Brian Johnson

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Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd May Be Working With AC/DC Again

By Anthony Capobianco

August 8, 2018

Many have thought that with age and health concerns standing in their way, that Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd have closed the book on AC/DC. But after the duo were spotted in Vancouver near Warehouse Studios, the band might be working together again! 

AC/DC has recorded their last three albums at Warehouse Studios. Now after both were spotted sharing a laugh outside the studio, the assumption is that AC/DC may be working on a new album with Johnson and Rudd back in the fold. AC/DC has yet to confirm any involvement.

In 2016 Johnson had stepped down from touring with AC/DC due to serious amounts of hearing loss, approaching total deafness. Meanwhile, in 2015 Rudd had been replaced by drummer Chris Slade due to drug possession and making death threats to an employee.