Father of Late Metallica Bass Player Cliff Burton Has Been Quietly Donating Royalties

August 11, 2017
Bass guitar


Ray Burton, father of Metallica’s late bass player Cliff Burton, recently spoke with Alphabetallica, and the conversation revealed much about Cliff’s and his parents’ characters. For example, the interview taught us that Cliff bought his parents a house after Metallica gained some success. Knowing that, it makes sense that his parents would want to be charitable in return.

After Cliff Burton tragically died on the band’s 1986 world tour, his family began receiving royalties, which Ray’s apparently been donating to a good cause—a music scholarship at his son’s former school, Castro Valley High School. Pretty cool, not to mention selfless, way to continue his son’s legacy.

Speaking of legacy, Burton was on three of Metallica’s massive early albums: Ride the Lightning, Kill ‘Em All, and the iconic Master of Puppets. Metallica is planning a reissue of Master of Puppets, the final album recorded with Burton, and apparently they’re hoping to release it late this year or early next year.