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Joe Perry Looks Back On 50 Years Of Aerosmith

March 31, 2017

Aerosmith is about to achieve a rare feat only a small handful of artists have ever earned: their 50th anniversary. There are some marriages that don't last that long, so to celebrate 50 years together as a band with the original lineup still intact after all of the ups and downs they've gone through together is certainly something worth celebrating.

"That's a long f**king time, man," guitarist Joe Perry told Billboard. "I mean, it's been a lot of work keeping it together and it's easy to see how bands don't last; it's just life. Part of it you can control -- if everybody has the same goals, you work towards it through the rough spots and all that. And then there's the stuff that happens that you don't have control over and we've just been really lucky...."

Perry added, "There are just so many things that can go wrong to tear a band apart. We've seen it all. The band's had its periods where it hasn't been that great, but there's something about that dream that we always had when we first got together and we're still all here, we're taking it day-by-day."

Perry expresses his amazement that they've managed to survive 50 years together as a band. "There's something about a band that's been together for a long time, you just can't bottle it. There's no way you can replace what all this experience gives you…. And I know when my band is playing, we just give it up for the audience. And that's why it's never boring playing our hits -- when I start playing those songs and I see the reaction, it's never boring."

Perry credits being able to lend his talents to other projects outside of Aerosmith as a factor that contributed to the band's life expectancy. "I've been really, really lucky to be able to go off and do side projects and that kind of thing, because that also helps to keep the band strong. It's a long time, but when we're onstage it feels timeless. It's funny, I would think I would feel kind of worn out, tired and too jaded to do this, but I don't feel that way. I feel that way about other things in life, but not the band."

(Source: Billboard)