WATCH: Tom Petty Talks Touring in 'Billboard' Interview

Plus, a compilation of the late rocker’s top 10 hits

October 5, 2017
Tom Petty


It hasn’t even been a week since we lost Tom Petty, the massive talent behind hits like “American Girl,” “Free Fallin’,” and “I Won’t Back Down,” a fact that seems all the more unbelievable considering it was just last week that Petty wrapped his 40th Anniversary Tour with The Heartbreakers.

But in the 2014 video below, he talks to Billboard about an earlier tour and all that went into it. He also opens up about his studio and the plans he had for his music going forward.

In honor of the music he made throughout his decades-spanning career, watch not only the interview but also the following video, which covers his top 10 hits.

RIP, Tom Petty.