Tom Scholz Explains Why Boston Isn't in Rock Hall Of Fame

In this exclusive interview, Scholz breaks it down simply

June 6, 2017
Tom Scholz of Boston

USA Today

Boston mastermind Tom Scholz talked to our sister station The Sound in Los Angeles this week, and he explained how much of the band’s success comes from musicianship, songwriting, vocals, and guitar sound—let’s just say he had no problem making fun of himself.

He also didn’t hold back when the conversation steered toward the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. As a founding member of Boston, as well as an MIT grad and engineer, it’s safe to say Scholz knows his stuff.

So when he explained why Boston isn’t in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, you’ve gotta give the guy some credit for his creative answer! Hear him put it simply in the exclusive interview below.