Stevie Nicks Proves She's as Enchanting as Ever and Other Classic East Highlights

July 31, 2017
Fleetwood Mac

USA Today

This weekend, the second half of the bi-coastal Classic festival took place at New York’s Citi Field. While the Classic East had the same 6-band lineup as the Classic West, that didn’t make the East Coast festival any less impressive.

Below, we’re bringing you some of the highlights from the weekend:


Day one (Saturday, July 29) started off with a captivating performance of “Jesus is Just Alright With Me” by The Doobie Brothers. While singer Michael McDonald was missed, the band pulled off an incredible set nonetheless. And, as Billboard points out, Tom Johnston’s ‘70s look is modern-day perfection.

As for Steely Dan, they killed it with high energy and solos left and right. While they performed sans-guitarist-and-co-founder Walter Becker due to illness, The Dan still managed to work at least one song from each of their studio albums into their 13-song setlist.

The night wrapped with a performance by the Eagles—again joined by country singer-songwriter Vince Gill and Glenn Frey’s son Deacon Frey. While Bob Seger didn’t join in this time, as he did at the Classic West, the band still put on an impressive two-and-a-half-hour set that was nearly identical to their set on the West Coast.

Earth, Wind & Fire set day two (Sunday, July 30) into motion by keeping the energy high throughout—even during the slower songs.

Journey had another great performance, with a standout solo from drummer Steve Smith.

Fleetwood Mac’s performance proved that Stevie Nicks is still as enchanting as ever, but ex Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar picking on “Big Love” earned him an ovation from the crowd.

While that’s a wrap on the bi-coastal festival, the Eagles and The Doobie Brothers recently announced the Classic Northwest for September 30 at Safeco Field.