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Jimmy Page On Future Of Led Zeppelin: "There's More To Come"

By: Scott T. Sterling

February 15, 2018

Jimmy Page is revealing what’s next for the legacy of Led Zeppelin.

The guitarist dropped all kinds of bombshells during an interview with Planet Rock (via MusicWeek), including news that there is a brand-new Led Zeppelin live album slated for release sometime in the future. He explained that while he can't give it all away, it's definitely different than everything else out there. And there's a lot of it. It sounds like we'll be seeing "a number of releases" over the next 10 or so years. So there's that.

Page went on to again confirm what fans have feared for years: The chances of the remaining members of Led Zeppelin reconvening for another reunion are slim to none.

On a more upbeat note, Page did offer praise for the forthcoming Led Zeppelin photo book.

On the book, which set for release in October of this year, Plant voiced his excitement over the fact that the band's surviving members are collectively putting it together, saying it's better this way so the band members aren't just being "ripped off."