Glenn Frey of the rock band the Eagles performs during a concert at the American Airlines Arena


The Eagles Will Fly With The Son of Frey

May 17, 2017

In a move that has long been speculated but never confirmed, The EAGLES' DON HENLEY has confirmed that DEACON FREY, son of the late EAGLES founder/singer/songwriter, GLENN FREY, will take his dad's place onstage this summer. Henley was being interviewed on a Dallas radio station and made the announcement, even though said announcement isn't scheduled to be revealed for a few days yet.

In the months following Glenn Frey's death (January 2016), messages about the possible inclusion of Deacon Frey in any future Eagles' performances were unclear and inconsistent, and according to Henley, that was due to grief and shock. Henley went on to explain how continuing their legacy is something to uphold after Frey's passing.

Deacon Frey will perform with The Eagles in July at Classic East & Classic West in New York City and Los Angeles. Sharing the bill for those dates will be co-headliners, FLEETWOOD MAC, and support groups STEELY DAN; JOURNEY; EARTH, WIND, & FIRE; & The DOOBIE BROTHERS.