5 Songs Turning 50 in 2018

December 27, 2017


New Year’s Eve can be seen as a time for fresh starts but also a time for reflection, and as we close in on 2018, we thought we’d do a little reflecting of our own. In fact, we’re throwing it back 50 years to some seriously good tunes from 1968.

It comes as no surprise that 1968 brought us some incredible music since it was the year before one of the most significant festivals of all time: Woodstock. In any case, iconic albums like The Beatles’ self-titled White Album were released, bringing us some of the greatest songs of all time.

On that note, let’s take a look at 5 of our favorite songs turning 50 this year.


5. Janis Joplin (Big Brother & The Holding Company) “Piece of My Heart”

Along with Big Brother & The Holding Company, Janis Joplin delivered a cover of Erma Franklin’s 1967 song “Piece of My Heart” in ’68 that's so good many are surprised to hear it’s a cover and not an original.


4. Steppenwolf “Magic Carpet Ride”

That fuzzy guitar intro and a damn catchy chorus—this one got experimental and it paid off big time.


3. Cream “White Room”

According to an interview with Forbes, Jack Bruce said this was probably his favorite Cream song. And while the band doesn’t have a massive catalog to choose from, we think he’s still on to something.


2. The Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil”

Beggars Banquet is one of those albums that serves as a turning point for a band. This one showed us that The Stones can rock and sing the blues, and “Sympathy for the Devil” is no exception.


1. The Beatles “Hey Jude”

"Hey Jude" was written by Paul McCartney for John Lennon’s son Julian to provide comfort when John and then-wife Cynthia Lennon were getting divorced. Apparently the song wasn’t meant to go on as long as it did, but, man, are we glad McCartney kept going to eventually ad-lib the “Judy Judy Judy” part! Gold.