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Exclusive Interview Sheds Light on Mick Jagger/Brad Paisley Collab

Also hear the new single!

April 26, 2017

Whether it's MICK JAGGER's country twang on "Faraway Eyes" from Some Girls or the bitter and disdainful "Dead Flowers" from Sticky Fingers, one can tell that the lead singer for The Rolling Stones has always had a soft spot for country music. 

BRAD PAISLEY of course, is one of the biggest names in country, and he also happens to be a helluva guitarist. He & Jagger first became acquainted back in 2013, when Paisley opened up for The Stones and joined them on stage for a rendition of "Dead Flowers." 

Now, Brad Paisley has welcomed Mick Jagger to his newest LP, Love and War, for the song, "Drive of Shame." The subject matter of the song is a take on the phrase "walk of shame" that some of us may be familiar with after a night of questionable behavior. While it's not a duet that many folks would imagine, it works well as Jagger delivers his vocals with the usual flair and swagger and Paisley does his best turn on Keith Richards-esque guitar riffs.

Hear a bit more on their team-up in this exclusive interview with Brad Paisley and catch the song below!