Are You One of the U2 Fans to Receive This Blackout Letter?

August 22, 2017
Bono and The Edge of U2 performs at Hard Rock Stadium.


U2 fans are scratching their heads after a mysterious letter found its way into their mailboxes.

The letter contains two silhouetted figures atop a piece on William Blake’s collection of poems called Songs of Innocence and Experience—the collection that inspired U2’s Songs of Innocence album. While the silhouetted images black out a good chunk of text, they strategically reveal several words: “Blackout. It’s clear who you are will appear.”

See the mysterious letters below!

In case you missed the letter’s last sentence, it looks like there will be an announcement from U2 coming soon.

So, is “Blackout” going to be a new song title? A new album? Let us know what you think!