This Baby Cow Seriously Looks Exactly Like KISS' Gene Simmons

August 2, 2017
Gene Simmons of KISS

USA Today

On 7/28/17, a baby cow was born at a Kerrville, Texas ranch. Just another day in Texas, right? Not exactly. It was pointed out that the calf looks oddly similar to Gene Simmons when done up in full “Demon” makeup for KISS, that is.

Aptly named “Genie,” the calf even stuck out her tongue for the picture, shared by Hill Country Visitor, showing that maybe she too wants to rock and roll all night and party every day?

So, what did Simmons have to say about his doppelgänger? Just that it’s real and the calf looks exactly like him, of course.

After receiving overnight success with the popularity of this image, Genie will now serve as the mascot for a local steakhouse.