These Kids Have A Lot to Say After Listening to The Beatles

June 1, 2017
The Beatles cutout

© Stefano Panzeri |

Today, we’re throwing it back to 2013 in honor of The Beatles.

A 2013 Kids React To video centered on the Fab Four, where kids listened to “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” “I Am The Walrus,” and “Hey, Jude.”

The good news? While the reviews were definitely mixed, a lot of kids loved the music and knew the words. The bad news? One Direction and Justin Bieber often came up as comparable musicians. Okay, it’s more funny news than bad news. These kids had a lot of hilarious things to say, like why would fans go see The Beatles play live if they could just listen to them on an iPod?

Hear more insightful comments in the video below: