Joe Elliott of Def Leppard

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"Belly Up" with Def Leppard's New Beer!


May 14, 2018

Just added to the bill for the upcoming DEF LEPPARD & JOURNEY tour: a NEW, Def Leppard-branded beer!

Yes, starting with the second tour date (Albany, NY) on their massive, joint tour, Def Lep fans will be able to toast their favorite rockers with Def Leppard Pale. The English rockers have partnered with Elysian Brewing to produce the beer. Available on draught or in 16 oz. cans, the craft beer will be sold at all of the venues where the tour will be stopping. In extolling the virtues of the new beer, Leppard singer JOE ELLIOTT told Billboard Magazine, "It tastes great — that's the most important thing I can tell you."  

And what of the beer after the tour ends? In the Billboard interview, Elliott cites the success of IRON MAIDEN's custom Trooper brew as their model and says that there has been no cut-off date set for the beer's production. According to Mr. Elliott, that will depend on whether people like the Def Leppard Pale and if there's a continued demand for it, in which case Elliott could see it continuing to be offered for sale. Elliott acknowledges that it's too soon to tell how the new ale will fare and also how it will hold up against other similar band-themed/named beers and liquors. Rock on (and drink up!), Def Leppard!