7 Of The Greatest Golf Handicaps In Rock

April 7, 2017

Sometimes even some of the world's greatest rockers need a break from their busy schedules of debauchery. Some invest their off time in fine wines, businesses, acting, or other arts, while others will happily try to take each other down in the calming sport of golf!

Adrian Young - No Doubt, Dreamcar
Handicap - 1.3
When he's not playing with his breakout band No Doubt (sans Gwen Stefani), Adrian Young is busy slicing and dicing the golf course in Long Beach, CA, which they conveniently live next door to!

Alice Cooper
Handicap - 5.3
Alice Cooper, the godfather of rock n' roll's most shocking onstage moments and theatrics, credits the sport of golf for saving his life. He talks about it extensively in his memoir: Alice Cooper: Golf Monster - A Rock 'n' Roller's 12 Steps To Becoming A Golf Addict.

(source: Shortlist)

Robby Krieger - The Doors
Handicap - 11.7
If you thought he was a great guitarist, you should see him shred the course at the Riviera Country Club in Florida!

Tico Torres - Bon Jovi
Handicap - 12.1
When he's not drumming with Bon Jovi, Tico learned to play by none other than country legend Willie Nelson!

Willie Nelson
Handicap - 16
We all know Willie loves the green, but you should see him go 18 rounds too—he even owns his own course in Texas!

Eddie Van Halen
Handicap - 18
When a rockstar as big as Eddie Van Halen wants to raise money for charity, usually they'll throw a charity concert. Well, not Eddie. Instead, he recruits some of the biggest names in music to go clubbing!

Handicap - 24
Meatloaf loves golf so much that he once took time out from recording Bat Out Of Hell ||| just to go play in the Celebrity Ryder Cup!