Kirk Hammett Says Metallica are Huge Ghost Fans in Interview With Tobias Forge

Watch the two talk gear, tour, and more

July 8, 2019

Ghost are earning the respect of just about every other rock band. After receiving huge praises from Avenged Sevenfold, the Swedish rockers are being showered in even more compliments from tourmates and overall legends Metallica.

“It's our honor” guitarist Kirk Hammett said in a conversational video with Ghost frontman Tobias Forge. The video, titled A Spirited Chat with Kirk Hammett & Tobias Forge, features the talented musicians doing a deep dive into their gear and what guitars have influenced their styles over the years.

Along with giving a look into their instruments, they reflected on the shows they've played together.

“We are all big Ghost fans. We want to put on the best possible show for our fans, and it means bringing out the best possible bands we can to play with us,” Kirk hailed of their incredible live shows.

"We feel it's important to put out a very well-rounded show that offers a lot of different stuff, and you guys, your music and your show just offer so much of a different sort of thing that we do, that I think it works out really really well."

A grateful and humbled Tobias thanked Kirk an explained how much they appreciated the opportunity to open for Metallica on their recent European run. “I couldn't really imagine anything more inspiring, and I think the setup as well is really good for us,” he responded.

Metallica is continuing to prove their dominance in the metal world by playing stadium shows to tens of thousands of people. To hold up to crowds that expect nothing but the best, the GRAMMY-nominated Ghost have been presented a huge task to accomplish. And, according to Kirk, they’ve done it every show.