed something was off with his dad’s Instagram handle. In fact, his dad’s handle doesn’t include an underscore, so when Wolfgang realized he was dealing with a fraud, he decided to confront the imposter.

Then things got weird.

Turns out the poser was a woman named Vanessa from Boston. And Vanessa was asking for $40,000. Wolfgang was not having it, shutting her down and warning others not to fall for the scam. Scroll through the entire conversation via screenshots by Wolfgang in the Instagram post below.

Nice talking with you, Vanessa..I MEAN.. Dad. Swipe ⬅️

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Hey y’all. This account has been going around and messaging people pretending to be @eddievanhalen (NO UNDERSCORE). If you’re following @_eddievanhalen (WITH AN UNDERSCORE), you’re following the wrong account. Notice how it doesn’t have a verification check? Go report this account, everyone! I also included my (one sided) conversation with him. Thank you and have a nice day!

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And then, like any good son would do, he went and visited his pops.

I stopped by to see Pop anyway. Just to make sure he wasn’t a woman from Boston named Vanessa trying to steal $40,000. I’m still not 100% sure.

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