David Bowie Statue To Be Unveiled in English Town

Also, the late icon’s ‘Lazarus’ musical headed to film

March 19, 2018

Press Association

An Earthly Messenger is making its way to the English town of Aylesbury. What’s an Early Messenger? Glad you asked: It’s the bronze sculpture of a handful of David Bowies’ myriad personae.

Specifically, the statue will center on Ziggy Stardust, as it’s been claimed that Bowie first revealed this particular persona at the Friars club in Aylesbury, reports Pitchfork. The BBC says that the statue, created by Andrew Sinclair, is set to be unveiled in Aylesbury’s Market Square on March 25.

See images of the statue below!

The town is reportedly petitioning to change its name to Aylesbowie "in recognition of Bowie's strong connection with Aylesbury." TBD on that one.

In other Bowie news, his Lazarus musical is coming to film.

The theatrical cut will premiere at Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre on May 2, backed by the original band from the New York run of the musical for one night only. Interested? Tickets go on sale March 20.