30th Anniversary of Motley Crue LP: Girls, Girls, Girls


May 16, 2017

Was there an ‘80s-era band that embraced and personified decadence and debauchery more than MOTLEY CRUE?! No, there was not. And even if The Crue did retire at the end of 2015, it doesn't mean that their legacy has faded or been forgotten. And if MOTLEY CRUE has anything to do with it (and they DO!), they will ensure that the memory of one of the greatest hard rockin' bands of that era remains etched in the collective memory of their fans! 

How will they do this? Well, for starters, there are plans for a 30th Anniversary Edition of their 4th studio album, Girls, Girls, Girls. That album ended up with sales in excess of over 4 million copies and peaked at #2 on U.S. album charts, which helped pave the way for the #1 position that their follow-up album, Dr. Feelgood, would achieve in 1989. (Dr. Feelgood remains The CRUE's only #1 album.)

The announcement of the anniversary re-issue release was made through the band's Facebook page, and while there is very little info re: the re-release (track info, artwork, etc.), a release date of August 25th has been set. In review, the Girls, Girls, Girls album spawned 2 singles: the title track, which peaked at #12, and the power ballad, "You're All I Need," which never cracked the top 50. However, the album's opening song, "Wild Side," quickly became a fan favorite in spite of it never having been issued as an "official" single.

The entire album remains a fan favorite in part because it really accentuated and underscored the band's bad boy image. CRUE fans are encouraged to visit the band's website to sign up for more info on how they can be a part of the celebration of 30 Years of Girls, Girls, Girls! Rock On!