5 Incredible Tom Petty Covers, Ranked

October 3, 2017
Tom Petty


Tom Petty was a no-frills musician, with a stage presence that was enormous despite his lack of props and fancy gimmicks. And while his humble, down-to-earth demeanor made him likeable, it was his songs that made him legendary.

Those songs soundtracked movies, road trips, and even half-time shows. And though no one could replicate that signature nasally voice, the following musicians paid homage to the late rocker over the years.

Catch 5 of our favorites below.


5. Elle King “American Girl”

If Mr. Petty himself had a female counterpart, she’d be it. That voice works so effortlessly to keep the cover true to the original.


4. Stevie Nicks “Free Fallin’”

Nicks, a longtime friend and collaborator, gives the track a folksy sound, especially with that smoky voice of hers.


3. John Mayer “Free Fallin’”

Whether or not you’re a John Mayer fan becomes irrelevant when you hear this incredibly beautiful version of “Free Fallin’.” Case in point:


2. Johnny Cash “I won’t Back Down”

When a legend like Cash covers your song, you know you’ve done something right.


1. The Lumineers “Walls”

The band has said this is one of those songs that’s so well-written it could make a star out of anyone who took it on as their own, and I couldn’t agree more. Another thing I agree with? Their mellow, acoustic cover.